Helix’s Flower, From Director Matt Lambert, Breaks New Ground In Gay Adult Film

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Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-003In the last few years, I can think of two different projects that blended gay independent film and traditional gay porn into features that redefined both genres and challenged audiences’ expectations: NakedSword’s I Want Your Love (2012) and CockyBoys’ Answered Prayers (2013). Today, there’s a third project that redefines and challenges in new ways: Helix’s Flower, a short film from director Matt Lambert.

Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-001 Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-005 Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-007Lambert—a photographer and director of short films, documentaries, and music videos (including Mykki Blanco’s “High School Never Ends“)—and Helix’s Flower is unlike anything the studio has released before, so regular Helix fans/viewers should prepare: This is not your basic group sex scene. Instead, I’d best describe it as a short film offering a casual yet intimate glimpse at five young men who are hanging out, goofing around, and yes, having sex. The five performers are Blake Mitchell, Corbin Colby, Landon Vega, Joey Mills, and Sean Ford.

Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-006 Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-008 Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-009 Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-011The cinematography is gorgeous, and the use of light and shadows on the models makes it feel as if you’re in the room with them. There’s very little dialogue, but the lines we do get are realistic, the way real people talk and hang out, and I wonder how much was scripted and how much was ad-libbing (I’m thinking it’s mostly the latter). And speaking of realistic, the sexual performances—particularly from Blake Mitchell—are the most realistic and effective I’ve seen from Helix (or any studio). The deep breathing, facial expressions, and physical contact between the guys is completely engrossing, and although this can be considered porn (there are in fact several great cum shots), it’s simultaneously not “porn” at all, defying the need for a label.

Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-015 Flower--A-Matt-Lambert-Film-017If you need a standard orgy scene to jerk off to, it’s best to skip this. But, if you’re looking for something artistic that’s beautifully shot, featuring beautiful guys in a way you’ve never seen them before, this is a must-see. Helix has entrusted their fans to appreciate something a little different, and I think most of them will. Flower ultimately works so well because of how natural it feels, almost as if you’ve been invited to watch someone’s (extremely well-shot and well-edited) home movie.

Note that this trailer features the film’s most wild two minutes, but the rest is more subtle and relaxed. I do love a lip sync with a big dick as a microphone, though, and the music used throughout the film—mostly from Pansy Division—is perfect.

[Helix: Flower, starring Blake Mitchell, Corbin Colby, Sean Ford, Landon Vega, And Joey Mills]

  • Miloš Del Rey

    Jake Jaxson right now:
    Ya’ll should know by now Cocky Boys is going to swoop in to keep their title for the most pretentious gay porn out there.

    • Zachary Sire

      This isn’t remotely pretentious, at all. It’s very casual, fun, and easy to watch.

      • Miloš Del Rey

        I agree just an over exaggeration, I still watch cocky boys though I talk a lot of shit about them and helix.

      • peter

        Actually, this scene is everything those artsy-fartsy ‘Black Spark’ shorts a few years back (remember?) aspired to be. They completely lost steam once that hot wrestler bailed.

        • moondoggy

          Do I remember Black Spark. Quoth Blanche, sometimes at night I just wake up sweatin’ and clawin’ and screamin’!! I would give anything to see him/them bring their vision to fruition. I felt so cheated when they never made a full movie or even a full scene.


          • peter

            They’d have to bring back that hot bi wrestler who did some scenes for College Dudes (Josh Stark), DickDorm, and a straight one for Corbin Fisher (Kevin), which isn’t gonna happen. He was the only reason why anyone tuned in. Also, back then bareback was still outré.


          • moondoggy

            He was the most audacious part of their vids, but I disagree that he was irreplaceable. The person(s) they needed the most was whoever had the auteur vision. Their stuff was intensely erotic in a way that has been completely unmatched in modern porn. Those of us who are men of a certain age can remember and rattle off moments in porn that made us say “OMG” before the fucking started or even before the clothes came off.

        • lb blue

          Eyeroll at all the pettiness in this thread. Everyone was acting like they just walked through a desert when Black Spark first came onto the scene too. Now all the haters are pretending not to be thirsty, but I know all the people acting like they too good for artsy porn are going to jerk off to these twinks anyway.

  • Ceecee

    Blake Mitchell just killing it lately.
    Him and Corbin Colby are entirely what I like about Helix, and I’m super glad they’ve capitalized on them as hard as they have.

    • Neil

      It’s strange, cuz I keep on thinking to myself “why is this guy in everything and why doesn’t he take of those damned glasses.” but he does stand out, so maybe that’s the point.

    • James Johnson III

      Blake Mitchell is so hot that I can’t get enough of him. The fact that Helix is capitalizing on his popularity so much just makes my heart — and cock — very very happy

    • peter

      It would be awesome if they could coax Troy Ryan out of retirement.

