Helix Director Max Carter Caught On Door Cam Video “Breaking Into” Trevor Harris’s Apartment, Plus Fans Sign Petition Asking DOJ To Investigate Studio

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The fallout from Eli Bennet and Jordan Lake’s resignations and accusations against Helix Studios (and various studio employees’ subsequent responses on social media, which were nothing short of a PR disaster) has continued all week long, with multiple former Helix models speaking up about past instances of misconduct they say they experienced at the studio. Here’s a round-up of some of the former models who’ve been calling out the studio this week.

Responding to a YouTube video about the state of unrest at the studio, Angel Rivera thanked the fan who made the video and wrote of Helix and its owner, Keith Miller, “This is the same company that said I wasn’t worth $1,100”:

Also this week, former Helix model Joey Mills took issue with the pay he received (or didn’t receive) for a book that was written about him. As you’ll recall, the nationwide tour to promote the Joey Mills book was abruptly canceled after Mills quit working for Helix in 2019:

Trevor Harris, a former Helix model who quit more recently, has also been vocal about his time with the studio, particularly the time he spent with Helix director Max Carter. In one tweet, Harris claimed “Carter would force me to sleep in the same bed with him on Helix film trips and then keep me up until 6 a.m. because he was doing coke off his nightstand”:

Joey Mills echoed Harris’s claims about director Carter, writing, “He also tried to get me to sleep with him on his birthday while I was his PA. I had to tell him I was going to the bathroom to clean out and stayed there for four and a half hours until he fell asleep so I could leave”:

Trevor Harris has also posted door cam video footage of Max Carter trying to enter Harris’s apartment (unbeknownst to Harris and without his permission) at 4 a.m. while Harris was asleep. This alleged break-in attempt happened back in February, shortly after Harris quit:

In text messages a day later, Carter told Harris that while he wasn’t trying to “break in,” it was “definitely a bad decision” and “won’t happen again”:

Finally, a fan-launched petition on Change.org asking for the Department of Justice to investigate Helix Studios has been circulating online after being posted by all of the former models currently speaking out, and it currently has 279 signatures:

While petitions like this obviously have no legal effects or consequences, the growing number of signatures should prompt the studio to take complaints from former models (and all of their loyal fans) more seriously, and they might want to consider cracking down on conduct they say they don’t permit. As Trevor Harris notes below, director Max Carter is “sleeping with his new PA,” which, as Joey Mills points out, owner Keith Miller himself has called fireable behavior:

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