[UPDATED] Cameron Diggs Responds To Claims That He’s A Racist: “I Prefer To Stay Inside My Race…Is That So Wrong?”

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racistIt’s been nearly a month since this post (and the hundreds of comments that followed) called attention to Cameron Diggs and the white supremacist symbols he has strategically tattooed on his body. Now, finally, Diggs himself is responding to claims that he is a white supremacist.

In a comment posted here last night, Diggs begins by explaining his tattoos. He’s even given his comment a title: “Cameron Diggs: The Naked Truth.”


Recently there has been speculation that i am a racist due to the tattoos that are on my body. specifically the iron crosses and the lightning bolts. I want to take the time to clear up any questions or confusion there may be. But first let me set the record straight.

The iron cross does not symbolize racism. It was actually a medal that was awarded in WW II to soldiers for bravery in battle as well as other military contributions in a battle environment. Basically the germans version of what we call The Purple Heart. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Cross. just because nazi soldiers wore the iron cross does not mean it symbolizes racism.

The next tattoo is the set of lightning bolts i have on my side. Although its recognition did not come until Nazi Germany adopted the symbol, Its original meaning stands for victory. It wasn’t until 1933 the germans adopted the symbolic rune. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Runic_insignia_of_the_schutzstaffel Now granted, the symbol has been known to have ties with white supremacy organizations. That does not mean i share the same views and beliefs as they do. But i can understand that by me having these tattoos i could be placed in the same category as these individuals.

All of that may be true, based on interpretation, but if you put multiple Nazi-era symbols on your body, don’t be surprised when people assume that you are a fan of Nazi-era symbols. And if in fact the combination of multiple white supremacist symbols is just a coincidence, that’s…a very unfortunate coincidence.

Diggs continues:

Now to tell you a little about my background. i was born and raised in southwest houston…specifically an area better known as Alief. Now for those of you that don’t know, this is a predominately black area.i went to a high school where you could sit all the white kids in the school at two lunch tables. I’ve been around different races my whole life. I bleed just like the next man…i’m no better than any other person. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST ANY OTHER RACES RELIGION, VIEWS, BELIEFS AND/OR CULTURE

That paragraph is, uhh, fine(?) in a semi non-offensive way, maybe. He could’ve just stopped there. But, of course he did not stop there. He concludes:

I believe people should want to be proud of who they are and where they come from. its like they say… your a product of your environment. I feel like we are suppose to continue our race and our culture. thats why our parents teach us their values and principals, its a part of your heritage. when it comes to having kids i prefer to stay inside my race. Its nothing hateful towards any race its just what i believe. Why is that so wrong? Does that make me a racist?

Well, there you have it.

Good thing Cameron Diggs wasn’t at risk of having any kids with his co-star Mickey Taylor, who is racially mixed. Their gay porn scene for NakedSword comes out later this month.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.12.51 AMUpdate: As seen in the screenshot above, CockyBoys has removed the one Cameron Diggs scene (an oral scene with Levi Karter) they had featured on their site.

Update 2:

Co-star Mickey Taylor (who had previously defended Diggs) has also responded to Diggs’ racist remarks, posting the below tweet:


As of this update, NakedSword and its head of production/director mr. Pam have still not issued any statement or removed any of Cameron Diggs’ scenes from their site.


  • Sed

    As we all concluded he is in fact a white supremacist. The gay porn industry is full of guys like him. Doesn’t anyone wonder why so many guys with similar beliefs feel so comfortable in the gay porn industry right now.

    It’s a welcoming environment. It’s implicit if not explicit. The racist models don’t need Sean Cody or Corbin Fisher or Helix Studios, Next Door, Men.com etc. to tell them that they’re pretty much whites-only. it’s done with a wink and a nod. they’ll hire a token every now and then but we all know how that goes. Now you see him now you don’t.

    Obviously if you run a studio you can hire who you want but you might want to ask yourself why you only want to work with white people. Yeah you might lose some racist fans but you also might gain a whole new fan base you didn’t know existed.

  • DumDumBonerMaker

    I guess my parents did it wrong – they didn’t teach me my race was important to good values and principals or that my race specifically needed to be continued.
    It’s odd that he thinks that’s a common lesson among parents to children.

    Now I do know lots of people want their dna/bloodline to continue – but that’s not even close to the same thing as ‘continuing the race’.
    Most people I know who want their family continued through children/grandchildren are cool with the fact that dna/bloodlines can cross and/or intermingle with any race… Just bring on the grandkids!! (man some older parents are nuts about having grandkids).

  • C A

    Ok. That is just plain and simple racist talk. He was raised around a racially diverse community, but needs to seek pride in white people(like they never had any or are lacking for any now) it’s basically as bad as having the 14 words tattoo which says that they must ensure the white race. A tattoo Axl from Active Duty had.

    He tried to be clever and word it carefully, but he just said he’s a white supremacist. Also, interesting pics from before he went to prison he didn’t have those tattoo’s, seems like he got them during his time in jail or right after. Of course he will continue to work for Trenton Ducati and Mr. Pam. Fuck them and fuck Naked Sword.

    • GoGo

      Yup, the ones responsible for hiring trash have yet to say shit. Fuck them all.

      • C A

        They need to send him to raw castings quick and in a hurry. Let Dallas and Bailey have him. I’m sure that situation will have a mutually beneficial resolve to our problems!

        • GoGo


      • hatefulmoz

        Not likely that they’ll say anything. And that’s why I don’t give them business or much less the time of day.

  • GoGo

    “when it comes to having kids i prefer to stay inside my race” so he’s a racist and g4p….

    • Mulk

      He’s not straight, he’s been out in DFW area for a longgggggg time and has had boyfriends etc.

      He’s racist, yes, but not g4p.
      Just very very racist.

      • GoGo

        Sure, i’ll take your word for it and not Mickey Taylor who actually spent time with him and got fucked by him. Or his interview at the sword “Cameron is into women, trans women”

        • Mulk

          Or you could just go out to BJs or 20/20 or any other fucking place in the city and meet Tim and talk to him yourself. Or you could just see the shit he posts on FB, he’s NOT in the closet.

          If you want to take the word of his Naked Sword interview, why not take the word of his escorting ads where on every single one he lists his orientation as “gay” and has done so for a couple years?

          A lot of us have known Tim wayyyyyy before he started doing porn and none of this is news to us. But sure, believe whatever is most convenient to bolster your argument.

          • PhotoWerner

            Correct. I’ve worked with him behind the camera and while I can’t speak to him being racist or not, he is not straight nor does he claim to be. He was pleasant and professional, and my knowledge of the meaning behind his tattoos was limited, so it’s definitely disappointing to now learn about this aspect of his personality.

          • sanfv
          • GoGo

            Call me dubious, but when someone i don’t know on the internet says something i tend to not believe it because it is the internet! So with that said I’m still gonna take it as just an assumption on your part, and I’ll take his very own word as truth as well as Mickey taylors.

        • Knightgee

          Eh, I could buy that he’s not straight but playing up the g4p angle. Wasn’t there a story some years ago about Sean Cody encouraging a gay model to lie about being straight because it would sell better on the site?

          • Luca

            I think it happened often for SC or CF (I remember Mason Wyler saying something like that)

  • Todd

    But …. But …. I’m sure he has black friends !!

    • Brunneous

      They ALWAYS do…

    • sanfv

      Black friends? Totally not racist!

    • OverKill

      That’s the go to when someone is accused of being racist, “My best friend is black”, or “I have [insert number] black friends”. Especially the latter because it’s like why are you counting? When people say that, they get the side eye.

      • L. T.

        Or “I have biracial nieces and/or nephews” or “I have six black godchildren”.

    • Luca

      interestingly, his definition of racism (even if he doesn’t admit what it is) doesn’t preclude him to have black friends.

  • Mulk

    “Does that make me a racist?”

    Yes. By definition. Yes.

  • oocman

    This isn’t new guys. Marc Dylan. The guy from Active Duty was tatted so badly, they had to cover up his tats. The one who out and out said, I am not attracted to Black people.

    It’s not a new thing to Black guys at all. Just like a lot of things recently, a lot of White folks are finding out this stuff happens and are shocked, or surprised…or unfortunately not concerned.

  • Izzy

    Nicely worded bullshit is still bullshit.

  • I respectfully retract EVERYTHING I have ever said about this man that was positive, adoring, and gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    Rather than being honest…he has carefully worded (or maybe had ghost written for him albeit by someone who can’t spell) a statement that is essentially para-phrased hate speech.

    *deletes all films, pics, cancels NakedSword subscription*

    Cameron Diggs….DTM. Even if you get sloppily barebacked and rage fucked by 10 men.

  • TalkDirtyToMe

    He was doing so well until that last paragraph. But if he is so proud of his white heritage why has he done everything in his power to make himself grey?

  • Maximus

    I don’t understand “white cultural pride.” What the fuck does that even mean? There are no universal cultural practices among white people; not all white person celebrate Christmas, possess a strong European identity, listen to classical music, etc. Even if that were the case, how would the existence of other races impede white people’s ability to practice white cultural traditions?

    Race has no biological foundation. All homo sapiens sapiens—anatomically modern humans—share 99% of their genetic material in common. When you group humans by the relatively few genetic variations that do exist, the groups aren’t consistent with racial categories. Furthermore, there are no differences in personality or cognitive capabilities across racial groups. Race is real, but only as a social construct.

    It is logical that racial minorities would rally together and learn to feel a sense of racial pride in order to combat the societal forces telling them that they are inferior. White people do not experience systemic racial discrimination, so there isn’t any need to develop a strong white identity.

    I’m not saying these things as an outsider within my racial group. I may very well be the whitest white boy to have ever whited. So believe me when I say this:

    White pride has nothing to do with culture or heritage; it’s about fearing people who look different and who may have different experiences and perspectives. It’s nothing but bigotry, and it has no place in our society.


