Helix Update: Real-Life Roommates Fucking Raw, Ryan Bailey Deleting Twitter, Plus New Gay Porn Power Couple Joey Mills And Ashton Summers

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jeyahdIt’s a busy week for Helix Studios models, as real-life roommates are fucking, new relationships are forming, Twitters are being deleted, and more!

First, big-dicked teen Ryan Bailey has had it with people stalking him on Twitter (and based on his tweets, also ask.fm?), so he’s announced that he’ll be deleting his Twitter:

ryanThat tweet was from this morning, but as of right now (about five hours later), Ryan’s account is still active.

Ryan-Bailey-Solo-006Last night, Helix released a new Ryan Bailey scene, and it’s actually a very well done and sensual solo, for those who enjoy watching Ryan and his big cock all by themselves:

[Helix: Ryan Bailey]

Also on Twitter, fans are enjoying a brand new gay porn power couple: Helix’s Joey Mills and Ashton Summers! Joey and Ashton (Joshton? Ashey?) recently filmed together for Helix in San Diego, but things are heating up fast, because Ashton has now traveled to be with Joey in his home state of Missouri, and they’re giving fans plenty to ship:

A cute as they are together, I don’t know that I agree with their decision to put broccoli on a pizza, tbh.

Also, the couple went boating on a lake:

FYI: In this gay power couple, Ashton is the “dad” and Joey is the “son”:

I do stan them:

Joey Mills and Ashton Summers’ first scene together should be out this month, and I have a feeling it’ll be great, based on their real-life chemistry and attraction to each other.

Cameron-Parks-and-Cole-Claire-019Meanwhile, another kind of Helix real-life power couple are appearing together for the first time, but instead of romance, it’s a roommate-based power couple! It’s newcomers Cameron Parks and Cole Claire, and as Cameron revealed in his recent Str8Up interview, he and Cole are great friends who live together in San Diego.

Cameron-Parks-and-Cole-Claire-026 Cameron-Parks-and-Cole-Claire-030 Cameron-Parks-and-Cole-Claire-032 Cameron-Parks-and-Cole-Claire-035This is Cameron and Cole’s first time on-camera together, and it’s also Cameron’s first time topping on-camera, as he goes balls-deep into Cole:

Cameron-Parks-and-Cole-Claire-038It’s always great when roommates can become such close friends. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix Studios: Cameron Parks Fucks Cole Claire Bareback]

  • yamiter

    Wasn’t Ashton dating Calvin Banks like last week?

    • Zealot

      I’m not sure. Someone should pass Zach a note in 4th hour Trig and see if he knows.

    • buffy2004

      that’s what i thought too. maybe next week will be another one.

    • Devin

      Yeah. I read that somewhere too….so when I saw this update my side eye was in full effect

  • Josh in OR

    This ‘dad/son’ thing is fine in fantasy, but is it just me who finds it weird when it’s two people that are the same freaking age, or close enough to not matter? Have words lost SO MUCH meaning that anything means anything, and nothing means anything…?

    GOD, I sound like a fuddy-duddy….

  • Xzamilloh
    • McM.

      There is an experience difference between them.

      Joey Mills is at Helix, Ashton Summers worked for duckface. The things he must have seen! And I’m not just talking about the clinics he needed to visit after his scenes.

    • Ceecee

      I SUPPOSE it is the logical extension, but it sounds kinda gross to hear. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/067f72069d2a1953866f38c03228ee16749b03c00d98859aed356d067a9f06d4.gif

    • Javier Smith

      Gay history trivia: Before marriage was legal for same-sex couples, many couples actually ‘adopted’ each other so that in case on of them passed, the other could legally inherit their assets, visit each other in the hospital, act as power of attorney, etc. etc.

      • Xzamilloh

        I already knew that… times are a lot kinder to us now than they were to those before us. We’re obviously not where we should be, but we are a lot closer than in any point in history

        • Hereweare

          “those before us”?

          You mean before 2015 when SSM became legal nation-wide? Whatever happened to that generation?

          • Xzamilloh

            Take the snark down a notch… you know exactly what I meant.

            “We’re obviously not where we should be, but we are a lot closer than in any point in history”

            You tell me any other time where public opinion about LGBT people was this favorable. The only other places in the world that aren’t LGBT friendly are those places I can’t mention without being called an “I” phobe. Oh, and most of Africa

      • Rod Iron

        Wow. That is amazing.

      • Green4clover

        Before the arrival of Columbus, it was accepted for many native american tribes/nations to have gay couples live together. But one had to play the male role and the other the female role. They were also allowed to raise children and partake as equals in the community.

        • peter

          There was a gay Indian in Little Big Man. “Come into my tent, Little Big Man, and lie on my soft furs”. I suppose that would seem homophobic today, but in the early 70s having a gay-identified character at all was a huge step for Hollywood.

    • nbtx27

      Agree, just weird.

  • Scrapple

    Look at those twinks, learning how to serve drama at a young age.

    I thought Cashton was over but I wasn’t sure. Not really understanding the “son” thing with Ashton and Joey. What is their age difference, six months?

