The 7 Most Absurd Sentences From GayHoopla Bigot Justin Shandrick’s Non-Apology Apology

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gayhI love a great non-apology apology, and GayHoopla porn star Justin Shandrick (a.k.a. Adam Bosco) may have just recorded the most nonsensical and gibberish-filled non-apology apology video of all time.

Following his homophobic and bigoted remarks earlier this month, Shandrick/Bosco—a Donald Trump supporter—recorded the below video (probably at the urging of GayHoopla), and before you watch it, here are seven sentences from it that you should read out loud, for fun:

Those are, yes, opinions that I took way too far, and I took things way too out of context for what I believe in.

My political beliefs do not define, like, what I believe in.

What I think is true, what I think is right, what I think is wrong, or whatever, I have my own personal beliefs that I stay true to and I defend until the day I die.

Who I am as a person, you know, isn’t a direct reflection of what my producer—my boss, whatever you want to call him, whatever—what he believes in.

He has no dictation over what I believe in, and I have no dictation over what he stands for; it’s just a mutual thing.

Honestly, after seeing what people are saying, seeing how my words affected others, umm, it really opened my eyes a lot about how very, very defenseful [sic] people are about what they believe in, you know, and who they are, and I’m not one to believe in discouraging somebody for who they are either.

I hope I can, you know, build up a nice fan base, you know, with nothing but positivity, umm, because me, as Adam Bosco, that’s not—this is not how I want to present myself.

  • TK

    Can’t he please just fuck off? Can’t Gayhoopla just do the right thing and not work with him again? They know the guy now, they have seen the way he really feels about gay people despite this bullshit non-apology. Have the balls to do something Sean Cody won’t do by working with Curtis and Porter even though their shit is public. Just cut ties with him.

    • sam my

      This whole “apology” is funny and joke. I don’t see why Gayhoopla couldn’t just delete his videos, much like CockyBoys did after Cameron Diggs comments. Money is a lot more important than integrity and morals, obviously.

      Wishful thinking my friend, not going to happen. Adam Bosco will be back for more scenes/porn, much like Ryan Rose, Paul Canon, Vadim Black, Billy Santoro and the list goes on. A lot of gays care more about getting their dick off, than principles and respect.

      • Atticus

        As Gayhoopla is a much less established site than Cockyboys, I’m assuming that deleting his scenes would effect them more financially than it would effect Cockyboys. Also it probably helps that Cockyboys is actually run by gay men.

      • Harley

        Yea, well I’ve grown out of it. They can go fûçk off. These dïck weeds will be coked out and broke and ugly in 5 years or less with no job, no education, no skills except fake füçking drunk passed-out dudes with flaccid whatever’s. ( trump’s word). Karma is a bïtch and she always comes to visit eventually.

    • Miloš Del Rey

      Gayhoola doesn’t care because they already got the money from people who paid for their memberships. And they have the support of their fans who are into shitty lighting scenes and straight guys who hate gay men. Seeing that most of the guys behind gayhoola view being gay as more of an odd fetish than a lifestyle. They are probably laughing their way to the bank right now with thinking they have gotten away with it all with their shit apology.
      If they were really sorry they wouldn’t have gone on a blocking spree like they did when everyone was calling them out.

      • jeremy

        what do you mean by shitty lighting.gayhoopla do very good lighting.i can see cock going into butthole.i can see guy sucking cock.
        you dont say what is shitty lighting.also you should also go into detail.what you like & dont like about the scene.
        that is how you will help gayhoopla,get better

        • Dave

          Sorry Jeremy, GH has been given plenty of advice on what to do better and they refuse to do any of it. Ass kissers like you make their site even worse because they do nothing to change because of all the fake love you give them. Their lighting is shit, there edits are atrocious their angles are pathetic. And where do you see dick going into hole.? They never have penetration shots. And to top it all off, Landon can’t keep his big mouth shut while filming the scenes. Oh, and the posting interviews? Oh my God

          • jeremy

            did you not see the pics i post under my is some more sceenshot i took of kyle fucking derek.this show very good views of kyle cock going into derek hole.if you still tell me you cant see cock going into hole in screenshots.then i know you are a hater,

            you dont know me,because when i comment in a scene.i go into detail,i tell gayhoopla what i like & what i dont like.the next time gayhoopla shoots more scene,then they use that info to shoot views & angles.
            i love the interview,i like finding out how they like the scene.