    • AussieB

      And in Trumps America, they’re all coming out of the woodwork

    • jon

      Honey don’t be stupid, there’s a white genocide happening and it’s all fault of mexicans and muslims and also Black Lives Matter is just like ISIS. Educate yourself sweetie :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cc35204ad7d39edcf4b79ae116b33b54ea95690b25fff46c9474fb2a115c5db2.jpg

      • 1234

        LOL @the sarcasm

    • burghboy

      It’s all about power and some white people feeling like they are losing that power. That’s why most of the Republican Party lost their minds when President Obama was elected. (twice) Just look at who they are backing for POTUS.

    • WhimsyCotton

      So when a Black family berates their daughter for going out with a White guy, it’s fine.
      When an Asian family wants their son to marry a good Asian wife, it’s fine.
      It’s only when a White person wants to procreate with their own race that it’s a problem? Notice he didn’t say anything about being attracted to other races. He specifically said it only mattered when it came to having kids.

      PS: Believe it or not, not just White people are capable of bigotry.

      • Rafael Good

        It’s not bad to want to have a family that looks like you. Unfortunately, in 2016 and probably for the foreseeable future, there are certain things that white people can’t get away with saying. This being one of those things. To say you wants to procreate to make more White babies is going to automatically conjure feelings of Hitler or the KKK because what were/are they after? The perfect Aryan race. I think he has a lot of cards stacked against him…the tattoos, the desire to have White babies, the need to preface it with saying he grew up in a predominately Black area…as if that matters….Racism/bigotry is not cool in any form, but I do not believe that non-whites can be racist because they do not have the power to act on it. They can however be prejudice. There is a thin line between the two.

      • Marko

        Where has anyone in here said that it’s fine if non-caucasians insist on only marrying/reproducing within their race? Oh, that’s right – they haven’t. It’s just you and your endless attempts to defend racists and racism. Racism is ignorant and destructive no matter who’s responsible for it. Despite all of your parsing and protestation, Cam Diggs has now unequivocally outed himself as a racist. Pretty much everyone else was right and you were wrong.

        • WhimsyCotton

          Let me ask you a question. Why is it okay for gay men to want to have their OWN children from their genes? Why can’t they adopt? If we were meant to reproduce, we wouldn’t be gay. The answer is simple. They want to see a child that is part of them. A child that looks like them. The same is true of people that marry/reproduce within their own race. Maybe they want a child that looks just like them. It really isn’t that big of a deal.

          He may or may not be racist. I just don’t think his comments on what he wants for children is necessarily racist.

          • Two Cents

            He didnt say he wanted a child that looks like him, which because of the luck of the draw with genes, may not even happen. And BTW, he could be with a black person and the child could look like him. He said he wanted to have children within his race so that he could further his culture and pride. Its beyond looks. He is straight up talking about how to further the “race”.

          • Pascal

            HE IS RACIST and not worth wiping your dainty white feet on!

          • WhimsyCotton

            Sure, he probably is but not because he wants to have kids that look just like him.

          • Pascal

            Not probably, certainly.

            And when is the first Iron Cross etched in? At birth? 6 months? A year? Because unless he does that, those kids won’t come out looking like him, much to mr. Pam’s chagrin.

          • WhimsyCotton

            Yes, I’m sure mr. Pam takes out her phone and uses the flashlight feature to inspect every single tattoo a dancer has before deciding if she’s into them.

          • OhMyClarence

            “Meant to reproduce”? That’s not how this works. The desire to be paternal is entirely separate from your desire for sexual gratification and who that is directed towards. If it wasn’t people who are sterile would be asexual, but clearly that isn’t the case. So the fact that some of us are gay is just a quirk of biology, not a sign from nature that we weren’t meant to reproduce.

            And all children will look to some degree like both of their parents, because that’s how reproduction works. Miscegenation will not rob one child from looking their parents. The idea you keep floating that whiteness in particular needs to maintain its purity, or else risk disappearing, is so outdated it boggles the mind it has stuck around this long.

          • Blacharrt

            this logic makes no sense, and has nothing to do with homosexuality.

            First you state that just because people are homosexual they don’t have the natural instinct to procreate… i’m sorry but what the hell do you think sex is?

            You are trying to equate; sexual attraction with procreation… two different things. attraction does not cause procreation, although there is a correlation, sexual intercourse does with the opposite sex, or science. Gay men for hundreds if not thousands of years out of societal pressure have been having sex with women and having children. Now they don’t need to. So the instinct to child rear has always been there.

            Your second assertion is that gay men don’t adopt, when infact they do, and in some cases have been fighting for the right to do so even today. Not all states and countries recognize gay parents as legitimate.

            You spout utter nonsense in order to try and rationalize racism, i don’t get it.

          • WhimsyCotton

            In retrospect, it was a terrible comparison. I’ll make sure to do better next time. By that I mean come up with better counter arguments, not rationalize racism. I’ve never tried to do that, despite what the peanut gallery would have you believe.

      • Maximus

        Huh? Of course non-white people can be bigots, and parents who object to their child’s significant other based on race/ethnicity are assholes who need to keep their nonsense to themselves.

      • James Withers

        “Believe it or not, not just White people are capable of bigotry.”

        Wait! Really? Damn. Never knew that. So shocking and wrong. :-) I would this analysis a bit more seriously if it didn’t reek with the “yeah, but” syndrome.

        • WhimsyCotton

          Wrong? So you’re saying White people really are the only ones capable of bigotry?

          • edginghours

            Reading is fundamental.

          • James Withers

            :-) Naw. Not sure why you would assume that. Let’s just say you’re using a guy, with Nazi inspired tats, to make the argument that “whites aren’t the only bigots.” Not very original and removed from the topic at hand. But, hey. You did a public service by noting prejudice is universal. The presses have been stopped.

          • WhimsyCotton

            I wasn’t “using him” to make a point. I was questioning your response to something that should be obvious.

          • James Withers

            You’re not reading well. Not even close.

          • Pascal

            Isn’t tiring to spout the same bland white pride rethoric while trying to appear all innocent all the time?

          • WhimsyCotton

            Innocent of what? I don’t pretend I don’t have prejudices unlike everyone else here. Also, it’s not White pride rhetoric to hold everyone to the same standard. Why is it only White people who are ever demonized? Why is it only Black people that are victimized? As a percentage of criminals, more Whites are shot to death than Blacks by police officers despite Whites committing less crimes.


            OR if you can read the original here:


          • Pascal

            Phew! Doesn’t it feel good to finally come clean? WC is a bona fide racist, people. He came out of under his bridge and admitted it. No more cutesy StormFront quotes, it’s out in the open…

            And to answer your silly question, it is because whites hold all the power and hence should be held to a higher standard. Why is it so difficult to get through your thick skull?

          • WhimsyCotton

            No, the rich hold all the power. It’s idiotic generalizations like that that I can’t stand. Why should some poor White family have to hear day in and day out that they’re somehow “holding all the power” and that they should be held to a higher standard than everyone else? No, everyone should be held to the SAME standard. If you want special treatment, admit it.

            Also, everyone has prejudices. Me admitting mine, doesn’t make me more of a racist than you pretending you don’t have any, doesn’t make you any less of a liar. Don’t act so high and mighty Mother Teresa.

          • Pascal

            Again with the ‘unfortunate racists poors’ excuse? You’re nothing if not unoriginal.

            So pray tell, what percentage of the rich is issued from minority extraction? If you think there are exactly 13% of the rich who are black for instance, boy have I got a subscription to /koontown to sell you.

            And yes, to be quite honest with you, I am prejudiced, towards racists and their weak debating capacities.

            Should I draw a causal link between the two, I wonder…

            Sorry again to have tired you with my diminutive brown stature, you sound like you need all the energy.

          • A.C.

            “As a percentage of criminals, more Whites are shot to death than Blacks by police officers despite Whites committing less crimes.”

            That particular argument has been made before and you should know that it is generally regarded as the improper way to frame that statistical data. Criminal justice trends generally are calculated by rate, rather than raw numbers. A per capita calculation of crime gives a more accurate representation of the risk of certain crimes to a community, rather than raw numbers. In this case, looking at crimes simply as the raw number of white people affected versus the number of minorities affected is grossly misleading. By definition, there are fewer minorities. Consequently, even though more whites were killed by police in 2015 by sheer numbers, blacks were three times as likely to be killed by police. Blacks represent twelve percent (12%) of the U.S. population; black men represent six percent (6%) by further comparison. As for the claim that blacks commit more crimes than whites, it should be noted that those statistics are based on actual criminal convictions. As whites are far more likely to be acquitted or reach plea deals with the aid of a strong defense (which requires substantial resources), that number is also substantially inaccurate.

            I would also like to mention that while it is true that many minority parents instruct their children away from interracial marriage, it is important to consider motives and intent. While this is purely anecdotal, when I hear minority parents make this claim they do so out of the earnest belief that their child may intermarry because of a sense of loathing for themselves – their race, ethnicity, culture. That is a real concern because self loathing and self-hate is the fount of a number of other destructive pathological issues that can have further far reaching effects. In a society dominated by positive images of whiteness these parents rightly are concerned about the impact that might have on their child’s sense of self confidence and well being and how that might shape their perspective on who they should marry. No such threat exists for white males like Mr. Diggs and that distinction is key to understanding why your attempt at moral equivalence is only superficially compelling. Though I can understand your frustration with what you see as a full frontal assault on white manhood, please understand that the rebukes are not petty, not contrived, and are being raised by individuals with legitimate grievances that do not specifically address you, but the system that has privileged you.

          • WhimsyCotton

            But my links contained nothing but percentages… No raw numbers precisely because I’m aware of how they’re manipulated. The percentages you wrote are even included in the links.

            As for being privileged, yes I am privileged. I am privileged to live in the United States and not in some developing country, or God forbid some African/Southeast Asian country. However, I am not alone in that sense. We are ALL privileged. If what you’re trying to do is make me feel guilty for being White or something then don’t waste your time. My parents were immigrants (of the non-White kind).

          • A.C.

            Your articles may very well contain those percentages, however, I am contending with the implied conclusions you made using that information. The implication is that officers kill more whites than blacks and therefore the phenomenon that we are addressing has an equal, if not more of, an impact on whites. That is not what the data supports. In fact, it supports the conclusion that blacks suffer a disproportionate amount of the negative impact of these unfortunate exchanges with law enforcement. My post simply begged you to reframe your conclusions in light of how we are generally encouraged to read crime statistics.

