[UPDATED] GayHoopla’s New Model Is An Anti-Gay Bigot Who Supports Donald Trump

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bos4The gay porn industry doesn’t just support racists. They’ve also got a soft spot for anti-gay bigots, too. Meet GayHoopla’s new model, Adam Bosco, who tweets publicly under the name Justin Shandrick.

Justin Shandrick would like you to know that he does not support gay rights:

j1But, Justin Shandrick does enjoy using the word “fag”:

j3Surprisingly, Justin Shandrick doesn’t know how to spell the full version of the word:


Unsurprisingly, Justin Shandrick—like a handful of other gay porn stars—is a Trumptard:

j4Adam Bosco/Justin Shandrick’s entire timeline is actually a smorgasbord of racist, anti-gay, and misogynistic memes. Perhaps worst of all, this is what he looks like:

bso2bos1bos3GayHoopla is set to release his solo tomorrow.

For someone who loves the word “fag” and doesn’t support gay rights, becoming a gay porn star is an interesting career move for Justin Shandrick. He might not like gay people, but I guess Justin Shandrick is OK with appearing on a gay porn site where gay men will be pleasuring themselves to his image…forever.


GayHoopla has posted the below tweet in response to their model’s homophobic remarks:


  • Jon

    Is this suppose to be surprising? I mean, this is gayhoopla we’re talking about here….

    • a b

      They have more proudly bigoted actors?

      • Jon

        Not that I know of. However, in general, GH doesn’t have the best reviews due to poor filming and performance. If they release any more content from homophobic lunatic Adam, it will be another nail in the coffin.

        • McM.

          No it won’t. Feedback is filtered so they only receive praise from sad gay men who worship straights.

          • Dave

            Wow….that is completely accurate! It bugs me to no end how all they ever seem to hear is the false praise and not the ones giving them constructive criticism.

          • Those pathetic idiots who continue to patronize studios and support straight guys who are not friends of the gay community are only contributing to to the issues that make them so sad and lonely. Wish they would wake up and see that.

        • AussieB

          Well they also released a scene on their straight site Hot Guys FUCK. Their contracts must say have sex with a guy & we’ll give you a freebie girl

    • Sed

      Wrong! This is pretty much every gay porn studio in existence from what I can tell.

      • Jon

        True, but Gayhoopla never had a good reputation from the get go lol

      • Nana Eristavi

        Every US gay porn studio, you’re meaning? Any BA model would be fired in seconds for saying anything like that.

  • Trepakprince

    When did Neuman become a brunette?

    • Jon


  • Galaxy_Scribe

    I hope someone sends his work to mommy and daddy.

  • jacob221

    is that Forrest Gump 2016 ?

  • He got into porn? I normally withhold saying anything about a models looks but um…no.

    • Mihcael Davies

      There are no standards in porn anymore. He’s straight up vile!

  • snoopyfo

    he is utterly disgusting inside and out, i saw the preview pics on another blog that dick looks ugly

  • DPS

    GayHoopla has quite the eye for “talent”. If they were the bar to measure the industry it would set the standard of a .25″ dick even with the porn measuring tapes.

  • OverKill


    Just give people like this the side eye. Makes no sense to work for gay adult film industry but be anti-gay and discriminatory.

  • W Murphy

    I have no interest in GayHoopla because despite having attractive models, it’s clear they have no idea how to film sex scenes. That being said, unlike the other models at GH, this guy isn’t even remotely attractive. I also wonder about a supposed homophobe who, at the same time, will be jerking off (and likely eventually having gay sex) on a gay website for the world to see. This is why I much prefer watching companies like Titan who generally hire gay men as models. However, that being said… I don’t mind G4P if they are good performers, and respectful of their audience.

    • Dave

      Well said. Just wish the tools who own GH would take statements such as yours to heart and not keep believing the members who praise every shitty scene they produce. I mean honestly, not one of their scenes has ever been filmed professionally. They definitely have the male Talent, if they would only follow through on their promises to improve on their production values.