            when i tell gayhoopla no more music during hardcore scenes & they did it.
            when i tell gayhoopla how i did not like the lighting when they show close up of hole in Edge of Desire series.they stop it.also email them a they know what i was commenting about
            i will say gayhoopla scenes have improve alot since they start

            gayhoopla can never improve from your comment if you just say lighting is shit, there edits are atrocious their angles are pathetic.
            because you still have not tell me in detail what is wrong with lighting.
            this is the way you help gayhoopla improve,when a guy did a solo in bed & he had sun light on his body.i tell time dont let sun light get on the guy body,
            the pic i post under my comment look like very good angles.

    • Anthony

      “—Who I am as a person, you know, isn’t a direct reflection of what my producer—my boss, whatever you want to call him, whatever—what he believes in.
      —He has no dictation over what I believe in, and I have no dictation over what he stands for; it’s just a mutual thing.”

      These quotes actually make sense. Should every publication or media company vet every single reporter or actor for homophobic viewpoints? What about ageist, looksist, or classist views? Of course not.

      Porn is just porn. It’s not political office. I sincerely hope all these people ranting about GH keeping the video up aren’t the same people that go to tubesites and pirate porn everyday; that’s like complaining to a store about a shirt you shoplifted to begin with.

      • jon

        You’re trying to shift goalposts with your comment, this is a man working in GAY porn, it makes totally sense that a company producing porn geared towards gay/bi men would vet performers about their views concerning their audience.

        • Mike Julius

          Right? Is an industry supposed to be about catering to said audience or exploiting it?

      • jhtravus

        Agreed. The average porn viewer isn’t reading str8upgayporn religiously and keeping database of every single model/studio’s motives and personal beliefs.

        If he’s hot and willing to commit to the scene, hire him. This isn’t the fucking Miss America Pageant.

      • Marcus Collack

        So basically you don’t really care about the people in porn. Generally people like to say Porn Is Porn, when deep down they don’t care about the performers in the porn, because usually, maybe it may not be you, those kind of people tend to think, that porn performers are just holes that amuse them when they want to jack off, and when that is not happening, who cares because they are just “porn stars,” anyway. These are the people that don’t really see them as worthy people anyway, and when bad things happen to them, oh well, they should just “get a real job.” These people treat porn performers as lowly prostitutes, and things such as sex workers are just PC Bullshit, these people don’t believe that “porn stars,” will ever be good for anything except laying on their backs, and taking dicks, other than that they are wastes of space, and really shouldn’t ever be seen as people, or held accountable, or strive for anything. At least, that’s what those people think.

        • Anthony

          I don’t think that at all. I appreciate your sentiment that porn stars are real complex people like you and me. If I met one of my favorite pornstars on the street I would all but bow down.

          I just don’t agree that something one person who modeled for GH once said one time should fuel this huge backlash against GH, or that it completely voids the entertainment value of the Adam Bosco feature.

    • Kim K’s Kute Koochy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      think he should just gets FUCKED on cam, that’s all he’s FUCKING good for anyway

      • jhtravus

        Honestly, even if he was involved in the biggest revenge gangbang ever, with legends from the great beyond descending down to earth from the heavens to fuck the shit out of him, I wouldn’t really care. He’s just not attractive.

  • sam my

    Zach you forgot the beginning of the video where said ” I want to sincerely apologize for the things people have seen on my Facebook and Twitter.” Not for the things that he said, but that people found them, saw it, and published it!

    I laughed also at “I saw on other websites that people were calling me a racist, a bigot and a homophobe. I don’t think any of those things are true” Like what?! Youre either those things or youre not, there is no in between, you can’t MAYBE be a racist. Lol!!!

    This whole “apology” is funny and joke. I don’t see why Gayhoopla couldn’t just delete his videos, much like CockyBoys did after Cameron Diggs comments. Money is a lot more important than integrity and morals, obviously.

  • sanfv
  • John

    After reading that I can’t watch it….I guess the good thing is he wrote the non apology himself….no way someone wrote that mess for him, with that being said their are a lot of ignorant people in this world and they need to work too….