  • night falcon

    it’s beautiful but it doesn’t turn me on at all. It feels like they are trying to hard to not be porn but it’s still just boring porn ? But light years better than cockyboys

  • Philip Broad

    Credit to Helix for trying something different. The soundtrack is certainly an improvement on the usual traffic noise.

  • Sed

    I haven’t seen this yet and I’ll give it a chance but as a general rule I will say that “Artistic” porn is not something the world needs more of. It’s why I’m not a big fan of Cockyboys.

  • FrenchBug

    I don’t mind them trying something different but if “artistically ambitious” means “weirdly lit” to the point where it is hard to watch the sex, then count me out. Surely there has to be another way to be creative in porn.

    • WhimsyCotton

      The Raspberry Reich is the only “art” porn movie that I’ve ever seen that remotely makes sense as a sex movie.

      • James Johnson III

        And what a fantastic film it is! It was the film that made me fall in love with Dean Monroe and Tim Vinzent

  • WhimsyCotton

    If you need a standard orgy scene to jerk off to, it’s best to skip this.
    So skip this?
    if you’re looking for something artistic that’s beautifully shot,
    featuring beautiful guys in a way you’ve never seen them before…

    So skip this? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/987260da36dd69d87594aa982382be210133865f434856b441bd0a1987e86622.gif

  • Dana Rimons

    Oh please. I look at these dudes for porn. If I wanted artistic pretentious crap, I’ll watch HBO.

  • Ed Woody

    The line “You act like a 14-year-old” is slightly troubling in the circumstances.

    • peter

      I think all it means is ‘younger in ways than in years’.

  • Marcus Collack

    Now if we’re talking projects that blended gay independent film and traditional gay porn into
    features that redefined both genres and challenged audiences’
    expectations, can Locked Up get a Shout-out?

  • OneOfTheManyChris

    I don’t get why people are so down on this. Helix has, oh, 999 standard fuck scenes, and this. Just watch the other scenes. Or even, watch something without twinks at all.

  • Zealot

    While Helix guys generally aren’t my cup of tea, far be it from me to throw stones at a project which seeks to elevate, or generally give gay porn a kick in the ass. We as a whole seem to be fine putting up with the never-ending stream of sameness and tired old cliches from other studios who cast from police blotters and parole hearings….

    So, I will probably give this a view. Not with cock in hand, but interested none-the-less.

    • other studios who cast from police blotters and parole hearings…. LMAO CarnyPorn is what I call it. scoop them up off the Midway at the seedy carnival

      • Zealot

        LOL….”CarnyPorn”! I may have to steal that one. Thanks for the comment!

    • lb blue

      Same. I actually have one of Matt’s photo books (Kiem) so maybe I’m biased as I’m a fan of his work already, but I’m looking forward to watching this. But it’s funny that it’s a novelty when someone who actually knows their way around a camera is in a porn studio. ? Haters post their salty gifs when everything is exactly the same, and when a porn studio tries something different, they’re just as unhappy. Some people you just can’t please.

      • Zealot

        I get you. It seems like gay porn in general, continually suffers from the technical side with lighting, focus (point of view) and the like being “iffy”. Falcon, Titan, Cocky Boys and Bel Ami seem to lead the pack in terms of consistency– with Cocky Boys being the innovator (at least from time to time with product like “A Thing of Beauty” (which I still watch and “enjoy” if you get my meaning!), “Answered Prayers”, “The Stillest Hour” and “Just Love”. It’s always nice when someone with an artistic eye takes any studio’s output to the next level. So while the content may not be what butters my toast, I can still appreciate the context in which it’s presented. Thanks for the comment, and the up vote!

      • Lyfe & Love

        You’re so right. Also I think it gives a chance for models to do what some vintage models did. The stories seemed to come from a realistic feel. Not something like 2 people one a garage take one look at each and then blowing each other’s brains out.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Looks Steamy.

    Hope it works out for them.

    Anything is better then a beige microfiber Suade* davenport (of questionable cleanliness) porn.

    *(sic) i forget the asic for the copyright character.

  • peter

    This carol they began that hour
    With a hey and a ho and a hey nonnie no!
    How that a life was but a flower
    In springtime, the only pretty ring time . . .

  • peter

    I like this on so many levels. The cinema vérité approach recalls sequences from Kenneth Anger’s stuff, yet avoids his artsy-fartsy excesses. By staying focused on sex, it captures something distinctly gay: friends fuck, especially young, horny, buzzed friends, often in groups. I don’t think you could have that seamless dynamic in a straight setting. And while I wouldn’t say the sex is meaningless or even loveless (we love our friends, after all), it doesn’t really alter the course of the friendship.