      • AussieB

        Its all about the cash. The only thing that counts is people paying for memberships

    • pje821

      I completely agree with you. I have been complaining about the poor production quality of GH’s scenes since the studio began; I kept hoping it would improve. The owners have certainly made enough money off their original investment by now that’d you’d think they’d reinvest in a capable photographer, light man and editor, as whoever is doing it currently is an amateur at best. It’s too bad, because their models are pretty hot by today’s standards. And I suppose you never really know what a model’s politics are when he’s hired; it probably doesn’t come up in the interview. It doesn’t matter to me if the guy’s straight, but I do expect him to be comfortable enough in his own skin not to belittle being gay. Apparently this joker forgot what audience he was filming for.

    • AussieB

      Cockyboys too. Lately seen some scenes from Guybone that seem much less “produced” with real looking guys. Rather see guys actually into each other

  • 76disqus

    he is cute: love is uncut cock and hairy legs and feet. cannot wait to see him get fucked.

    • Maximus

      If you can’t respect yourself, at least show some respect for your community. Your tone-deaf praise of this filth is revolting.

    • W Murphy

      I want him to get fucked on camera, too… but not because I want to watch the scene. I want it to be out there so his gay porn work will follow him around for the rest of his trashy life.

      • Maybe he will get called faggot too

    • You are sad and pathetic!

    • GN

      Keep funding your own oppression. Asshole.

  • FieldMedic

    As I said on another blog, fuck him and fuck GayHoopla if they continue to employ him.

    • Technically he is not an employee but they continue to offer him contracts under which he is paid and an independant contractor. They likely try to use that as an excuse for not taking his content down and denouncing him.

  • sanfv

    I hate this bitch, but he’s no different than many other models. Quentin Gainz, just to name one.

    • GoGo

      Quentin Gainz said homophobic shit too?

      • sanfv

        Look her Facebook. Idk if you have the RN. I can’t post it, but I’ve seen it. He popped up as a mutual friend; also originally from Ohio, same town as Vadim Black, Devon Felix and a few others.

        There’s something in the water in Fairborn , I’m sure of it now.

        • GoGo

          Just saw it. So he’s also a trump supporter and he posted something that said “i <3 being white" SMH! All these g4p porn actors are dumb af!

          • 1234

            I’ll have to go on a search spree. I’m disappointed. Also, I wonder why Quentin said “I love being White” when his own nephew is mixed race (Black, White)

          • GoGo

            “Str8” guys are confusing and dumb. lol

          • 1234

            Honestly, even though he’s cute, he’s a somewhat boring performer. His tweet$ explain a lot

          • sanfv

            Zach needs a Trump supporter 2.0 post. There are plenty of these guys out there, making gay dollars off of a gay audience and saying/ doing homophobic things.

          • GN

            It won’t stop until the gay community refuses to spend a single dollar on homophobia.

          • Maximus

            Agreed! This is America, and they have the right to support whomeber candidate they want. However, we also have the right to read them for filth and mock them for their bad choices.

        • Scrapple

          Sounds like they make some fabulously roomy closets out there.

  • Todd

    Seriously ……. is answering ‘Yes’ to all the hateful questions a JOB REQUIREMENT now with all of these ‘studios’

    Are you straight ? – Yes

    Are you anti gay ? – Yes

    Are you racist ? – Yes

    Are you a Repug ? – Yes

    Studio says — You’re HIRED.

    I say ……….. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_me42eaIM121qerpcpo1_500.gif

    • bronco clayton

      Especially gayhoopla that studio is a fucking joke!!!!!!

    • Mr. Copper

      Considering both owners of Gayhoopla are also Trump supporters, none of this is surprising.

      They also have a “any publicity is good publicity” attitude. They literally don’t care about how crap like this affects the community because it brings them clicks and views, and possibly new members.

      Kyle Dean was all over social media defending being in gay porn by essentially saying he wasn’t a “f@g” because he didn’t suck dick or get fucked. That’s the mentality these guys have — that they aren’t lowly gays as long as they are the ones getting “serviced.”

      That’s why Kyle wore a mask in his bottoming scene — deniability.