  • McM.

    Zach, thanks for highlighting the stupidity of the video b/c I’m not clicking that video until I figure out how to do so without adding to its popularity.

    GayHoopla is doing this for the validation and don’t care whether it is positive or negative.

    Oh, and reasons #742 and #743 why GayHoopla will never get a cent from me.

  • Matthias M.

    He must really like the money he’s made or the impending gay sex he’s looking to build a fan base out of.

    The saddest thing about this is that his ignorance is truly a turn on for some gay men. I bet the traffic to both sites he’s featured on is through the roof.

    • turbo27

      It can’t be impending, GH can’t be that stupid, can they? The scenes must have already been completed.

  • TalkDirtyToMe

    Wow what a POS. It’s sad because he doesn’t have a clue of how big a POS he is. This is why we need to spend more money on education in America.

  • nick

    all publicity is good publicity, gayhoopla are probably loving this, which is pretty shameful.

  • sanfv

    GH and this asshat are going to make a fortune from the notoriety when he does have gay sex( albeit poorly).

    Perhaps time to bring out the big guns?

    My advice ;

  • GrownFury

    He could’ve kept that apology. Can’t believe he mentioned his desire to build up his “fan base”! Troll, bye!

  • brock
  • Ben

    You know what I just learned? It’s easier to hate on ugly people.

  • Xzamilloh

    I guess there’s not gonna be any “gay hoopla” surrounding this porn star… get it?

  • Todd
    • turbo27

      Absolutely! That must be the case. Either don’t post them, or post them as a bonus– but don’t make their subscribers pay to see this guy.

  • sanfv

    Took homegirl less than a month to reform her ways since this post.

    Good job on educating him Gayhoolpla!

  • jimboivyo
  • xio co-tieng

    This is the reason why i dont like straight guy in gay porn. They couldnt understand or at least a few wouldnt talk about it publicly like Christian Wilde, Tommy D or Arad. But the rests are garbage ignorant. Lastly let us blame this to gay men who havent learned and continue supporting this g4p models

    • sanfv

      Arad? Like Arad win win? Thought she was a Persian Queen?!?

      • GoGo

        She is, i have no clue what he’s talking about.

  • Zealot

    This is right up there with Gay Hoopla’s non-apology, apology when they said of Adam– “We don’t have the resources to vet performers prior to their first scene”. And I think Chloe has a side eye ready for Adam’s poor verbiage in general. As she recently informed the fourth period grammar teacher Miss Turtlefarb– who misused “affect” when she meant to say “effect”: “You shouldn’t try to use words you don’t understand well until you’re sure of their meaning. It makes you look uneducated, which isn’t recommended for someone in your position”.

    • Maximus

      I LIVE for the ongoing adventures of Chloe and her legendary side-eye!

      • robirob

        She’s my kind of Dora the Explorer.

      • Joey

        I’d read a whole book about it tbh.

    • Joey

      This beautiful comment. Sigh.

      • Zealot

        Thanks so much! You know, Chloe can be a bit of a pill but she tells it like it is. And that side eye…well, let’s just say every teacher at Jane Austen Memorial Elementary School for Advanced Learners shudders at the possibility of having it cast their way! They call it, “Medusa’s glare”! Here we see an obviously stressed Miss Turtlefarb– one of the brave few who will go on record about Chloe.

        • Maximus

          What?! Chloe transferred from Salvador R. Calabro No. 4 Elementary School, Hoboken NJ?!

          (It took me several minutes to locate that comment… Don’t judge me.)

          • Zealot

            Lordy! That’s impressive!

            Unfortunately Chloe found herself sadly underserved at the Salvador R. Calabrio #4 Elementary School and the faculty there agreed she’d be more challenged intellectually at a new school.

          • Maximus

            What can I say? I just have a knack for inadvertently spending an inordinate amount of time on relatively inconsequential matters.

            Oh good! I was concerned that Chloe’s sentimental attachment to that school was impeding her academic achievement!

    • C3xxx

      If there’s one GoFundMe campaign i’d support is Royalties for Chloe. This little one deserves the $$ for providing us with a much used/loved/effective look. 😀

  • sxg

    This is supposed to be an apology?

  • BoomPow
    • Mike Julius

      Sarah is probably his go-to MILF fantasy.