            As for the matter of privilege, I will concede to you that it is matter of degree to some extent. I do enjoy a modicum of privilege vis-a-vis some in the world; however, there is no denying that in this country (and arguably most of the world) there are certain benefits and opportunities that are foreclosed to me because of the color of my skin that are readily available to my white counterparts. This is a fact that even the most ardent social conservatives and or ‘color blind society’ enthusiasts embrace. It is not an imagined slight, it quite real. Case in point, I am two three time more likely to be roughly handled and or disrespected by law enforcement during a routine stop than my white peers (four times as likely depending on my location at the time of the stop). The ability to evade such ill-treatment and disrespect is a privilege. Granted it is one that I would like to see extended to all citizens, but that is simply not the reality. In fact the very novel idea of judging everyone by the same standard is truly worthy of aspiration, but we have to deal with the reality of life as it is before we can aspire to more.

            I hope that this exchange does not leave you feeling guilty. Like anger, I rarely see good grow from such feelings. My attempt, as always, is to challenge and to present another perspective and leave you, a clearly free thinking individual, to be guided accordingly.

          • ihaveachiponmyshoulder

            Ily <3.

      • OhMyClarence

        Of course it’s not fine when a Black or Asian family does it. Christ! We covered all of this in a Golden Girls episode. And no one has ever said that only White people are capable of this kind of bigotry. Please, stop trying to deflect attention.

    • Zealot

      My strained, but well-meaning attempt to address your question (as one whiter than white guy to another) is: Most white people (in this case, white males) who are used to being the “big deciders” and pretty much running things, have to keep racial dissent and suspicion alive (I reference most talk radio and Fox News here) in order to rally others of their ilk and those prone to fear. They say if they’re not being the “big deciders” there will be no peace and no order around here. Which is pretty funny since they are usually the cause of most of the disorder, war and other shenanigans which make others mad enough to do naughty things like riot and protest (which in turn they use to justify staying the “big deciders”). That’s why white deciders think that when you talk about non-white people’s concerns, feelings, welfare, etc. well…that’s just gosh darn “racist” and respond by saying silly things like, “where are the white pride parades, and the heterosexual pride celebrations”? They say that when anyone outside of white folks ask for any recognition at all, well, that’s just not American and why not get with the plan and support the white deciders all the time and stop asking questions?! Then, there are all those pesky atrocities perpetrated by some white folk (in the form of religion, some as politics, some as physical, emotional and/or mental violence, etc.) to fret about. Because, in their minds it’s now the white folk who have to be afraid. Their thinking is that as their power wanes, those whom were targets of all those atrocities may just feel obliged to use their power to do to the white folk, what the white folk did to others. So now the fear has shifted to the white folks who feel even more a sense of urgency to stir things up and catastrophize over race so that by dividing us, they hope to keep all their power and ability to be the “big deciders”. Don’t you find it odd that even though whites are technically a minority that they still run things? It would be really great if enough non-white folks would figure out how to change that, and put them out of the halls of power so that they can’t screw things up any worse than they have. We’ve almost waited too long because the white folks are re-drawing congressional districts so that no matter how many non-white people vote, the white folk get to stay in office. That really blows, since so many poor, uneducated people go along with this even though the white folks who have all that power intend to keep it, along with all the money that goes with it. Because not only are they power-hungry, they’re downright greedy too! I think all this comes from eating too much rich, fatty foods and believing all their own press for too long. So basically white culture is actually code for “us white deciders want to keep running things and keep all the money, thanks!”

    • Dana


    • Benjamin

      You better speak those facts!

  • I’m going to step away and pretend I don’t know what’s going on…

  • Xzamilloh
  • Pascal

    CockyBoys and NakedSword are such garbage for using that sorry excuse for a human being.

    • Nate

      Did cockyboys remove his scenes?


      • Pascal

        Nice sleuthing! Now CB thinks we’re stupid as well…

        • Luca

          no sleuthing, removing a model’s scenes is not trying to hide they worked with him, it’s what a studio does to ban a model that did something displeasing to the studio.

        • JustJim

          Why do you say that?

          • Pascal

            They did it on the sly. Instead of taking for instance to Twitter where Jaxson could have one of his famed pretentious verbal diarrheas and apologize to his consumers.

  • sanfv


    Well, there you have it. Where are all his defenders? Where’d ya’ll go??? I swear there were quite a few the past few posts/updates.

    Another great job at uncovering the truth Zach!

    • Miloš Del Rey

      I’m wondering as to why he even had fans in the first place?

      • sxg

        Because some people have a thing for hot white trash with shitty tattoos
        But that doesn’t mean I approve of his racist views.

        • Andrew S.

          Eh, I’d argue there’s no grey area for people now because what else would it mean to continue supporting him after all this but that they agree with him. It’s not like he’s the only porno guy with shitty tattoos either so there’s no excuse.

    • JK3

      They’re too busy masturbating to Nazi porn. Check back tomorrow.

    • Brunneous

      @lordgabux is nowhere to be found…I know she’s seen this. She’ll comment eventually and I’ma be waiting to drag her ass. Stay tuned…

      • sanfv

        Thank you honey!

      • This is my favorite gif this week. I can’t wait to use it after reading a cunt.

      • Joey

        A+ gif. Kudos.

        *right click, save*

      • MPG

        Please do!!

    • Luca

      kudos to Mickey Taylor, though… he was so vocal in defending him, it must not have been easy to admit he was wrong

      • L. T.

        It’s never easy to admit when you’re wrong and Mickey has some serious respect from me on that because it’s a feat that I have trouble doing myself.

    • Mike Julius
      • sanfv

        Very much so ?

  • beariac
  • Brunneous

    “I feel like we are suppose to continue our race and our culture.”
    Yet you appropriate black (i.e. hip-hop and rap) culture? (see Facebook account)
    The irony…

    • Xzamilloh

      That’s why I initially thought this was some kind of misunderstanding… and then I thought to myself “No that doesn’t mean shit. He can still be racist.” I’m so glad I had the sense to delete my comment saying “He might not be racist. He likes black music.”

      Bad black man. Bad black man. Sorry, inner me.

      • Brunneous

        Chile, I’m in the same boat for giving him the benefit of a doubt.

        • Mike Julius

          Me too, even though I was definitely on the side eye side of the fence, I was still like, “Well, maybe.” And he woulda probably gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for that meddling Zach.

        • L. T.

          Nothing wrong with giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    • Scrapple

      In lieu of posting a “colorful” Paul Mooney gif, I’ll go the safer route.


    • L. T.

      It’s just like this dude who works me with me got called out for being racist by another co-worker and he used the old I-can’t-be-racist-because-I-have-black-friends excuse or the people who say they can’t be racist because their spouse is another ethnicity. Well, let me say this: you having friends, godchildren or family members of any race doesn’t grant you a pass on being racist. I’ve seen people involved in interracial relationships and will occasionally slip up and say something racist and stupid. I had a friend who would say that she isn’t racist, had biracial nieces and nephews but constantly had to confirm to me that she wasn’t attracted to black guys or that she wouldn’t date black guys and as a black dude living in the South that old “Me not being attracted to [insert race] doesn’t make me racist” is a tired excuse. Even if it doesn’t make you racist, it does indeed make you prejudice.

  • Mike Julius
  • Pinko of the Grange

    He is so wrong about his symbols those bolts are from the 70’s and the Crosses go back to the German Imperial Court an and have little in common with the Purple Heart. (Valor v. Wounded in battle.)

    The SS bolts are 4 parallelograms and were designed by a graphic artist in the 30’s.

    One has to “love” the rational that racism is okay if you learn it from you daddy.

  • Trepakprince

    I didn’t have to be a psychic to know how this was going to turn out. https://media.giphy.com/media/l4Ki6393bz2rL0ipq/giphy.gif

  • Ricky

    I love this site because it GOES places no other site will go.

    Now, imagine Cameron’s beliefs were not literally tattooed onto his body? Imagine how many men and women feel the same way, but don’t literally “wear” it, so-to-speak. Wow.

    One more thing, slightly off-topic: Diesel Washington is tweeting about Cameron Diggs right now and he is absolutely correct about the lack of diversity in porn, but I do think Diesel’s perceived lack of success may not be entirely due to racism. Let’s just leave it there.

  • OverKill
    • R.A.M.J

      LIke i’ve been saying he should have kept his mouth shut and let people speculate. Peoples minds were made up after the first post. he should have left it at that and eventually this would have went away, for a while anyway.

  • buffy2004

    I really didn’t think someone could be this dumb. Trying to fix something by making it worst. Sad because he was hot so i was hoping he wouldn’t really be a racist. Whisful thintking that was.

  • GrownFury

    Am I alone in not giving a single solitary fuck about this man? I don’t think he’s attractive. He looks trashy to me. The scenes I’ve seen him in were trash. He coulda kept this statement. Perception is reality. If it looks like a racist and talks like a racist…

  • W Murphy

    This guy doesn’t even look white to me. He looks part Mexican. And he probably has some black ancestry as most people do in the southern USA.

    • sanfv

      Probably 1/4.

      I have a ton of those white/Latin mixes from Texas that identify as white and overlook their Latin ancestry, while have physical Latino features.

      He got those Aztec cheekbones.

    • Not most white people in the south have black ancestry. Sure some do but not the majority.

  • QueenEverLasting

    He can appropriate Black culture (e.g. Facebook page) and “appreciate” other cultures but would rather stick to his “race”. Newsflash to Mr. Diggs, there is only one race and that is the human race. So boy…

  • GeorgeSpelvin

    If one is racist, homophobic, misogynistic, etc I would rather they be open about it. Easier to fight the “enemy” you can see and not those who hide behind other’s “political correctness.” And since I have been following porn blogs, etc the last two years, I still cannot get my head around the concept of G4P, especially the homophobic actors.

  • asby

    I wonder what his friends from the “Only Whites Club” think about him fucking dudes for money?