      Sadly, Landon really thinks he’s fooling everyone and that we believe he’s an ally, but GH’s actions speak louder than anything. They continue to hire homophobes and guys with homophobic “limits” (and yes when your reason for not sucking dick in GAY PORN is because you’re too much of a “man,” it’s homophobic). They block anyone that points this out to them, and they have yet to remove this guy’s scenes from GH or HGF. (Although, if he did do any guy/guy scenes, part of me does hope they get posted so that his social media can get blasted with proof that he doesn’t hate “faggets” as much as he claims.)

      Landon (the owner of GH for christsakes) is a blatant homophobe and he doesn’t even try to hide it.

      • sanfv

        It’s never ending isn’t it?

        It took Zach and SUGP WEEKS to something addressed about Cameron Diggs, which was silent , swift and one studio.

        There are too many homophobes in gay porn. It’s mind boggling!

        I mean, are there rampant heterophobes in straight porn? Has there even been one? How would those fans and studios react?

      • AussieB

        Well it’s the gay men paying for memberships that have the power. Many still like the straight guy narrative. I’ll take real gay guys having real gay sex any day

      • Dave

        Amen brother!!! Preach!!

      • jeremy

        i have know landon for years,he have been a very nice person.he is a people person.he treat str8,bi & gay people with respect.
        gayhoopla have gay,bi & str8 guys.gayhoopla treat all the models well.that is why they keep coming back.
        landon best friend is bi
        just because 1 model is homophobic,dont go & call gayhoopla & every model homophobic,just because your not happy they are not suck cock.
        landon is not a homophobe,he have alot of gay friends & fan.he respect them &
        when 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting happen landon tweet Very sad and upsetting to see shit like this.dont get mad at someone.use the word homophobe at them just because you are not happy.

        • casper23yo

          I was a GH member,since the first time of GH. In a chat with Landon i ask, why the models are all straight. Landon answer, ” I don´t like gay guys ” He is homophobic ! His friend, Dustin Zito, former model of ´Fratmen´ say, ” I hate gays ” .

  • Xzamilloh

    HE’S a porn star??? Bitch, where??? Who’s beating off to this??


    • Pertinax


    • Miloš Del Rey

      Sasquatch people :(

    • nick


    • fluffi3

      exactly, he has ZERO sex appeal!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AussieB

    Have you contacted gay hoopla for a comment

    • a b

      They didn’t say anything at the HotGuysFuck twitter. Actually, there they are still marketing him by having his scene in the fixed tweet. It seems like they are going to keep him up as an actor…

  • John

    He’s sounds like a horrible person….gay hating gay porn star…..but he does have a hot and hairy ass and legs…..

    • a b

      That’s just make it even more disgusting

  • a b

    [about Catlin Jenner transitioning]: “well it’s just like being gay, no matter what society wants me to believe, it’s still disgusting to me.”

  • Maximus

    The fact that he’s a terrible person doesn’t surprise me. What I am curious about is why he chose to plaster a toupee to his ass-crack and taint. That mess needs to go, as do his hateful political views.


  • GN

    And the fucking loser can’t even spell faggot correctly. Where does the industry find these people? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0ce24fa50f7e0d2886ff3e39d1002a221d2c8efc5ed1be0d7a82a933fd6a960c.gif

  • GoGo

    So then why was Gayhoopla blocking anyone that was bringing it up to them???? Landon and Dmitiry are no different than this guy

    • Miloš Del Rey

      This!!! Gayhoopla went on a blocking spree on ANYONE who mentioned the guy being homophobic. Their version of damage control is shitty. They say they don’t have the resources to vet performers… like all you need to do is look on their social media for a quick second damn.

  • jon

    I mean this is Gayhoopla lol. I’m pretty sure that their casting process consist of going to gyms and asking guys if they are straight and need quick cash.

    • sanfv

      And hungry!

    • turbo27

      Ok, but it does seem to work well, some hot guys on that crappy site. They should just not allow them to talk or use social media!

  • Face down, ass up, that’s the way to shut him the fuck up.