  • Atticus

    GayHoopla must’ve already filmed a couple of unreleased scenes with him, hence why they got him to film this “apology” video.

  • Izzy
    • turbo27

      That was funny. Obviously not an intelligent guy.

    • sexnando

      perfect gif hunny :)}


  • snoopyfo

    This made me barf!!!!!, i’m not even watching that shitty video, just by reading those quotes (thank you zac) i don’t even know what to say, and how this shitty website thinks that people are that stupid to even believe that shitty non-apology, the only reason they are doing this is because they probably have more scenes of him that they want to release and they don’t want to lose that money

    if they have a grain of dignity they would just cut their loses and not release any more vids of this POS, but i guess that shit is not going to happen, oh well, hope sean costin leaves that sites and becomes a free agent he’s the only good thing about that shit hole

  • GoGo

    Just hurt them where it hurts, their pockets! I ain’t paying for this shit, you better KNOW THAT!

  • religion is insane

    I thought after the gay right movement, gays can at least have some esteem. If you want to contribute to homophobia, this may be your chance.

  • 76disqus


  • Maximus

    Gurl. Stop it. Most of those talking points were clearly written for you by “[your] producer, [your] boss, whatever you want to call him, whatever.” Whenever you deviated from that script, you just sounded like a bumbling idiot.

    We don’t want to hear your bullshit, and we don’t want to hear GayHoopla’s bullshit.

    • sanfv

      I’m waiting for that RAMJ Queen to come defend her and gayhoopla.

      “Not homophobic! Oh and I’m bisexual!” Will be her words. 😉

      I’m in between episodes of “Stanger Things”, so she has to make it quick!

      • R.A.M.J

        First dont ever call me a queen or refer to me in a female pronoun, second, he was pretty clear with his hate, not the same as cameron diggs.

        • Mister Miss
        • Mike Julius

          Yes, Cameron’s was obscured to the less educated among us. But words mean things, and his were fairly clear. He is against race mixing. He does not think being against it is a problem. If you think it is a problem, it’s either time to stop defending him and have that seat, or admit you don’t think racism is that bad.

          • R.A.M.J

            Im stopping now. Not because you “got me” which you havent, but i know when to stop arguing with people who only see things as “black and white”. Done!

          • Mike Julius

            Yes, and it’s not at all because the facts aren’t in your favor. Trash.

          • Maximus

            So, I read your comments on the Cameron Diggs stories, and I just want to call your attention to a concept called “modern racism.” It’s not the same as the explicit, overt racism of the pre-civil rights era. Modern racism is implicit, covert, symbolic, or institutionalized. I hear what you’re saying about Cameron Diggs not saying anything blatantly or extremely racist, but his offensive tattoos and segregation-based approach to his own social life are still forms of racism. His comments reflect prejudiced sensibilities, and his view regarding the importance of perpetuating one’s own race is consistent with an “Us vs. Them” ideology. Therefore, you’re correct that he never said anything overtly/explicitly racist. However, he clearly expressed a form of modern racism. That type of prejudice is still hurtful and contributes to racial inequality, hence the backlash against your defense of Cameron’s statement.

            What’s wrong with being referred to as a “queen” or by female pronouns?…


        • My someone’s a bit sensitive about being called a queen or referred to in a female pronoun. Sometimes it is easier to just own up to who you are rather, than to get so worked up over something so minor. It’s not like its never been done before.

      • Miloš Del Rey

        Gurl how did you predict this mess? Where did this hunty mess emerge from? Don’t they know they defending homophobes and racist is part of the problem. I’ll keep her prayers the next time I go to confession to suck some priest dick.

      • Maximus
        • sanfv

          Thank you Queen!

    • jhtravus

      This speech of his was way too incoherent and idiotic to have come from a producer/boss.

      This moron was speaking straight from the heart, unfortunately.

      • Mike Julius

        Whose arteries are clogged with stupidity.

      • Dave

        Umm, have u heard Landon speak or read any of their moronic scene descriptions? Clearly he could have written this drivel.

      • Maximus

        My impression is that he was given a script but chose to largely disregard it, save for a few key phrases.

