Helix Studios Update: Pride Parties, Powercouples, And Josh Brady Fucking Garrett Graves

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FullSizeRender(1)Over a dozen Helix Studios models are in San Diego right now for Pride, and Str8UpGayPorn attended their Friday night party to kick off the weekend. The combined hotness of so many popular performers (including the dreamy and perfect Blake Mitchell, above) at once was almost overwhelming!—but, I was able to take a couple pics before I passed out.

IMG_4220From newcomers (including Ben Masters and Danny Nelson, sandwiching Josh Brady, above) to veterans (including Tyler Hill, Evan Parker, and Blake, below), the Lafayette Hotel in Hillcrest was packed with performers, not to mention hundreds of fans.


Corbin Colby (the star of the dance floor), Cole Turner, and Max Carter:

IMG_4224Speaking of Corbin’s moves, he put on a show at Pride the next day, via Jawzod:

Group photo from Pride, and video from the party, via DeWayne:


Back at the house, via Alex Roman:

DE1EwU0VYAAJ1Tj(And a happy birthday to Wes Campbell, holding Duke, above.)

New powercouple alert?! Ben Masters and Joey Mills:


And…another powercouple!? It’s newcomers Landon Vega and Jeremy Price:


Last but not least, the Helix scene released last night, featuring big-dicked Josh Brady fucking newcomer Garrett Graves:

Introducing-Garrett-Graves-015 Introducing-Garrett-Graves-016 Introducing-Garrett-Graves-022 Introducing-Garrett-Graves-023 Introducing-Garrett-Graves-031 Introducing-Garrett-Graves-036 Introducing-Garrett-Graves-039 Introducing-Garrett-Graves-040Flawless Josh Brady being back and appearing in so many new scenes might be my favorite thing to happen to gay porn in 2017? Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Josh Brady Fucks Garrett Graves Bareback]

  • Quinton Jackson

    I wanna throw a burger and fries at all these hoes.

    And then i want Joey Mills to suck the skin off my dick.

    • Zachary Sire

      Joey Mills is so cute IRL, you would die

      • Quinton Jackson

        OMG!! I s̶t̶a̶l̶k̶ check his Twitter constantly and just flip thru his photos and just check his feed. I love him and Sean Ford, I’m so jealous tbh..

        But, you’re cute as hell too! I’ve been on your Twitter and Insta. I’m in love with your puppies.

        • Xzamilloh

          His puppies? Is that a euphemism for big round ass cheeks, or actual dogs?

          • Quinton Jackson

            Dogs, sis.

          • Xzamilloh

            Shit. That’s nice, too, I guess

      • C3xxx

        Call me weird but those braces (maybe he’s removed them?) ups his cuteness factor.

  • peter

    I said this in an earlier thread but I think it got lost. Call me a cynic but I’m starting to get a bad vibe about Blake. He’s reminding me more and more of Keanu Reeve’s Prince Hal character in My Own Private Idaho. In five years he’ll be married with a kid or two and his queer idyll will have never happened.

    • Zachary Sire

      “It got lost”…or, no one cares about nonsense comments?

    • Bryan Urahara

      That would be highly likely given that Blake identify as a bisexual. It would be easy for him to sleep with a woman and start a family.

    • Sed

      Fair or not I’m always a bit suspicious of Bi guys like Blake in gay porn. I’m down right turned off by straight guys.

  • Tim

    so I read this because having more coupling up in the porn industry fascinates me. and I also am a sop for people being happy wherever. so good on them. as to the porn, well, it is Helix, which isn’t my cup of tea so no comment.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      Discretion is the forgotten part of valor. Glad some remember it.

      • Tim

        exactly. everyone who knows my comments on here knows that this specific variety of porn isn’t my thing, and if they want an explanation of why, they are welcome to it. not that the occasional twink isn’t hot, but an endless parade can be a bit much.

  • Blake! <3

  • NG212

    I love that Evan Parker is practically the suburban husband at Helix. He used to be in the middle of all the love triangles, but he gave up the fast life and passed that torch to Blake.

    And now, Evan looks so handsome in his glasses. I even respect him for always being clothed in his public appearances.

  • C3xxx

    Somewhere is a pot-bellied, anti-muslim oompa-loompa noshing on 3 day old pizza after having applied Prep. H. muttering, “I was their star..I should have been there!”

  • Adam

    I think we should save the power couple label for couples who are trying to start businesses, do independent projects, or get rich…just because labelling two hot guys together a power couple when they may just be hooking up seems like jumping the gun. ?

    • sxg

      Oh come on Zach is mostly using it jokingly, like when we call ever pornstar a pornstar, yet hardly anyone are recognized outside of gay porn blogs.

  • sxg

    “Over a dozen Helix Studios models are in San Diego right now for Pride, and Str8UpGayPorn attended their Friday night party to kick off the weekend.”

    Of course you were there! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dd2757271c1898234e56fec2ea4e45038aab912ae318e05e2e190b69e76a7dbb.gif

    I’m sorry but Josh Brady must leave Helix. He’s become WAY too fat for that studio. Please make your way to better, more nourishing studios like Cockyboys or GISP!

  • Maximus
  • Xzamilloh
  • Xzamilloh

    Also, I don’t give a damn who Corbin Colby is dating in real life, because whomever it is will never deserve what he can do with that body. Except maybe Austin Wilde… it would be Antonio Biaggi but that man is so gross that STDs are afraid to catch him.

  • Helix needs to find a new Sean Ford, and fast. Losing him was disastrous.

    • GayhawkAZ

      Hold the homewrecker part, though. 😉

      • He wasn’t a homewrecker. Blake was tired of putting up with Casey’s drama so it was bound to end sooner or later.

  • Mister Sterious

    Ben Masters and Joey? New York and St. Louis are pretty far away from each other. I don’t see it lasting.

  • Mic

    They certainly are a diverse lot, aren’t they?

  • Miss Tea

    Does any of these guys know what shirts are ?

    • Pinko of the Grange

      No but who the f cares :)

  • Kanaka

    Josh Brady is the kind of guy who can transcend Helix some day and go on to be a real porn STAR.

    • Looks pretty real to me already.

  • skye3245

    it takes me forever to get a date and go to the bf stage…these guys hit it quick. Oh, to be young again lol. Congrats to the 2 couples. Looked like a fun party

  • NomadicNinja

    Helix is the most frustrating studio out there. Their models are stupidly hot, but the sex is coma-inducing.