    Poor Ryan. Let everyone know you have a fat dick and the dick hungry, thirsty hoes start going to work like

    • Edward

      Cole does drag as Claire. Let’s not forget that he was dating Zach Taylor up until he started at Helix….. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

      • Scrapple

        I have no idea who Zach Taylor is, but I’m sure she’s lovely.

        • Edward

          Zach was on Helix, Guys in Sweatpants and Colby Knox…. You should look him up :)

  • buffy2004

    1. This guys go through boyfriends like changing their underwear.
    2. the son/dad thing sounds very creepy in this case for me, for some reason.

    • Rob36

      I like it when you call me Big Poppa

      • Xzamilloh

        Throw your dicks in the air if yous a top playa!!!

        Cuz I see some fellas tonight who should be eating my babies… babaaaay!!!

  • Marik Ishtar

    “Visiting my son”
    Seriously, it’s this kind of shit that makes people think Freud had a point.

  • Marik Ishtar
    • McM.

      You’re right, this is an attention grab. He is not deleting this twitter, and if he does the kid’ll be back within a week.

      Twitter is a the most popular means for these hoes to advertise services and get “dates” and free crap via wishlists. He’s going to look at his income stream and get over his fear of being stalked real fast.

  • GN

    My Porn-ganese Porn-To-English translator says, “Cannot deal with sketchy stalker = He who fluffs my ego yet does not refresh my Amazon wishlist, cam tokens, not a thing, just pro bono compliments” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7a0745fec660a52e52e165b041fab4b1ddcaa3c5ca0f72b9a3359212c51a2b6d.gif

  • JimmyNeco
    • realitytvIV

      Wait, what did Kyle say about Sean…and Blake (since he’s tagged)?

    • Sed

      I can’t find Sean’s tweet either. Looks like he deleted his as well.

    • peter

      Jimmy, Disqus is kind of funny when it comes to embedding images, especially if you drag and drop. It will place them anywhere, including, as here, mid-sentence. You have to cut the image link and paste it where you want it to appear.

  • peter

    Looks like Casey and Blake got together for the sad business of putting-down Catch.

  • peter
  • skye3245

    So…is Ashton gonna “son” his next scene partner? Just wondering thats all…cause can’t keep up

    • Del

      Seriously where did this thing with him and Joey even come from?

  • theredviper

    It’s like those guys on Grindr that are like “deleting soon”. Bitch please! Just go, nobody cares. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/df383fd679339138b11ce5c2d05ec9901ab76b9177b7e85125d727836acaa87b.gif

  • peter

    As a pizza purist I’m with ya on the broccoli. When you think of all the great traditional Italian things to put on a pie — sausage, pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, onions, pancetta (bacon), prosciutto, meatballs, etc. — with a palate like that there’s no reason to get innovative. Also don’t think that chicken in any way, shape, or form belongs on a pie, especially ‘Buffalo’. Completely clashes with the seasoning. You’d have to be stoned and have a wicked case of the munchies to actually enjoy Buffalo pizza.

  • gamera87

    I liked Ashton more before his adult circumcision.

  • Anonymous

    In other Helix news, What happened to Zach favorite Justin Owen? He seems to have dropped off the map earlier this year.

    • Mister Sterious

      Helix dropped him (he says he dropped them), then he went to Nextdoor and did 1 or 2 scenes. Now we never hear from him.

      • Anonymous

        He was arrested in Orange County in March. Don’t know what the charge was. Then, poof! No more JO. It’s a mystery.

        • Del

          Wait he was arrested? I’m curious as to why.

          • Anonymous

            Me, too. The charges weren’t listed on the Orange County Sheriff site. He was housed in the Theo Lacy Facility but it didn’t say for how long.

      • peter

        I think his agent, Pacific Blue, has something to do with Justin’s moving around.

        NDS appears to have gone all bareback, which I think is something Justin will never do. Zach suspects he’s retired. I certainly hope not, since the big JO hits all my buttons! Looks, bod, booty, cock, and most of all personality! He could definitely freelance and work for several sites, like Alex Mecum, Sean Zevran, Kurtis Wolfe, and several other safe-only studs seem to do.

        Personally I’d love it if he showed up on Bound Gods or Men on Edge.

        But then I’ve always suspected that Justin said he was ‘bisexual’ for his fans, and is really pretty straight in his personal life. So maybe there’s a girlfriend who doesn’t want him to do porn.

  • Jon

    Legit not being snarky, but when did the “son” thing start? I’m not out socializing every night, but I don’t think I’ve been out of the loop THAT long. Plus, I’ve never heard anyone around me saying it.

  • peter

    On a more upbeat Helix note, the awesome Troy Ryan and his partner Christian just put the ink on the paper for a deed to their own home:



    Now, if Helix could just get him back in the studio again . . .

    • lukaeber

      Amen … Troy is my favorite Helix model of all time.

      • peter

        He’s such a guy, yet 6/6 gay! I don’t know why he continues to tweet as troyryanxxx, since >90% of his tweets are about sports (he follows all of them and his knowledge is encyclopedic), and the rest railing against Trump/Republicans. His boyfriend is extremely lucky!

        Troy’s another safe-only stud. He said he had a huge crush on Justin Owen. Maybe it can happen somewhere, like ColbyKnox.

  • Maximus