Helix Studios Update: Silas Brooks, Derek Shaw, Garrett Kinsley, And More!

Posted April 29, 2022 by with 3 comments

It was a busy week at Helix with two new sex scenes, one new photoset, and another international sex scene from an outside producer (which you can only see here on the site). For that photoset, the model was Derek Shaw, and here are a few of the images:

[Helix Studios: Derek Shaw]

For the first sex scene, newcomer Anthony Valentine did a Q&A with inquisitive cutie Garrett Kinsley, and here’s their preview:

This trailer only features the sucking and fucking, but the longer trailer on the site has most of the Q&A. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix Studios: Garrett Kinsley Fucks Anthony Valentine Bareback]

And finally, for the sex scene released today, it’s yet another episode of the Silas Brooks series “Tech Support.” I incorrectly thought this series was over a few weeks ago, but as long as big-dicked tech guru Silas is still helping (and fucking) his clients, they might as well keep this series running indefinitely.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix Studios: Silas Brooks Flip-Fucks Bareback With Jack Waters]

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