GayHoopla’s Bruce Sheppard Appears In Corbin Fisher Halloween Promo

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gayhoopla-bruce-sheppard-2That’s GayHoopla model Bruce Sheppard above, from his solo debut earlier this month.

Below, this also appears to be Bruce Sheppard, to the left of Beau and Max, in a new Halloween ad just uploaded on Corbin Fisher:


I could be wrong, but this is the same person, right?

cfbrceAssuming this is Bruce Sheppard and not some other Corbin Fisher model who hasn’t made his debut yet, this is a big get for CF, and a big loss for GH. Of course, Bruce might only have a solo and a straight scene at CF, so he wouldn’t be doing anything new there. But, seeing him photographed with Beau and Max does give me hope (my god, could you imagine their three-way?). We’ll find out how far he goes after his CF solo scene comes out, presuming he filmed one.

ICYMI, Bruce’s solo at GayHoopla:

[GayHoopla: Bruce Sheppard]

And, just for a fun #tbt, Max and Beau’s iconic first scene together:

[Corbin Fisher: Max Fucks Beau Bareback]


  • Redphyro

    I hope he did a 3 some with Max and Beau but so far he only confirmed a solo and a straight scene. He would really be a great addition to the CF stable.

    • FeydRautha

      Probably only doing these scenes to advertise his OnlyFans account… get a few suckers on the hook for $10/month… no gross gay sex required…

      • Redphyro

        Maybe studios should change something about hiring newbies. Book them for a solo and one gay scene at least.

        • FeydRautha

          I’m sure “Bruce” talks a good a game about being open to “guy-guy” while he’s there… (GayHoopla certainly made him out to be the second coming… now he’s bad-mouthing them), but what are they gonna do when he loses their phone number after he’s had a stab at the vadge??

          • Sed

            Has he done any guy-guy on his onlyfans? If not then I’m afraid you’re probably right. Which begs he question. Why do they think gay men will want to watch a straight guy on a gay sex site not have gay sex? That type of thing only makes me angry. I’m sure I’m not the only gay guy who hates bait and switch

          • MC.EMC2

            There’s a user who said he mentioned on his OnlyFan that he’d already done a solo and a str8 scene on CF and that he was considering the possibility of a gay scene. That’s what gay porn has become. Studios like CF and GH book models for str8 scenes as if that’s what their gay fans were interested in. WTF?

          • Sed

            I agree that’s disgusting. There used to be a time when you could count on a site like CF to have there models do gay scenes. That’s when they were being run by gay men. I don’t care how good looking a guy is. I shouldn’t have to go to a gay porn site and hope that the model who’s being heavily promoted is actually going to have gay sex. It’s gross and homophobic. It’s like I’ll let you F’words look at me but I won’t touch you Now pay me your money and watch me have sex with a woman as God intended.

          • MC.EMC2

            I couldn’t agree more. Look at GH teasing Peter Grom to us gays for months only to now release his str8 scene… Gross

          • B.C.

            Peter Grom only a cocktease?! Damn…I had really high hopes for that one. How naive of me to think GH has hired a gay guy.

        • e jerry powell

          That might be effective at weeding out some of the non-performers, but all the studios would have to do it at the same time. And, really, there are guys building successful Only fans channels from amateur can shows posted on tube sites. There’s always a way around roadblocks, even with guys angling for the path of least resistance.

          • peter

            But there are those performers who only do solos and I’m just grateful for a peak of them, like the tripod who wrestled alligators a while back and any number of old Sean Cody solos.

      • peter

        That’s what a lot of them do.

        I’m suspicious of models with OnlyFans, etc. They save their best stuff for their home videos. I’m surprised Corbin doesn’t ban them as part of a non-compete agreement.

  • Kevin

    He left GH because they did not test for STD’s and he only got paid 750 to do 4 scenes.

    • Zachary Sire

      According to who? Him? He told you this?

      • Tobi
        • FeydRautha

          Wasn’t there a GISP performer who was cancelled a few weeks back when his “raceplay”/BDSM videos came to light? But calling someone the F-word in a “domination” video is OK somehow…

          • TruthTeller2020

            Oh the GISP racist model( I forget his name) is still putting out new scenes from MEN. He’s got the right complexion for the protection.

          • Pinko of the Grange

            Blake Ryder i think is his name d’Porn currently.

          • Edward

            DocTaytay or Fratmen Taylor Of Gayhoopla also used the F word in a tweet promoting one of his videos. I called him out on it and he removed the tweet.

        • Zachary Sire


        • Pinko of the Grange

          Wow that rate sucked in 1982.

        • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

          No STD testing is the worst. Condom studios are lazy if they don’t test. If I were a porn star, I’d rather do BB for a studio that did the best testing.

        • Tobi18 no but

    • peter

      Part of the rationale both CF and SC used for going raw back in ’11 was that they already did expensive STI testing

    • hotdickcum

      Wondering now if the STD testing and low pay is the reason why the ‘gay director’ left…

  • Burkeman

    He is only 18 years old, he rigorously promotes his OnlyFans and webcamming accounts, and has quickly switched studios in search for better pay (and safeguards), because- like all porn actors, he is doing it to make as much money as quickly as possible (mostly from us gay/bi guys).

    Still, the man is already arguing with studios and the fans, not to mention there is confusion about his sexuality. I am overgeneralising, but I have seen these trends and traits in porn actors before, and it just causes hardship for everyone. I just hope he is resilient enough for the porn industry.

    • peter

      Kyle Dean should be a cautionary tale here

      • Burkeman

        Vadim Black was more the type of man I had in mind, with his (I am paraphrasing), “F*uck you, I am straight, f*g queens. Give me money.”