  • Zealot

    If some braider is going to call me a fagget, he’d better learn to spell it correctly, or I may just send him a copy of Webster’s Collegiate Pocket Dictionary. God knows his pocket needs to bulge for some good reason. Sometimes I just hate braiders like Shandrick and, this guy.


    • beariac


  • Badger

    GH is just waaay to expensive for the content.

  • kkdd1

    He probably was not the only one in the room that does not support gay rights but I bet my last $$ that he was the only in the room that does not support gay rights that does gay porn .

  • Evil John

    I love to drink alcohol. Maybe, my tolerance level is at a new high, but I can’t imagine how drunk I would be to hit on this guy, take him home, and then see that ass that I would have to bush hog before I could fuck it. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brush_hog) for my city folk friends.

  • Estelle
    • He also seems to have delusions of grandeur

    • sanfv

      Estelle, you got the tea!

    • turbo27

      MASSIVE!! I’m sure. GH is paying ugly guys massive $$ for solo jo’s. What a dope.

  • Estelle

    Anyone care to guess what the massive amount of $$$$ Gay Hoopla paid Mr. Shandrick to make sub par porn?

    • a b

      50 bucks and a bus ticket?

  • brock

    Am I the only one who is actually kind of hoping that he comes back for a sex scene, just for the experience of going full circle from explicit homophobe to having gay sex on camera? Maybe that’s a bit too vindictive/waste of a sex scene (despite production values, I actually really enjoy Gay Hoopla videos cause their models really are hot and usually really upbeat and enthusiastic during sex) but it might be worth it here. It’s kind of like someone who rejects you, then comes crawling back to you

    • Estelle

      Thanks for your input gay hoopla schill/sock puppet.

    • W Murphy

      I want him to be in a gay sex scene solely for the reason that it’ll be constantly thrown back in his face for the rest of his life! Although I feel bad for whoever has to work with him, he’s so off-putting

  • Probably one of those closet cases who tries to use homophobia to make sure no one ever suspects he has a hankering for cock. pathetic.

  • WhimsyCotton

    I love the low key shade in that tweet. “We lack the resources to vet models’ personal lives…” LOL. Oh if only they saw the amount of hobbyists on a certain porn scene blog that clearly dedicate countless hours to just that.

  • Scrapple

    “We lack the resources…”

    You lack lots of things.

  • rather be lucky

    “We intend to keep only models respectful of us & our audience.”

    Not very likely considering the owners of Gayhoopla themselves aren’t respectful of gay men or gay sexuality.

    • a b

      Do you have the receipts?

  • Pinko of the Grange

    That boi ain’t even a bag a chips.

  • Caesarimp

    I don’t even understand how that kind of double-think is possible. Like, how can you hold these views and then sign up for something called “GayHoopla”?

  • AussieB

    They’ve also posted a straight scene of his on Hot Guys FUCK. Looking at his photos, hrs got a Butta face

  • KP

    Landon was a douche even back in his days at Fratmen as Leo. If you wanted to watch a scene he was in you had to turn off the sound, his constant humble brag and superior opinion of himself was sickening. Now that he has Gay Hoopla he just transferred the massive egotism to that site. Filming is bad editing is slight better but the models are dumb as rocks or just dumb. They seem to have a very large supply of old gay men that support the site (they are constantly thanking them for tips during live shows to the point of nausea)

    • turbo27

      Hated Landon and his attitude, then, now even if we don’t see him, we can hear him- ruins even a possibly decent scene. Funny thing is he isn’t even good looking. Don’t know how he ever made it to Fratmen (which a long time ago had by far the best looking guys doing solos.)

      • Dave

        I know right? Nothing like watching the scene then Hearing in the middle” smack his ass” ” “yes smack it again”. Yes Landon you’re very professional and your post scene interviews are the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in porn.

        • turbo27

          I hope you are serious and I’m not alone in hating his comments, from behind the camera. Luckily, I don’t hear him now, as I was only a member for a month to get a look at some of their good looking guys. As I’ve said casting is great at times, other than that the site is just very bad.

  • Tellingthetruth

    “He might not like gay people, but I guess Justin Shandrick is OK with
    appearing on a gay porn site where gay men will be pleasuring themselves
    to his image…forever.” – Zach Genius what you did there!