  • robirob

    That he turns out to be a racist after all (well, duh!) doesn’t bother me as much as Cockyboys hiring that over tattooed idiot. Cockyboys dropped the ball by hiring him. I thought better of Cockyboys before this incident.

    • Luca

      they removed immediately his scene though…

  • Claudio

    Even as he said, he is a product of the environment in which he lives and he was taught to believe in these things. The problem is not just him but the race culture.

  • GN

    Again, I will point out this glaring fact to double-lightning bolted idiots of the gay porn industry: If your righteous prince Hitler had seen you doing gay porn, no amount of Whiteness would have saved you from the ovens. Gays, Blacks, were all persona non grata to him. You’re the White equivalent of a Black man with a Confederate flag tattooed on his forehead. Fail.

  • asby

    Has Mickey Taylor released another statement yet defending his buddy?

  • jacob221

    if you have to point out how many white kids go to your school, which mean you all hung out together and in pack mentality you might be have some tendencies towards white supremacy

    And usually when you’re poor,white and in a community where you’re not in the majority you might have a inferiority complex AND you might be have some tendencies towards white supremacy

    he should have just kept his mouth shut instead of trying unsuccessfully to explain it

    it just makes it looks worse

    Don’t paste and copy from people and websites who say they’re not racist or bigoted
    The first and third paragraphs were lifted from somewhere else

  • TheLisp

    Scratch another performer off the list. Plus, you have to love that he’s talking about his tattoos as if he got them before they were adopted by the nazis.

    And to answer young Cameron’s question at the end of his statement… Well, yes, it does make you a racist.

  • Luca

    well, his tattoos were a big turn off for me so I have absolutely no problem in not watching his scenes anymore.

    However, Cameron, regarding your last question: as you take some decisions (like having kids) based on race, yes, that does make you a racist by definition. You don’t need to burn people of other colors alive to be a racist. You may be a “good” racist, meaning you would never assault or do any harm to people of other skin colors and that’s fine, but a racist nonetheless.

  • Andrew S.

    So he’s either racist & stupid or racist and thinks we’re stupid, lovely

    • jacob221

      I think its a little of both

    • L. T.

      Deadly combination.

  • Box Xog

    I don’t understand why people care what porn stars think.

    • Andrew S.

      Perhaps the desire to not support a deplorable person with at the very least attention. Why give my energy or even my boner to a racist or domestic abuser when there are literal dozens of other porn performers to choose from?

      • Box Xog

        So should every porn star be required to fill out a questionnaire detailing their personal preferences and political beliefs?

        • Andrew S.

          Go ahead and support this racist nazi if you want to but do so with the knowledge that people will assume it’s something you two have in common.

          • Box Xog

            I love guys. I love white guys. I love black guys. I love Asian guys (especially Chinese guys, shout out to Hong Kong). I love Latino guys (especially Colombian guys). I pretty much love all guys. It’s wrong to assume that just because I think someone’s hot that I agree with their political beliefs. It is OFTEN the case that I think idiots are hot (before I get to know them and they ruin it for me). I don’t support racism. I don’t support white nationalism. I support tight bodies, that ass, and good dick. Let’s not get it twisted. I’d prefer to know nothing about the porn stars I watch while jacking off. The point is that I pleasure myself, and I don’t want to risk anything getting in the way of that.

            I’m pretty sure that if you care about a porn star’s personal preferences and political beliefs, you’d also make a good vegan. I support vegans. But it’s not cool when they ruin my cheeseburger. Ya feel?

          • Andrew S.

            So you don’t personally support racism and white nationalism but you will support people who do? The point is that you supporting this man supports his beliefs and allows him to prosper thereby supporting his beliefs by proxy.

            I also care not about a performer’s personal life usually but this is different and I don’t think drawing the line at refusing to support racists, homophobes and/or domestic abusers who work in the industry is that outrageous. This isn’t a dietary difference or a dumb tattoo, this is someone who is making a platform for himself that actively supports racism. I’m not stopping you from jacking off to him, just simply stating what it means.

          • Box Xog

            Let me try again… I will not support people who support racism or white nationalism. I don’t support his man, but his body is fine as fuck. I don’t understand why you have to ruin my orgasm by hunting down political implications and personal beliefs. I don’t support anyone I jack off to by proxy. That’s total bullshit, and I refuse to let you put that bullshit on me.

            How is this different than your usual indifference? Cuz some blog pointed out some tattoos and started shit with the dumb fuck? I also don’t see this idiot making a platform for himself of any kind.

            Finally, I feel like you need to get fucked more often. Just my perspective.

          • Andrew S.

            First, don’t insult both of us by being obtuse as to why someone being a white supremacist is different from getting dumb tattoos, you know why it’s different.

            My original reply to your comment was just a general response to your question of ‘why care what porn stars think’. That you are getting this offended by it is a bizarre amount of defensiveness for something you claim not to care about. The long and short of it is that racism, homophobia/transphobia & domestic abuse are things I don’t support so why support those who commit these acts?

            My having standards for myself isn’t something meant to be a personal offense to anyone but perhaps you would feel better & less upset if you raised your own standards, just my perspective.

          • Box Xog

            I’m not offended. You do you. Peace.

          • Jay Kwellin

            Your dick is literally the United Colors of Benetton. Good for you. Do you want an ally cookie?

          • Box Xog

            I’m def into cookies.

        • OhMyClarence

          No, but if it comes to light, don’t you think it is reasonable for people to take issue with it. I mean, he is choosing to publicly display these tattoos and now these views. And now that they are out there, don’t have we have a responsibility to say if I have a choice I would prefer my gay dollars to go to this guy rather than that guy?

          • Box Xog

            No, I don’t think we have that responsibility, but I definitely respect the choice to voice.

  • jacob221

    Girl please

    You know about as much about the (copy and paste) Iron Cross as you know about proper english grammar check

  • John

    I think it is okay to only like certain types of guys for sex I myself am an equal opportunity slut;-) Most gays have certain types they like.. I’ve known many gay friends who ONLY like twinks. Or one friend who only likes Mexicans. These friends like me even though I’m much, much older, but they don’t want to go to bed with me.One of my friends only likes blacks. Is he racist towards whites??? What our tattooed hunk initially said seems fine with me. If he only stated he was ONLY attracted to a certain type of guy that would not seem racist to me, but all the other stuff he said pushed his comments in the KKK direction INHO. He is not but not too bright.

    • Jay Kwellin
    • OhMyClarence

      You do realize that the reason why some of your friends like only twinks or youth, is because they are socialized to favor those traits. So what would you call someone who is successfully socialized to prefer one race over another?

      I know what you are trying to do here, your attempting to make the argument that if it is okay to only like to date younger guys it should be okay to only date or have sex with White guys. However, (a) the origin of both preferences aren’t really the same, while people generally have a preference for you a youthful appearance (mainly because we still have a caveman’s brain) the source of racial sexual preferences are based on racially bias influences from society, and (b) it presupposes ageism also isn’t a problem.

      I would wager if tomorrow every mainstream new model was just 10 years old, you would naturally overtime see people prefer older guys, because what you consume in terms of media information naturally influences your taste.

      • John

        People have their sexual preferences and I think they’re entitled to them. I think there is a big difference between someone who does not wish to date black people and someone who does not wish to work with or socialize with black people. It’s a very different thing in my opinion. But you are black and your experience is different and I can’t tell you how you should feel about this. I’ve dated a number of black guys and enjoyed it but I don’t have a thing for black guys per se. I just found certain people attractive who just happened to be black.

        • OhMyClarence

          I don’t understand why people think sexual preferences should be exempt from scrutiny. If how our sexual preferences develop stems from things that are not a social good, then of course, I would think, a civil society would look to scrutinize them. I honestly don’t see that big of a gap between not wanting to date or have sex with someone explicitly because of their race and not wanting to work or socialize with someone because of their race. No doubt sex and dating are more intimate; however, in both cases we are talking about racially bias views.

          It has nothing to do with how I should feel about this because I am black. I’m just saying that there is no reason why we should think a person should have sexually racial preferences. Simply on a biological level it is really odd. The only defense you hear of sexual racial preferences is that people who have them should be left alone, not that it makes any sense whatsoever.

          Do you not see the glaring contradiction in your last two sentences. You said you have dated some black men in the past and enjoyed, but that you don’t have a thing for black guys per se, which, I mean, clearly you do for some, which is how we would expect people to make these kinds of decisions, i.e. you don’t make broad declarative declarations, you just judge individuals as they come into your life. To make the argument that the black guys you dated were somehow not the type of blacks guys you don’t like just doesn’t follow logically, black is black. What I think you are recognizing is that, surprise, people of color are not monolithic, and that anyone runs the probability of finding a person attractive “who just happens to be black” or Asian, or Latino, or White.

          • John

            I know PLENTY of people who would not date an overweight person, or a guy with long hair. One of my friends ONLY likes guys who are over 5’7″. It is not socially suspect if one has those types of dating prejudices. Why is it so damning if the only people who make someone get that fuzzy feeling are people who have the physical characteristics of a certain race? I know you can change your hair, lose weight, but can’t change your race unless you are Lil Kim or Michael Jackson and one has great difficulty altering your height short of leg lengthening. Still these are all superficial features that make your dick grow if you are a dude. I have friends who are rice queens, 18 to 12 queens, married/ straight queens, skinny queens. Personally I don’t see any difference in those characteristics and in skin color/ facial feature prejudices when it comes to bedroom preferences.. I think they are missing out not being open to people of color but I don’t shame them. Maybe I am missing something here. The guy in question here shows signs of being prejudiced against black people in general, which I do find reprehensible.

          • OhMyClarence

            You’re making a fallacious argument, hopefully ignorantly, in comparing a physical characteristic like height or weight with a racial identity. If you were to take a random sampling of people under 5’7″ none of them will be taller than 5’7″, duh; however, if you were to take a random sampling of black people, I hope you know, all of them will unlikely look the same. That’s the difference.