  • Shawn

    Rather watch him at CF than GH tbh. CF may have slipped since the glory days but they’ve still not sunk to the level of GH.

    Hopefully he won’t just be a 1 jerk off + 1 straight scene model, but we’ll see I guess.

  • TruthTeller2020

    Welp! That is Bruce Sheppard, he’s already putting Gayhoopla on blast for their lack of testing and low pay. He’s clearly playing the porn game, to boast his onlyfan account.

    • peter

      Dissing your former studio get any performer blackballed, with the exception of LucasFilms of course.

    • Tempest

      “to boast his onlyfans account” my good dude, the whole point of doing porn nowadays is to get as many fans as possible to subscribe to one of those shitty, grotesque, very low rent onlyfans/justforfans account. Mainstream porn is no longer important, it’s no longer vital to get recognized worldwide, it’s just a mere prop to eventually start a personal account or, worse case, to increase their escort business, which ANYWAY are far more healthier than the adult entertainment.

  • No_No_No_Yes

    Not holding my breath on this one, he is already balls deep in social media non-sense and he he hasn’t even appeared, I have never would never waste my time and money watching some confused kid jerk his dick on FFO. I can’t even predict what this one is all about, and I won’t even be tappin the brakes till I see him ass up. Frankly I’ve got better in bed next to me at night, and I don’t have to wonder what he’ll do.

    I would think these sites are going to start placing restrictions via the NDA in the contract on this social media shit, these models are all shooting themselves and the studio in the dick before they even get a scene out. My thing is if it is already this messy and he hasn’t done shit worth noting you can only imagine what is on the horizon. Porn is supposed to be about the fantasy, it is hard to get excited about anyone that comes across all captain douche bag *COUGH – Clark Parker – cough*, an example of another model who can’t keep his mess contained.

    In short, I don’t need to know your views on “world peace”, are you are here to perform or not? Shut it and get to fuckin or move the fuck on. Ain’t nobody got time for this shit.

    • TruthTeller2020

      These studios need to do a better job in vetting these models.

      • No_No_No_Yes

        They don’t currently have the teeth for that, they need to figure out how to get control of their losses enough to bring the pay scale back up. You can’t sit there paying models shit for scenes and tie their hands.

        Not all that long ago these guys made the kind of money the studio could rightfully demand exclusivity. Till they figure that out it will be more of the same. Or worse.

    • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

      What percentage of porn subscribers follow them on social media? I’d say very few. I like porn, yet have no idea how to even find this guy on social media. I did a quick search for Bruce Sheppard on twitter and didn’t see him. Most people just just to see a hot guy having sex on camera and do not care about what they say or do on social media. That stuff isn’t even easy to find since porn stars have several names usually. In CF he’ll be given a different name most likely. I’m pretty sure most people won’t even connect him to whatever he’s doing on social media under his other names.

      • No_No_No_Yes

        Where to begin.. how bout you back up, you are lost. First – save all the complicated arithmetic, it is only going to confuse you more than you already are. If you had been a party to any of the mess Miss Shepard dragged to the comments thread here – you’d already be woke and I wouldn’t have to draw you a picture. You’d already know I didn’t google jack shit about fuck all, he brought it to me, with his “other” name attached.

        I don’t HAVE to google shit, I have VERY reliable sources that keep me informed -sometimes whether I like it or not. You could too if you read. It just so happened I was IN the comment thread when Miss Shepard began her much publicized melt down.

        Additionally, I hate to ruin a perfectly low opinion of me, but the majority of porn stars make fucking sure they are easy to find with google. They do so because how the hell else are all their loyal fans going to know how to find their Amazon wish list, or subscribe to all their FFO, F4F, Chatterbate and who the fuck knows what other pages. Are you new?

        Miss Sheppard may currently be in a state of “flux”, as she dipped from her first gig to join CF and they typically like to issue new name tags. But you can if you are so inclined take any porn star name add “xxx” in the search bar and within SECONDS be privy to every messy detail. If you can’t maybe you need to check your parental controls.

        As I stated, I don’t because *I* A.) Don’t have that kind of time. B.) Don’t care about any of the peripheral sub par cell phone porn, pictures of their morning wood, worse yet their political views. C.) Will not be fulfilling anyone’s Amazon wishes. Finally and most importantly I know D.) If something DOES actually matter – IE a model is a racist, or a violent criminal, or any number of other potential issues, it will make it’s way here, receipt attached. Without fail.

        In conclusion, thank you for playing gay Clue. I hope it was good for you too.

  • peter

    Does anyone else get the feeling that this departure from GH is linked to the one of the ‘gay’ producer?

  • peter

    Way back CF Zeke posted something nasty about CF on WB, saying he quit because they wanted to do something he swore he would never do. My guess it was either being barebacked by Lucas in a bi scene or actually having to suffer through another pussy scene, seeing he was gay (though still insisting he was straight at the time). I’m guessing it wasn’t taking all 24cm of Manuel Rios’ thick cock in a Belami Budapest tag, which he appeared to enjoy immensely. His post disappeared within a few hours, I’m assuming due to pressure from CF.

    Maybe Corbin just wanted to fuck his feet.

  • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

    He’s a good addition. He reminds me of a young Dawson, just hotter. If they want to get back on top they need to start with getting the right guys. At their peak they had several fit hung hot men. With this new guy, Max, Sawyer, Elian and Beau, they seem to be going in the right direction.

  • JCub

    He’s got a new scene and a new name. And there’s the implication that he’s going to do more. I guess we’ll see.

  • Stevo Walker

    They do a good job as a studio overall, and over the past few months they’ve hired more experienced models. I’m not a huge fan of the 100% twinks model myself, and they are good at providing that “all-American” feel without feeling like you’re watching an underage skeleton hooking up.