  • a b

    Can anyone help me translate a GayHoopla tweet written in BadEnglish? Someone commented that “When you main focus is men who rather sleep with women than men this is going to happen”. Their response was:
    “this is not our main focus… however, attractive men is”

    What does this means? Looks like master Yoda language…

    • nick

      suck or do not suck, there is no bi

  • GuruMike

    he’s got a little dick and weird armpit hair.

  • itsbritneybitch
  • rhinoHI

    Way too much taint hair.

  • kkdd1

    I think this another attempt by the studios to sell the he is so STRAIGHT even if it means pushing the FUCKING HOMOPHOBE button BTW I bet u this HOMOPHOBIC FUCK will be back 4 DICK !!!

  • Maxine Mesmer
  • nick

    How many resources do you need to check a guys Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc. How many resources do you have to do this Zach ?

  • Casey Scott

    Zach, keep on blasting these guys and the studios who hire them! Obviously with Cockyboys removing Cameron Diggs’ scene and Gay Hoopla canning this new model, it’s having an effect! It sure as hell took long enough, though…

  • Sean

    “We lack the resources…”
    What kind of resources does it take to get a persons REAL NAME, and find them on Twitter, Facebook or GOOGLE them? If you find out they are a convicted pedophile. gay basher, terrorist, or anything else YOU DO NOT HIRE THEM. Uber does more of a background check than these idiots.

  • tdwarner

    Why can’t people just enjoy a scene for what it is – entertainment? I usually don’t have the time or desire to try to hunt down a new model’s real name and location. Stop stalking the models and just enjoy the porn.

    • a b

      You are an anti-gay bigot and an idiot.

      • tdwarner

        I always love it when members of the LGBT community go ballistic when they are called names. Based on the predictable reply you gave, you can dish it out, but you can’t take it. Grow up. Stop being a thought-nazi. Not everyone in the world has to think the same way you do. And believe it or not, your ideas aren’t always right. Open your mind and stop with the faux outrage about everything you perceive as anti-gay.

        • a b

          Suporting Donald Trump is being anti-gay. He said he would appoint judges to overturn marriage equality, and if you support a politician who desires to take away civil rights for gay citizens, then you are an anti-gay bigot and an idiot.
          Being pro-logic is not being a “thought-nazi”, get a grip.

          • tdwarner

            Donald Trump will not be able to overturn gay marriage – relax. And by the way, regardless of my personal views, a person who opposes same sex marriage is not immediately anti-gay. People who oppose abortion are not anti-woman bigots. As a matter of fact, many women oppose abortion. The left always takes the attitude that policy disagreements must be based on hate. That attitude is disgusting and is the root of why our nation is so divided.

            As soon as someone throws out the words bigot, racist, etc…I just tune them out. Believe it or not, people can like each other and disagree on public policy. Your position is actually the bigotted one. You’re intolerant of anyone who disagrees with you and assume that your position is the superior one. So yes, I stand by my statement that you are a “thought-nazi.”

          • a b
          • tdwarner

            What a politician says and what a politician can achieve are two totally different things. Same sex marriage has been ruled constitutional, the republic didn’t collapse and people have moved on. There will be no serious court challenge that will bring this issue back into the supreme court to be overturned. Don’t believe all the hype. Although I’m open to being proven wrong, except for maybe an eminent domain case, I don’t recall the supreme court ever taking up a new case to TAKE previously determined constitutional rights from people.

          • a b

            It is was he’s proposing, it’s also in the GOP platform (and we can say, reasonably, the republican party mobilizes half of the political strenght in USA), so it’s not just a mad proposal that nobody is advocating and nobody will take seriously. What many gay people don’t seem to understand is that progress is not a linear, unstopable or irreversible process. It is perfectly possible that all that we conquered vanish. In this case, if the majority of the supreme court is of anti-gay bigots, they can overrule it, and this obviously depends on who the president appoint. The supreme court giveth, the supreme court taketh away.

  • Jonathan Masters

    Just one word: Ewwww!