    • AussieB

      Most models in gay porn are sexier when they don’t talk. This guy isn’t even attractive. But I doubt most people watching gay porn are aware of any of this… Or care

  • Badger

    Only sorry he got caught out.

  • Dale Bergman

    Another gay-bashing asshole in gay porn. Perhaps he will come out as “pansexual” in a few years. Please. I don’t know why he was hired in the first place because he’s NOT porn-worthy at all. What a contrast between this little twerp and hottie Collin Simpson:

    • sanfv

      I see what you did there.

      Only after he films for Nica Noelle.

      “SUGP has been targeting racists and homophobes for far too long. In response to Zach Sire’s witchhunt and blood libel thingie, I will retire from gay for for 19 minutes”.-Nica Noelle’s response to this whole debacle.

      • Dale Bergman

        Check out the posters in the background in the video… I’m sure he will be thinking about them while he films in scenes…

  • OverKill
  • pje821

    I have no idea what this jerk believes, but I do know he’s an idiot.

  • trex

    The Queermenow website is actively promoting his “apology.” That website regularly has posts promoting the Gayhoopla straight website. Very fucked up stuff from a website that supposedly is all about gay porn. Wonder how much Gayhoopla pays for that.

    • R.A.M.J

      Thats site is the biggest ass kissing site ever.

      • Dave

        That’s the problem with that blog, all it does is kiss ass and never takes a stand for anything.

        • turbo27

          It’s a promo blog. It does only what it’s meant to do, like most others.

    • Pertinax

      Take care with the site QueerMeNow because my antivirus warned me that it is infected by Malware. ( The same with Manhunt Daily ).

      • Never had any issues and have been a regular reader of that site for years. Probably was an error, or the sites antivirus detected the malicious content and it was removed.

        • Pertinax


    • Well any person who half a brain will watch and walk away feeling like that was not an apology at all.

    • I just went to comment on the QMN post and would hardly call that actively promoting. In fact I had to search for the damn thing. It’s posted along with numerous other porn star video updates and all they say is that it’s in response the some offensive tweets that turned up. If gayhoopla paid for that they got ripped off. It’s getting more promo here to be honest. But not the kind Gayhoopla and that redneck want.

  • GN

    I lack the resources to vet giving a fuck about ugly homophobes. Keep you sorry.

  • Trepakprince

    Little boy go home. You bring nothing to the table. You’re not cute, your body is an Iowa 6 and I hold more stimulating conversations with my cat than your basic bitch ass.

    • Mike Julius

      oh shit

  • Scrapple

    Oh look, they put him in all black. See, he’s not a bigot y’all!

    Your political beliefs don’t define what you believe in? I need to let the stupidity of this comment marinate for a few hours.

    What was so bad at the 1:50 mark that it had to be edited out? Who the fuck edits an apology vid?

    This is who GH wants to place their bets on? You want to play Captain Save A Hoe with this simple, basic bitch?

  • Mike Julius

    This right here is a representation of how Republicans keep getting elected, despite the fact that the economy does worse under their leadership and that they start and send soldiers into meaningless wars to enrich themselves and their cohorts.

    They attack education, they defund it and tweak the curriculum to spread nonsense.

    All that said, the fact that this homophobic prick is merely a product of his backward (and perhaps inbred) environment, doesn’t change the fact that he remains a homophobic prick.

  • Kevin

    Why even release this shit? The owners could have just made an sincere apology, delete his videos and be done with it. But for some reason they want to keep working with him and they thought this “apology” would make everything better.

    • Dave

      exactly right. All GH ownership had to do was tweet an apology, take down his video on the GH site and things probably would have gone a lot smoother for them.

      • Kevin

        This could have been dealt with days ago but they decided to block followers and then tweet some shitty excuse about not being able the vet models. This dude is not even that hot but they probably already filmed several scenes with him and they want to be able to release them, that’s why they made the douche film an “apology”.

        • Igloo Australia

          I bet those scene are probably str8 scenes–not even bi scenes–for HGF.. and perhaps 20 more jerk off solos on GH lol Imagine having this much privilege only because you define your sexuality with the majority of society

  • SpazMataz

    Is it just me, but does this gay porn blog seem to have alot of “fuckin’ bigot” headlines almost every time I visit? Editors of str8upgayporn (are you the Asian dude that started it?), Maybe people visit your blog because they want to read porn news MINUS your fucking politics.
    If you think all white dudes are racist, then don’t have white dudes on your fucking rag blog.