            If someone didn’t like people with a darker pigmentation, or big lips, or wider nostrils, those are all individual physical features, which some people within a racial group might have. However, it is objectively wrong and bizarre to assume you can extrapolate those features to literally everyone grouped within that racial category. So we know, right off the bat, that if someone says they do not like Asian men that it cannot just be strictly based on physical features, because–and I hate the fact that I have to point this out–not all Asian men look the same.

            And then we get to perceived behaviors and interpersonal characteristics of racial groups. We know when we actually assess people’s preferences that their perceived stereotypes of racial groups play a role. With regards to pigmentation for example, we know it isn’t strictly physical either. People with darker pigmentation, in particular Latino and Black men, are seen as more aggressive or passionate. This idea is fucking ridiculous. Like, on some level we must know, or at least I hope we know, that pigmentation is not in anyway connected to how passionate or aggressive a person will be in any statistically significant way. For anyone to reach that conclusion they must have a racially biased view of an entire group of people, based on a socialized stereotype. Which, you know, is wrong in any other facet of life and should be understandably seen as wrong when it comes to sex too.

            To swing back to the physical features bit we know that it is a mix of nature and nurture. When assessing potential partners we are making an assessment on their fitness, in the Darwinian sense of the term. Height and body weight are common indicators of good health for example. Despite being gay your brain is still think about whether or not the guy in front of you will give your genes the best chance of reproducing a next generation. However, even here socialization plays a part, because what we determine to be fit depends on our society.

            We disproportionately, relative to its actual representation within the general pool, inflate the importance of height and physique. It’s why so many of the major studios have very similar archetype. The reasons why itself is complex but (a) it generally isn’t based solely on racial stereotypes, which sexual racial preference by definition are, and (b) usually are not as definitive as racial sexual preferences, which goes to the fact that one is merely a preference but the other is actually inherently intentionally exclusionary.

          • John

            Clearly I am not in your league intellectually. I Surrender the argument to you

          • John

            I am not intelligent enough to debate with you. You win.

          • John

            You are much, much too clever for me to debate with. I will lose. Peace.

          • OhMyClarence

            I would like to think that it’s not a matter of me being too clever, but rather that the facts are just on my side in this argument. That’s why I think you would “lose”. Regardless, it was fun to having this conversation with you.

          • ihaveachiponmyshoulder

            SLAY HUNTY. John is clearly one of those dumb people that are a part of the problem. Thank you and so many other commenters here for sharing such well written intellectual comments <3

  • beariac

    TS ladies look out: Nutjob Nica is probably casting Cameron already!

    • sanfv

      Nica’s press release;
      “Racists are humans too. Zach Sire and SUGP bully friendly racists everyday. We need to do something about Zach’s new assault on racists!”

    • Mike Julius

      What is this gif? lol

      • beariac

        Hitler attacking with a shark: Diggs has one implanted subcutaneously on/in his dick.
        It’s from ‘Danger 5’. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1807165/
        Remember the gif with the nun shooting a woman down the phone on an early Nica post? That’s how I found out about it. (thanks OP). Hilarious show if you like offbeat humour and have an appreciation for old-school tv. :)

  • R.A.M.J

    told y’all he should have kept his mouth shut.

    • Mike Julius

      You also say now he isn’t racist. 1/2 is still a failing grade.

      • R.A.M.J

        I dont believe he is racist.

  • R.A.M.J

    for the record I don’t think there is anything wrong with preferring to stay in your race/ethnicity. I say that as a man who’s father was white and mom is black. and himself, is married to a white Australian sooooo

    • John

      I can agree with that, but when you add everything else up with the tattoos and such this guy is a white supremacist who thinks we are all a bunch of fools….

      • R.A.M.J

        He explained that tattoos, I knew what the other meaning for those tats meant before he said it. the swastika was a christian symbol before the nazi’s used it as a symbol of hate. the phoenix my buddy has tattooed on his arm is considered by many as a pagan or for some a satanic symbol yet, he’s a devout catholic.
        I just think we need to be careful with labeling people as racist or white supremacist. That shit can have irreparable implications. especially when there is no other evidence to support such claims.

    • jacob221

      Sooooo whats the point

      if your parents had taken your stance

      you’ve would’nt have been born

      it just seems hypocritical when someone says don’t think there is anything wrong with preferring to stay in your race/ethnicity

      But complains when someone says I prefer to be around straight people like me & not to be around gay people and I don’t like gay people

      • R.A.M.J

        you’re right, I wouldn’t have been born, I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying you don’t like being around gay people. Hell, sometimes I don’t like being around gay people, or drunks, or my own fucking family. doesn’t mean I hate them.
        He never said he hates non-white people, at least I didn’t read that part.

      • R.A.M.J

        and its not my stance. I don’t care if you are white, black, or candy apple red, and want to have a baby thats your choice, I just also don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with preferring to stay in your race when it comes to a significant other. It sure as hell is easier. I heard what my parents went through in the late 70’s and 80’s when they first started dating. my fathers family pretty much diowned him, and my mothers family still talk shit.
        Would a black porn actor saying the same thing be just as racist or are we just picking on the white guy?

        • jacob221


          if a black actor had black liberation tattoo black panther tattoo and had a tattoo that was saying blacks are the master race and I don’t wanna be around white people

          • R.A.M.J

            1) the blank panther party was not about racism. and do you understand what black liberation was in the 60’s?
            2) HE NEVER SAID WHITES WERE THE MASTER RACE!! where are you all getting that. and don’t give me that “its implied” bullshit, because that doesn’t hold water.
            Doesn’t Diesel Washington have a panther tattooed on him. I could easily say it’s implied that he is a member of the black panther party. See how ridiculous that sounds.

          • jacob221

            implied: STRONGLY suggest the truth or existence of (something not expressly stated)

            We don’t live in the 60s or the 70s or the 80s

            And he got those tattoos for a reason and he knew what he was getting
            And if you believe that Iron Cross copy and paste bullshit from someone who doesn’t even have simple English grammer

            you’re an idiot
            But keep on defending him though

          • R.A.M.J

            I will keep defending him because I actually researched the information from source other than wikipedia, several sources, and they all said the same thing.
            you like a lot of idiots get one idea in your head and you feel that is case closed. I understand not everything is cut and dry like that.
            grow the fuck up. You know you’ve don’t have a decent rebuttal to an argue when you start attacking GRAMMAR. Yeah, im the idiot though.

          • jacob221

            because I don’t think like a 12 year old

            when things you say and do don’t add up its apparent

            if it talks and walks and act like a duck its a duck

            We don’ live in the 70s and 80s anymore
            in today society no one is going to walk up to you and call you a fa****,n*****,d**** or admit to being a bigot or racist if they can get away with it

            because you might lose their job, money or get knocked out

            people even make up excuses when there is video proof of it

          • R.A.M.J

            WHAT THE FUCK BUBBLE ARE YOU IN. DO YOU NOT WATCH THE SHIT OUTSIDE OF TRUMP RALLIES. do you know that looks and aloud comments I hear when my husband and I are out in public. Racism is not as hidden as you think. Do you not see that shit that gets posted on social media. My buddy sat in the back of squad car because his boyfriends neighbor thought he was breaking in and flat out said to the cops “that nigger was trying to break in”
            Im starting to think you are actually 12. or extremely fucking sheltered. what you think blatant homophobia is the only thing prevalent in this society. Wake the fuck up bruh!

          • jacob221


            “Or admit to being a bigot or racist IF they can get away with it”

            You can get away with it at a trump rally or when youre with a group of people like minded like themselves to back you up

          • jacob221

            Wonder if the neighbor was related to Cameron

          • R.A.M.J

            When did you use the nigger, or any racial slur. you’re fishing.

          • R.A.M.J

            and did you read what I wrote: “do you know that looks and aloud comments I hear when my husband and I are out in PUBLIC” IT HAPPENS EVERYWHERE.

          • yeah yeah

            Actually, they do. There are a number of videos that support that.

    • yeah yeah

      What???? Your comment doesn’t make any sense. You are the product of an interracial relationship and married to a white man. If you had stayed with your race/ethnicity, wouldn’t you have’married someone who was also mixed race?

      • R.A.M.J

        I never said I shared his opinion.

    • OhMyClarence

      Why don’t you think there is anything wrong with preferring to stay with your own race and ethnicity. What benefit or advantages do you that bestows on you and your partner? And what disadvantages do you think it places on those that do not? It’s an intentional act that excludes people, so it isn’t a matter of merely remaining neutral.

  • John

    I always felt that cockyboys was a step above most porn companies…..this just supports that thought….

    • sxg

      LMFAO Cockyboys never were any better than most other websites. If you go through their latest scenes section and try to find a guy that actually looks mostly black, not cop-out mixed guy like Mickey Taylor or Elliot Blue, you’ll have to go all the way to page 13 and see a scene with Diesel Washington. The list of black models at Cockyboys are few and far between, much like the list of non-white models at Sean Cody.

      Cockyboys is just as much a part of the race problem in gay porn as those who keep giving racists work like Mr. Pam and Chi Chi LaRue, and those who have admitted to not work with them like Marc Dylan or have had long careers in gay porn yet has never been booked to work with a black model like Trenton Ducati.

  • Xzamilloh

    Looks like Mickey Taylor caught wind of KKKameron Diggs


    • moondoggy

      Is this the guy who was defending him before? (I’m only halfway paying attention.) If so, I actually give him a *little* credit for publicly admitting he was wrong. When was the last time we saw someone do that? Which is to say nothing to contradict your “shitty to begin with” remark. You don’t stick your neck out for someone with Nazi ties unless you’re 100 percent sure you know what you’re talking about.


    • Luca

      well, he met him in person (and I suppose they talked a bit, not just fuck) and he had a good impression, so it’s understandable he defended Diggs.
      Note that, in passing, what Diggs writes in his explanation is perfectly compatible with fucking a black guy (and even talking to him nicely!).

    • Maximus

      Well, I appreciate the fact that Mickey is now willing to acknowledge that he obviously erred in his assessment. Hopefully he’ll take the glaring red flags more seriously the next time he meets a terrible person.

  • Pascal

    mr. Pam is too busy with her floral arrangement classes to answer.

    The teacher is reviewing her output today!


