Helix Studios Update: Dylan Hayes, Angel Rivera, Tyler Hill, And More!

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ange4rgICYMI: First, just a quick reminder of Helix’s most recent sex scene released last Friday, starring Angel Rivera and Danny Nelson:

Breakup-Bang-019 Breakup-Bang-032 Breakup-Bang-034The trailer for Angel Rivera (in his first topping scene in over six months) fucking Danny Nelson bareback is here on Helix’s main site.

On the studio’s sister site, SpankThis, the newest scene features Max Carter slapping the fuck out of Dylan Hayes’ incredibly round and incredibly hot bubble butt. Preview:

Skilled-Hands-012 Skilled-Hands-014 Skilled-Hands-016 Skilled-Hands-018Trailer (watch full scene here):

[SpankThis: Max Carter And Dylan Hayes]

Finally, one more quick update: The latest Helix photo shoot features the stunning Tyler Hill, and after seeing this photo of his ass, I have no more words.

Tyler-Hill-Photo-Shoot-013 Tyler-Hill-Photo-Shoot-016 Tyler-Hill-Photo-Shoot-020 Tyler-Hill-Photo-Shoot-023 Tyler-Hill-Photo-Shoot-029 Tyler-Hill-Photo-Shoot-033

[Helix Studios: Tyler Hill’s Complete Filmography + Photo Gallery]

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