  • beariac

    My splodey head just wants to splode all over the posters on his wall.×240/landscape-1467402285-giphy-4.gif

  • FooFight

    I couldn’t make it past 45 seconds. This guy makes Sarah Palin sound competent . God, what an indictment of our country’s public school system this is.

  • FooFight

    I couldn’t make it past 45 seconds. This guy makes Sarah Palin sound coherent. God, what an indictment of our country’s public school system this is.

  • Bitch probably had some clause that said he was not to bring negative attention to the the studio like he did so the lawyers demanded this. It seems scripted and he repeats himself over and over but its all bullshit since he basically says that he has the same beliefs which are racist and homophobic, but they are not the studios. And to top it off he is wearing a Seattle Mariners hat. I live in Seattle and doubt the Mariners would want a racist homophobic redneck from Idaho representing the team this way.

  • xio co-tieng

    BOYCOTT or not support GAYHOOPLA anymore. Guys you should have some respect for yourselves it’s about time.

    • Mihcael Davies

      who is he?

  • turbo27

    Give the dope a break. Let him move on, hopefully we’ll never see him again. I see they moved him on GH changed his update date to Jan 1 2016 so no one would see it.

  • If those are his beliefs and opinions, then good for him, go do straight porn. Though I admit I wouldn’t want to watch him in straight scenes either. Other than that, if that’s crap you believe in then don’t do gay porn! It might have just have been a solo scene but it was obviously done for gay/bi audiences. Sites like GayHoopla, show a problem that is also present in other studios and within the community: Letting people talk shit, while some of us give them our dollars just because they have abs, a nice ass or a big dick.

  • jon

    ”My political beliefs do not define, like, what I believe in”. ”Those are, yes, opinions that I took way too far, and I took things way too out of context for what I believe in”. Honey.

  • trex

    obviously you are not on their Twitter feed. Sent out several tweets that were just about the apology.

  • R.A.M.J

    He is the reason why grammar and speech need to be mandatory in english classes.

  • kkdd1

    If Justin / Adam is not abusing drugs than he needs 2 start that way this STUPID MOTHER FUCKER would have a explanation for being so TOTALLY FUCKED UP in the head !!!

  • jhtravus

    Before I watched the video I was 100% ready to forgive him. I wanted to hear him say that he may have felt one way a long time ago but over time he has realized how wrong he was and that his views on homosexuality were completely ignorant.

    And then I watched the video… Where to even begin? Did he have a point in mind? Not once did he attempt to take back anything he said about the gay community. It seemed like the whole point of the video was him saying that his personal beliefs don’t define what he… believes as a person… ?

    So basically he was just saying that he has the right to call us disgusting but we should feel free to keep paying him for really mediocre video work. Gotcha.

    This guy is simply not good-looking enough to be worth the trouble for any studio he chooses to grace with his presence. Gayhoopla should just cut their losses and get rid of him. I have no issue with them airing any work he’s already shot. Not that I’d watch it anyway, because I don’t find him the least bit attractive even before he opened his mouth.

    Could someone please explain to me what the fuck this idiot was talking about?

  • Bradster

    Uggghhh, this gap-toothed redneck is not attractive in the slightest.

  • GuruMike

    If he waxes his taint, I’ll consider forgiving him.

  • W Murphy

    Surprised he is continuing on with gay porn after being dragged on twitter by his entire hometown

  • fluffi3

    just as if he had made inappropriate (bigoted) comments about ethnic groups, it will be excused and he will continue to get work, the viewers will forgive his faux pas and this will be swept under the rug, watch! this is nothing new (homophobic performer raking in big bucks from doing the very thing he claims to hate with a passion, and the mindless/spineless gays who support him will be the ones to blame!!)

  • badgamer1967

  • Rafael Good

    AW GIRL HUSH! I just do not believe in apologies… are not sorry for what you said…you are sorry that it became just a big deal in a negative way……Then if you are going to apologize please have it be a well thought out and sincere one….he just rambled on about literally nothing….he probably wont have a super long career though so it doesnt matter…he is literally a needle in a haystack in gay porn..