  • Duncan

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. I prefer to stay inside my sexual preference, he prefers to stay with his own “race”. This is not racism in any way. Racism could, however, be seen in this website’s own post where “non-white” Sean Cody models are ranked without any criteria, just to the preference of the author. Additionally, it’s a fact that there’s no such thing as different human races. What he is basing his arguments upon is the skin color and maybe the cultural background of people. Something this website has completely ignored as it proclaimed models like Ollie non-white (probably due to his accent), without giving them any chance of saying what they identify as. I am not racist, I do not belief Diggs nor the author of this website are either. However, I belief that if minor things such as Diggs making his preferences clear is to be seen as racism, the choice of this website to publish a post judging who’s non-white should, also, be considered racism.

    • Xzamilloh


      And then your piss poor attempt at trying to turn the tables, because non-white Sean Cody models were ranked “without any criteria”… I think the criteria was which ones he found the hottest. Cameron Diggs prefers to stay in his own race, and you prefer to stay in your own “preferences”, whatever the fuck that vague bullshit means. I find nothing wrong with Diggs making his preference for staying in his own race known (hell it’s a time saver for any non-white person interested in him), but there is always a racial component involved with that when you get to the root of that statement because to close yourself off dozens of other backgrounds and demographics means you have some kind of view of other races that deems them not worthy. You’ll be hard pressed to find any group of people within the same race that look the same, which is especially the case with black and hispanic groups. He says “I feel like we’re supposed to continue our race and culture.” That’s borderline eugenics shit right there.

      Cameron Diggs is a racist… his body ink and words lay bare to that assertion.

      For the life of me, I do not get these people that have these hangups on race. So many good dick out there to be experience on each continent and you wanna sample the same shit… whatever.

    • jacob221

      So why is bigoted and homophobic if a straight person say I prefer to stay around and associate only with straight people and I don’t like gay people

      Preference is just a bullshit way of saying I don’t like you

      preference is a choice between two or more things

      bisexuals are the only people that have sexual preference because they have sex with both sexes

      if you’re “gay” you have no preference because you’re not interested or attracted to women you only interested in the same sex (one sex)

      if you’re “straight” you have no preference because you have no interest in any thing other than the opposite sex (one sex)

      • Duncan

        I’m sorry Jacob, but I disagree with you. I do not see your first situation as homophobic. I am gay and I would not be offended at all. I believe we all should have our preferences. Respect is the only thing we should never lose. Have a great day!

        • jacob221

          preference is just trying to be a nice way of saying I don’t respect you and I don’t like you
          bigots and racists believe in their “preferences” too

          • Duncan

            Buddy, I’ve been trying to have a decent and productive debate here. Apparently, you’re not.

      • OhMyClarence

        Think of it this way, if you did nothing there would be gay and bisexual people, because homosexuality and bisexuality is just a weird quirk of an imperfect reproduction process. However, everything that we know so far about sexually racial preferences tells us that you actually have to do something, i.e. socialization, to make someone have a sexual preference for particular races over another. It wouldn’t naturally occur on its own. And we know this because if you just look at Eurasia there is no place where White ends and Asian begins.

        So for a person to go out of their way to erect these barriers is to some degree engaging in an intentional act based on racially bias views, which in very day English we call “racist”.

        And let’s be clear, when you say “I don’t like Asian men,” you aren’t saying, “I don’t like you,” because the individual in front of you is irrelevant to the statement. What you are saying is that you do not like the group they are part of, which, again is based on a racially bias view.

    • Sed

      Duncan I’m curious what are your favorite porn companies? Most of the so-called mainstream companies don’t hire Black or Asian models. Would you be upset if your favorite company starting using minority performers on a regular basis? Not in every scene but regularly with the white models.

      • Duncan

        My favorite companies are Stag Homme, Sean Cody and Tim Tales. You’re right, most of them do not give a shit to inclusion and do not care to hire black or Asian models. From my favorite companies, only Sean Cody does a poor job in inclusion I believe and I would not be mad at all if they decided to have other models. My original point was that solely based on the evidences we have here, it would be unfair of us to conclude something so evil out of Diggs. In addition, I believe that if conclusions are to be drawn out of such minor evidences, we should too look at the non-white classification of this website as suspicious at least.

    • OhMyClarence

      Yeah, but your sexual preference and his racial preference are based on different things. As you yourself pointed out, there isn’t anything biological about races, it’s a socially constructed term, largely informed by skin color and cultural stereotypes. Whereas your sexual attraction to men or women, or both, is likely based primarily on very quirky wiring of your brains. Put it this way, if you did nothing there would be gay people, but you would likely have to socialize people to prefer one race over another. And we know this because if you look at Eurasia as a continent, there’s no point where one race ends and another begins.

      I mean, what do you risk in terms of miscegenation?

  • jacob221

    99.9 % of the time if you talk like that and feel that way
    Its not just one thing

    You feel that way about other things & subjects and and other people

  • sanfv

    The apologists posting in the comments are mind boggling.

    • GuruMike


  • Knightgee

    Oh, so he’s not a white supremacist and he doesn’t hate other races, he just doesn’t want to have sex with anyone who isn’t white and would prefer to stay inside his own race to have children who are the same race as him for the purposes of preserving his racial heritage and purity? That’s…literally what white supremacists believe.

    But I think this is a good thing for him to have written, if only so that those among us, straight and gay alike, who insist that their racist dating “preferences” aren’t racist can see how much their “preferences” dovetail with those of someone who has multiple nazi symbols tattooed on his body.

  • GuruMike

    “Does that make me a racist?”

    • R.A.M.J


      a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one’s own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.http://www.dictionary.com/browse/racist?s=t

      “I bleed just like the next man…i’m no better than any other person. I

      not racist.
      If he flat out says “I hate blacks, mexicans and asian and the white man is superior” then we can dub him a racist.

      • jacob221

        Because you lose money that way

        12 in one hand and 6 doubles in the other hand is the same thing
        You just saying it a different way

        • R.A.M.J

          I have to disagree with you. I don’t believe that at all. If he was that concerned with money he would have kept his mouth shut and let this blow over.

          • jacob221

            Things like this don’t blow over

            This is 2016

            the age of social media and Donald sterling

            You can’t get away with stuff like you could 20 years ago

            Nobody want to give money to people like that

          • R.A.M.J

            2016 and the gay/bi community, he keeps his mouth shut, next week another star fucks up, and none of us will be concerned with this shit. will it be forgotten? Not entirely. Will it have blown over to the side and no longer that important (not that it really is to begin with. I mean my god, it gay porn not the national election)? ABSOLUTELY.

          • R.A.M.J

            when was the last time someone brought up Donald Sterling?

      • Luca

        sorry, no. Once you start making decisions according to race (when it comes to family I prefer to stay inside my race), that’s racism.
        There are several degrees of racism (or xenophobia), but that’s still racism.

      • Mike Julius

        Wow. So much for, it’s just biker wear. Now racist ideology isn’t really racism. Hate to break it to you, but being against race mixing is pretty much at the core of what being racist is all about.

        Insisting on going to bat for him now is like his last paragraph above.

      • Jay Kwellin

        He says, “when it comes to having kids i prefer to stay inside my race.” So not only is he anti-capitalization, he’s anti-miscegenation. Which is at the very core of the definition of racism–no matter how you try to whitewash, RAMJ.

  • Sed

    Now maybe NakedSword will start hiring Black and Asian performers to be used in the regular rotation. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah right! Not!

  • pangelboy

    “Are you a racist or hold prejudice views, Cameron Diggs?”



  • jimboivyo

    While I advocated for the other side to at least be heard from in Zach’s former post before passing judgment; the other side has now spoken. That’s now proven to be very disappointing and disturbing. There are no winners on either side of racism until people rise up in voice, and when necessary, in civil obedience to reject every element of hate.

    And while I find it commendable that Jake Jaxson elected to silently delete his scene with Levi Carter from cockyboy’s website; I think our community and all communities have been less served by not benefiting from Jake Jaxson’s words as to why this deletion took place. I have always felt a little bit more empowered by Jake Jaxson’s written words, whether he be speaking about love or be it about hate and injustice.

    But at the end of the day I suspect that silent activism against hate and injustice is better than no activism against it at all.

    • Luca

      I agree that I would have preferred Jaxson, who is quite vocal when he wants, to write something about it instead just deleting the scene

      • jimboivyo

        Eloquently vocal I would like to add to that.

        And to be honest, where are the other few staples of the gay porn industry who are still alive and who have survived our history, their rehab and rough times on the dime of the gay community? The very community which comes together when our people are in need or being slaughtered in our nightclubs, slaughtered on our streets or denied our basic human rights and who proclaim our community is about love and not hate. Where are these people? If they’re cashing checks by hiring performers who hate gay people or any other people of our society then they have no business being a part of OUR Orlando, OUR Stonewall, OUR ActUp or any other moment in our LGBTQ history that we all hold dear as accomplishments of a loving, excepting people.

        Shame on all of those people who are not speaking up now.

  • snoopyfo

    this was crazy but sadly i’m not surprise, and yes zach was right the whole time and kudos to him for always getting to the bottom of the story, that’s why i love this blog, it really gets the truth out there right from the horse’s mouth

    and yes he is racist, people can argue about what he said but if u say i wanna only have white kids, that is racist,

    and oh well i mean everyone kinda knew he was going to say something like this, i never saw his appeal, he is a terrible performer, he might have a nice body and a big dick but that only gets you so far, and oh well let’s see if he gets hired again

  • 76disqus

    Cameron fucks guys so he cannot be half bad. The fact that he only wants to fuck white guys is his business. There is no law or rule that says a person has to fuck people of all colours. I have not fucked guys of every colour and I do not intend to. My choice. My preference.

    • RaJ

      Are you in porn? Would your choices and/or preferences impact another guy’s earning potential?

      • 76disqus

        No, I am not in porn, but that would not change my opinions, beliefs, or actions. If Cameron does not want to fuck non-whites in porn and in his personal life that it his choice. If studios do not want to hire because of that then that is the studio’s choice. If you are a porn actor and Cameron turns down an opportunity to do a scene with you then you are better off not to do a scene with him. People need to stop being so sensitive. Perhaps Cameron had some bad experiences growing up in Alief and because of that he does not want to do scenes with non whites.

