Helmut Huxley Makes BelAmi “Debut” Taking A Cum Facial From Scott Bennet

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A BelAmi debut, after he’s already been on the site since 2014? That’s technically the case for Helmut Huxley today in this new scene with Scott Bennet, because as BelAmi notes in the description, this is in fact the first hardcore gay anal sex scene that Helmut ever filmed:

We had to double-check when we heard Helmut declare that this was his first scene, and it is indeed the case, having only a blowjob with Torsten to his name before this! Helmut is the bottom for today’s encounter and he really seems to enjoy having his cherry popped by the sexy Scott.

So, not only his first sex scene, but his bottoming debut, to boot. Also, I guess that makes this his first cum facial? A lot of momentous occasions for his first time:


Although he’s been performing for quite some time, BelAmi also notes that Helmut is still very much a part of the family, while Scott has since retired:

Although Scott has moved on to other things, Helmut is still very much part of the family and is taking over from Jerome as our resident documentary cameraman.

And since this is the first sex scene Helmut filmed, this had to have been filmed prior to 2014, which makes it almost 10 years old?! That’s kind of crazy, but the good (and even crazier) news is, BelAmi will likely still be releasing Helmut scenes in 2034 (assuming the world still exists in 2034) if he’s still actively filming. Here’s more of him getting fucked for the first time:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Scott Bennet Fucks Helmut Huxley Bareback]

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