Helix Makes History As Real-Life Boyfriends Marcell Tykes And Adrian Kelley Fuck Raw

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Adrian-Kelly-and-Marcell-Tykes-003We met Helix newcomer Marcell Tykes last month, and today he’s back with yet another newcomer, Adrian Kelley. And, Adrian just so happens to be Marcell’s real-life boyfriend.

The combined cuteness here is out of control:

Adrian-Kelly-and-Marcell-Tykes-002 Adrian-Kelly-and-Marcell-Tykes-013 Adrian-Kelly-and-Marcell-Tykes-015Helix has been introducing several new models with diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds this year, and this is the first time in the studio’s history that two black models have been paired together in the same scene. Many studios have been featuring more diverse performers together this year (including Men, CockyBoys, and Hot House), so it’s great to see Helix doing the same. And, Marcell and Adrian’s obvious hotness is the icing on the history-making cake:

Adrian-Kelly-and-Marcell-Tykes-026 Adrian-Kelly-and-Marcell-Tykes-030 Adrian-Kelly-and-Marcell-Tykes-031 Adrian-Kelly-and-Marcell-Tykes-035As you’ll see in the trailer below, it’s great to see two performers who aren’t just hot, but who are also such natural performers, and who are so comfortable on camera.

Adrian-Kelly-and-Marcell-Tykes-036 Adrian-Kelly-and-Marcell-Tykes-040 Adrian-Kelly-and-Marcell-Tykes-045 Adrian-Kelly-and-Marcell-Tykes-046In this extended clip, we get to learn a lot about newcomer Adrian (he used to be a Mormon!) and his relationship with Marcell. Both performers will hopefully be back soon, and it’d be great to see them in a three-way (with Blake Mitchell, ideally). Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Adrian Kelley Fucks Marcell Tykes Bareback]

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