        • burghboy

          “I feel like we are suppose to continue our race and our culture.” Everything you need to know in that one statement.

        • Scrapple

          Yep. Because the ethnicities you encounter during your childhood should inform how you view those same ethnicities in your adulthood. That’s how that works.

        • Mister Miss

          1) nothing wrong with having preferences… Until said “preferences” single out entire groups due to something that cannot be changed.
          2) if you are paid to do a job… Why not just do it and shut up about your personal beliefs?
          3) you don’t have to fuck or even like every color of the rainbow, but once you make it known that you are clearly prejudiced against a specific color, don’t be surprised about other people’s reaction to it
          4) it’s 2016, we are not too far removed from the passage of civil rights, so for a gay man (or a man who has sex with guys for $$) is discriminatory in his beliefs, he should be expected to be discriminated against and scrutinized for it.

        • OhMyClarence

          One of things I’ve noticed most often when this issue comes up is that the folks that usually “people need to stop being so sensitive” usually don’t pay the same cost as the people they are criticizing. It’s like those that made the argument that African-Americans were being too sensitive in complaining about the busing policies that forced them to the back of the bus. I mean, it could have been worse, they could have not been allowed to ride the bus at all, right?

          Perhaps Cameron did have some bad experiences with people from other racial groups growing. That’s almost certainly possible, and, sadly, quite likely. However, all of the people he met growing up from the various racial groups will represent a tiny insignificant fraction of the total members of that racial group. So it seems pretty fucking stupid on his part to extrapolate his tiny localized experience to literally millions to billions of other people who have no idea where the bumfuck Alief is, doesn’t?

          Now, may those preferences develop naturally, with Cameron taking no direct action on his part, so it in effect seems rather natural to him. Sure, almost absolutely. However, we learn to shit in toilets, so the assumption is as we grow older we use our brains to challenge some of our otherwise childish behaviors and opinions.

    • Xzamilloh
      • Mike Julius


    • yeah yeah


  • Mike Julius

    Cockyboys don’t want him? Good for them.

    mr. Pam and MEN right now:

  • Stno

    He must be on some really shitty crack. I live in Europe, this mixed race, new world Untermensch as in Nazi-esque won’t be mistaken for a white European. LOL!!!

  • yeah yeah

    So, where are all the people who were institutions that he wasn’t a white supremacist? If it looks like a duck…

    • R.A.M.J

      Im right here, and I stand by what I said.

      • Mike Julius
      • James Withers

        Why of course you do! Bet you even think the explanation is credible!

        • R.A.M.J

          I do, as i offered a similar explanation when Zach first posted this story.

          • James Withers

            Glad to see symbols associated with the Nazis always get some type of “yeah, but” defense.

          • R.A.M.J

            Not my fault they have both a positive and negative usage but only the negative usage is publicized. Not his fault either.

          • James Withers

            You two are so oppressed by those darn Nazis!

    • Jay Kwellin

      Then it’s a mother-fucking, Donald Trump supporting, SS-uniform wearing duck.

  • Stephen

    Hey, Cockyboys, how about instead of removing Cam from your site and pretending you care about racial equality you actually feature black and Asian models rather than only white and white-passing latino models? Then maybe I’d buy this whole dramatic cut-off with Cameron.

  • jon
  • sxg

    Damn I’m so fucking late to the party!!! I was busy becoming a Pokemon Master! lol

    Ok I grew up on the outskirts of Alief area, in fact I grew up mostly on the north side of the street that divides the school districts (Alief and Houston ISD). Yes he is correct that Alief is known for being predominately black, but that doesn’t mean that other races don’t exist.

    There are now 4 high schools there and growing up Elsik High School was known as the black high school, Hastings the Hispanic, and Taylor is known as the mixture of everything.

    Now the comment about being a product of his environment puzzles me. If he went to a predominately black area and was surrounded by so many black men and women, shouldn’t he have developed an attraction towards them?

    I have a cousin who grew up in Alief and had mostly black friends growing up and has dated mostly black men. She’s dated both white and Hispanic men but those relationships and sexual attraction were nothing compared to how she felt when she was dating black men. So she really is a product of her environment.

    It sounds to me like being surrounded by so many black people for him developed a disgust for them. He can say whatever bullshit excuse he can find on wikipedia for his tattoos, but this white trash clearly has racist views and I’m glad that Cockyboys has taken some action about it. Now I wish they would drop that dumbass cunt Mickey Taylor and almost all will be right in the gay porn world. But wait, Ryan Rose is still around…

    • rJayB

      YASSS!!!! THIS is the best comment I’ve seen on here. Say, are you on twitter man???

  • God of knowing…..

    well thank god he isn’t a cop…….

  • kkdd1

    Cameron U have hateful ensignas tattoo on ur body U proclaim whites should stay with whites and U FUCK guys in the ass BREAKING NEWS Cameron not only R U a RACIST but U R FAGGOT 2 !!! I used term FAGGOT for its derogatory meaning because I am sure that product of the environment that U R from if they knew that U were FUCKING guys in the ass even if it just 4 money would call you a straight up FUCKING FAGGOT sounds so much more HATEGUL doesn’t ? Oh I forgot U like HATEFUL things !!!

  • “Can’t we all just get along?”- Rodney King

  • If he would have just said I’m not really into black guys or darker skinned guys then I would be fine cause to me that is an attraction issue not a race issue but the way he worded that last paragraph comes across as being totally about white pride, power and protecting the white race which is racist, and white trash!

    • OhMyClarence

      Wait a second, for one thing “black guys” and “darker skinned guys” are two different groups, the Aboriginal people of Australia are dark skinned guys but you wouldn’t identify them as “black”, more over why is attraction treated differently than we would any other aspect of the human experience?

      People have this weird idea that our sexual preference are somehow above being influenced by society, which can obviously be racially bias, and I have yet to come across a reason or evidence why we should for a second entertain this idea.

      So, yes, not being attracted to black guys is by definition, rather self-evidently I would argue, a race issue. I mean, what the hell else could it be?!

      • I was just listing two examples I don’t have the time or the knowledge to cover every type of race in the world.

        • OhMyClarence

          How you treat others based on their racial identity is only a manifestation of what you think of them as part of their racial group. Of course you could have close relationships and even good friendships with people for whom you have racist views. There’s nothing that says the two are mutually exclusive. That is literally the driving plot of Driving Miss Daisy! Yet, nobody walks out of the movie theater think, “wow, that Daisy sure wasn’t racist at the beginning of the movie.”

          More over, this isn’t even something up for debate, we know from research that sexual preferences associated with race is tied to people’s perceptions and stereotyping of racial groups, everything from assumptions of how people will supposedly talk to stereotypes surrounding pigmentation. It’s not even something people can defend on any merit merely attempt to deflect.

          I think we have this false assumption that the only genuine racists are those that burn crosses on their front lawns; however, holding racially bias views or perpetuating and defending racially bias behaviors can be really passive and seemingly benign, that’s what makes it so dangerous. We know sexually preferences are influenced by society, and so if you start from a society that is predisposed to disproportionately favor particular racial groups, and people adopt that then this is exactly what you have. (Now, being socialized is in someways something we don’t have control over, but then again, somehow we reached the point where we thought separate water fountains was a bad idea despite being socialized to think differently.”

          I mean, just say the statement aloud and follow through it logically and see if it makes any sense outside of a racially bias context, i.e. is racist, “I don’t find black guys attractive.” What does that even mean? Can you take a random sampling of black men and say unequivocally that you won’t find any of them attractive, because that’s what that statement implies. This isn’t eye color, hair length, or tone of voice that we are talking about.

  • Rafael Good

    ……..LORD! While i do not personally believe that wanting to date and procreate within your own race makes you racist, i do think the verbal declaration of said belief is. White pride is NOT a thing…..except to racists….the whole reason for the pride movement is so that oppressed people can appreciate who they are. White people have never had to not be proud of who they are, so they is no need to scream for it. I cringe whenever I see posts about a new racist porn star because it really makes me wonder about the general white gay population and how they view other races and cultures…..

    • Dot Null

      In my experience as a black male: They are largely racist, both unintentionally and intentionally. White people are more likely to give even this asshat the botd, because he is also white. (See: police response to minorities vs whites) And that D in the acronym is sometimes “denial” instead of doubt.

      But they love our music, feminine gay men appropriate “sassy black woman” mannerisms, speech style ad sometimes fashion; and our emotive way of speaking (well not my way, I’m more muted) is often found comedic and/or entertainig, so they emulate that too sometimes.

      Despite all that, they “prefer” to date/have sex with basically anyone other than black, and ocassionally don’t like asians.

      This has been so much of an overwhelming majority of my experiences, that I was considering trying to go back INTO the closet (and since I’m masculine by nature and bi, I could manage). The comments here on this article has given me some hope that there is a significant portion of non-racist LGBT members, SOMEWHERE in the world.

      I don’t have the link right now, but i remember reading something like “the invisible whote gestalt” which pokes around at the permeating “whitenes” of the LGBT community

  • Oprah

    Whew bitch…that dragging in this comment section.
    I’ve never been more proud of yall. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/51d607fb58879fe539c0410911b3843014a6f0e829e1c818ea1eb68fbcd7684b.jpg

    • Rafael Good


  • WhimsyCotton

    Weird, most Asian parents have this exact mindset, yet no one ever berates them for it.

    • Xzamilloh

      Yeah, but how many gay Asian porn stars get top billing? What, Tila Tequila? Asian parents aren’t doing gay porn… they’re too busy instilling unrealistic goals and ruthlessly driving perfection into their children until they become successful and dead inside. At least the boys… do they still drown the girls?


    • Pascal

      Once again what does this have to go with the discussion at hand???

      WC, you need to step up your trolling…

      • R.A.M.J

        but he’s right though. as well as many hispanics. but lets berate the white guy for having the same views.