    For the most part. In The Magus, John Fowles made this famous observation about casual sex “In our age it is not sex that raises its ugly head, but love”, and what this film captures beautifully is that there’s something more going on between Blake and Sean. It reminds me of that Lou Reed lyric “you’re the kind of person I’ve always wanted to love”.

  • Maximus

    I was making it through this scene description all right, but upon reading the final sentence, I rolled my eyes with such force that the left one detached from its ocular nerve. Now that eyeball is just revolving in its socket, like how the Earth revolves on its axis, which causes the phenomena of night and day. I can stop my eyeball by holding it still, but as soon as I let go, it starts spinning again, as if powered by nothing but exasperation and contempt… Curious.


    • nick

      On the plus side you can now see if you have a brain tumor.

      • Maximus

        But now there’s the additional down side of having lost my ability to hear after actually watching the trailer and being subjected to the horrible vocals of a Green Day backup-singer reject. Also, who the fuck lip syncs at an ass that he’s about to rim? It’s so nonsensical and unappealing that I actually take offense to it. I am personally offended by the low quality of this “film.” It ambushed me, accosted me, and even lowered my credit score.

  • emercycrite

    What’s with Sean’s awful hair colouring job? I suppose this is one of his last films with Helix before he moved to CB.

  • nick

    Is this what porn looks like when you have cataracts ?

    • Drew Kingston

      I cleaned several times my glasses but it seems art has to be fuzzy… Btw it could be a good trailer for a longer film.

  • Rbertoux

    Was a waste of time, Landon Vega didnt do anything in this film, I thought they will use better their models, doesnt look professional. Yes it has an artistic point, but the models have much more potencial than this… I hope Blake Mitchell do a new great scene again, and not this :(

  • peter

    One particularly nice touch was the brief, chilling memento mori shot of the chintzy porcelain figurine full of spent butts. Those flowers and that boy will never fade.

  • Okay, I’ll probably jerk off to it, but I refuse to be happy about it.


  • Birdy65

    Well, reuniting five admirable models is already art…

  • Adam

    It looks interesting so I will give it a shot. I may be in the minority here but I don’t mind artsy-porn-with-a-plot if it’s done right (very few have done this right). I would direct the producers to scenes like the tent scene in “Brokeback Mountain”, which could be a great setup for an amazing sex scene. I remember “To the Last Man” pulled this off quite infamously, thought that was less artsy and more simply plotted well and executed in a clear, non-embarrassing way.

  • Scrapple

    That trailer is very CockyBoys meets Drag Race. I can only assume Sean lost the LSFYL and that’s why he defected.

  • Jason

    Looks like they used the lighting guy from sketchysex

    • peter

      Yeah, there’s definitely a sleazy motel sex-party feel to it, but that’s very erotic. It recalls those WWII pictures of drunk sailors on shore-leave sharing a bed in various states of undress.

  • Jon

    Jeez, can we just stick to the fucking? It’s not that complicated..

    Though, this does look better than MEN and their hideous and boner killing porn parodies that’s just awful on every single level. But that’s not a tough ask, since all of MEN’s porn parodies are the visual equivalent of gonorrhea and syphilis rolled into one.

  • AJ’s Black Widow


  • NakedTruthTN

    Wow! I want the armpits in the first photo!!!!
    Who is that guy?

    I want to rub my face in the pits and then lick them like I’m doing here….

  • Lyfe & Love

    Well I think it’s nice. Also is that Blake bottoming again?
    I think that what we need more of. I can’t tell how many times I get sick of seeing movies and those lackluster sex scenes. Actors act like the world will fall apart if they’re actually nude, or performing actual sex, like make it real. Daniel Redcliffe did it.
    I know this is porn and all but that doesn’t mean it has to be reduced to a lack of sensuality.
    Honestly I find mindless sex boring. I want something like this. Artistic, sensual, erotic. Real emotions and genuine feel. Keep it up Helix. Please.

  • Sed

    Thia film works if you don’t think of it as porn at all but as an erotic art project. Just don’t go in thinking that you can “get off”to this. My favorite part was Joey Mills talking casually in between bouts of sucking dick. Shit! They could have filmed Joey doing that for 10 minutes and it would have been one of the best porns of the year so far.

  • Hari Kalyan

    i’m lost on how this challenges or redefines gay porn. am I missing something? I watched the whole thing and all i see is low light/sunlight filters, stilted dialogue, and challenging-to-jerk-off-to camera angles (is that what you meant?). Take out the instagram filters and this could’ve been sold as a BTS to one of their better-produced main scenes.

  • Parker Lewis

    Saw this thing and first impression is they tried. The lighting is so horrible that you can hardly see anything. The fuck scenes look like the editor had a field day because it seems the camera never stays on a shot for more than 5 seconds. I’ll pass; totally https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a70bff1ede089e64c9fa85e9ae6ab3cd1ad06061d6cc1be5d29ae01015757386.gif jack-off worthy,