        • Mike Julius

          Two fucked up situations don’t make either situation any less fucked up. That is in addition to the fact that, as Pascal said, that has nothing to do with this situation.

        • Pascal

          I should have known you two would eventually join forces…

          Give me a vetted study about parents spouting such tired clichés where they are the majority… I’ll wait.

          • R.A.M.J

            Research customs of traditional asians and you will see that is very much the case. The same as with many hispanic cultures, african cultures.

          • Pascal

            You’re the one offering it as ‘fact’ you produce the vetted proof.

      • WhimsyCotton

        I hope that’s a joke…

        This entire discussion is happening because in his reply towards being accused of being racist he said that he wants to have offspring that are the same race as he is. He didn’t say anything about thinking less about any other race, he didn’t even say he wasn’t attracted to other races. He just said when it came time to having kids he wanted to propagate his race. That is very much in-line with Asian parents’ expectations for their grandchildren.

        I don’t troll. Some people just disagree with me and I disagree with them – which is fine.

        • Pascal

          But I thought you were all about keeping it ‘porn related’ the last time you tried to derail the convo… Those rules seem not to apply to yourself…

          And like your little buddy, you’re going to have to produce receipts for that grasped out of thin air ‘fact’!

          • R.A.M.J

            this convo has very little to do with porn. Yes he’s a porn star, but we’re not debating his talent in porn, but if his comments were racist.

          • Pascal

            WC’s rules! I didn’t make them. Lord knows the SJW on here get enough on his tits: you would want to annoy him, would you?

            He’d have to hightail it to some ultra right wing YT channel again and we wouldn’t want that, would we…

          • WhimsyCotton

            Someone questioned me about my post, and I replied with “keeping it porn related.” Nice try taking things out of context though.

          • Pascal

            So you admit it was a bull? excuse the first time?

            I’m liking this new ‘nothing but the truth’ you.

          • WhimsyCotton

            I didn’t feel like being political in that post, so I just made a post regarding the porn content. In this post, I did feel like being political, so I made a comment that was political. I guess you can call it an excuse if you want; I don’t think it’s bullshit though.

    • Jay Kwellin
      • WhimsyCotton

        Was that supposed to prove anything – other than your own bias? You’re just as biased as me except on the other side of the discussion.

    • L. T.

      I wouldn’t say “no one”. I know black people who say that they stick with their own race and I don’t agree with that anymore than I would agree with a black person who dates outside their race because they feel that there isn’t another black person good enough for them.

      • ihaveachiponmyshoulder

        I used to be really open to the idea of being with anyone of any colour, but after being fucked over by white people incessantly, I can say I’m not really interested in pursuing white guys anymore.

        • Especially now. I know all white people aren’t bad but the worst ones overshadow the actual good ones. Almost thought I was going to have to hurt some old man at my job today who must have forgotten that it’s 2017 and not 1617.

    • OhMyClarence

      This a weird argument to make. For one it presupposes that just because people might perhaps not berate Asian parents for having the exact same mindset means that we shouldn’t. Also, because of the way reproduction works any Asian parent will give birth to an Asian baby. The implicit assumption that one has a responsibility to keep their race “pure” is not only ridiculous, we are all only about 50th cousins, but by definition racist, as it puts forth the idea that miscegenation adds impurities to the race.

      Take some solace in this fact: any two humans on the planet are more closely genetically related to each other than two chimps from neighboring troops. The entire diversity of human appearance is all fairly recent and mostly superficial. So the idea that there are genuinely any races to begin with needs to stop. I mean, Eurasia is literally one landmass. You tell me where White ends and Asian begins.

      • WhimsyCotton

        White ends and Asian begins in the “stan” countries.

        • OhMyClarence

          Haha. I’m assuming you know those arbitrary lines on a map are in fact not natural barriers to people’s movement, cohabitation, and copulation. If you were to go into any of the “-stan” countries you would see that there is no definitive point.

          The various ethnic groups exist on a spectrum, where it is impossible to say where white becomes Asian just as it is impossible to say where red becomes orange on the visible spectrum of light.

          • WhimsyCotton

            Oh my God, I was being facetious…

          • OhMyClarence

            Oh, ha. Well, (1) Poe’s Law is like a thing, (2) you’ve said some pretty stupid stuff in this conversation, and (3) you were maybe being facetious, but some people really do think that. But, still, egg on my face, I guess.

  • 1234

    Fugly dude makes me laugh. He’s in denial- regardless of how much he espouses far right views, he’ll never be accepted as an Anglo Saxon or Nordic

  • Andrew Simpson

    Zach this man is NOT attractive and his ugly tattoos make him look even uglier. He is into white guys that is his business. But I got to say being racist and bigoted makes him look even more sad and pathetic.

  • OhMyClarence

    Let’s just be clear about a couple of things: (1) it is objectively weird to state that you do not find an entire race of people sexually attractive. The mere fact that a lot of people espouse these preferences does not make them normal, it just means that a lot of people do some very weird things. Attraction is not a finite resource, to like blond hair a lot does not mean you have dislike nappy hair by an equal proportion. There is no evolutionary, read natural, reason for such as trait to exist in humans. We are all relatively close cousins, in fact more closely related genetically than chimps from neighboring troops, and all of our physical variations are generally superficial. It’s why any human from one racial group can easily produce offspring with another, no matter how far apart the initial ancestral ethnic group.

    (2) While some of what determines our preferences are driven by nature, nurture, namely socialization, influences many of our preferences. And so if we start from the initial point of a society that disproportionately favors one particular type, our preferences will naturally reflect that in some way–either some people being pushed away from it to other drawn to it.

    (3) Attraction to certain physical features is appropriate; however, no one racial group is monolithic to the extent that any single human can reasonably say that they have met a sufficient number of X to make an broad assessment of an entire racial group. The average human might only come across a few thousand people their entire lives, and some races have billions of people. Do the math, even if you would only ever met members of a particular racial group for your entire life, it would only equal a fraction of the total group. I mean, you probably would have a better chance at correctly predicting which side would win in coin flip 25 times consecutively than you would finding 25 things in common with a random selection of any one racial group.

  • fluffi3

    he doesn’t even LOOK 100% anglo-saxxon, Lol.

  • Pralaca

    I’m sorry he is just DISGUSTING!!!

  • sunnyday3000

    My “preference” is cock.

  • So he’s racist, but modest about it. Got it.

  • Andrea Spiga

    This is the kind of porn that Max Mosley likes.

  • Dot Null

    We need to start differentiating the actual definitional use of the word Preference, from the cop-out version that racists and racially-insensitive people use when they think (and rightly so) that discriminating on race as a primary contributing factor will receive backlash from others.

    Preference means that among two options(white and black for example) you will entertain both without coercion or incentive. If the less-liked option is presented alone, you will still choose it. Sometimes you will chose it over the option you typically like more. It varies. But both are given an adequate consideration.

    What racists do is that when faced with 2 races (again white and black) they will automatically, systematically, and completely deny the black, in favor of white. If only black is presented, they will abstain entirely “in case a white shows up.” Only coercion, or incentive (social, professional, or economic) will cause them to choose black.

    That is not preference, that is exclusion. And exclusion based on race/color is racism.

    Many people seem to be under the impression that racism only exists in social, professional, or educational environments. Racism is simply discrimination based on race, and includes any and every situation or ocurrance of such discrimination, including discrimination within artificial romantic and sexual heirarchies that are based primarily and/or solely on race/racial qualifiers.

    As silly as it is to filter based on superficial qualities like hair color, it is seen as acceptable. This public acceptance of filtering superficial qualities has long been a mask under which one of the last institutions of racism still runs as rampant and as under-recognize harkening to the segregation era. Many [gay] adult film companies such as Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, Next Door, and Helix Studios, (to name a few) are known to be/have been in practice of “whitewashing”, whereby only hiring within a certain range of skin tones, they are able to influence public perception of “ideal” which in turn, reinforces and simultaneously provides an economic justification to racially segregate (“black doesn’t sell”).

    Given the nature of porn as fantasy media, producers and directors, if all else fails, are able to pull the “creative liberty” card, which immunizes them of any potential claim of racist practices.

  • Rinc

    All i really know is that Cameron Diggs really is hot and i wanna watch him fuck Mickey’s ass and Levi’s throat, so let the scenes play. Addison of SC was found guilty of murder and his scenes are available. And what about all the pornstars arrested for domestic issues… it’s porn, not politics

    • Dot Null

      In the same vein, the athletes stuck in Rio because they trashed local property and defamed the reputation of their host country should just be free to go because of their elite status.

      No. Wrong is wrong, the law is the law. If you would be held accountable for being a racist, then it doesnt matter how “hot” or rich or famous you become later down the line. You should still be held accountable.

      This is why famous people tend to have social media and PR people, to save themselves from getting sued, or losing contracts and deals by posting something they either do or do not know is offensive.

      Being rich, famous, or pretty does not preclude you from accepting responsibility for your actions, or in this case, the admission of your own racist beliefs. Furthermore, it is not an excuse to behave and say anything you want.

      But thanks, for telling the internet “I support racism and racist ideology, if the person expressng those views is attractive.” (you know, until they get older, and arent)

      Makes it easier to keep you out of things when we know how you really treat others.

  • caramelo

    A white supremacist wigger? How does that work? I made the mistake of perusing his FB and he speaks like he grow up watching BET After Dark.

  • TheDamaged

    Tim, aka Cameron Diggs is full of s***. Alief was not predominantly black when he attended this district. Being able to fit “all the white kids at 2 lunch tables” scenario he mentioned is an absolute lie as well. However, the southwest Houston district’s demographics changed considerably after Hurricane Katrina. I had to comment even though this article is a little old because Tim was a down right bully. I thought going to jail would have changed his character for the better; but after reading this article I see nothing has changed.

  • Tim Harper

    Hey guess what…Cameron Diggs here. Yeah talk shit all ya want but ya know what I beat the charge so how you like that? I have social media to thank for that. Released from jail a week Later. All charges dropped due to “Finding of Facts” maybe you should do your research. Oh and Zachary Sires… prepare for a lawsuit! Hope you have some money for the lawyer your gonna need. Ever heard of Slander?