Helmut Huxley Creampies Eluan Jeunet And Drinks His Cum

Posted November 25, 2022 by with 5 comments

In the dictionary next to the words “Perfect Gay Porn Scene” (I actually don’t think these words appear anywhere next to each other in a dictionary, but whatever) is where you might find this new BelAmi scene starring Helmut Huxley and Eluan Jeunet.

They’re two of BelAmi’s all-time greats, and for this duo, big-dicked Helmut Huxley gets to top Eluan Jeunet and cum in his ass.


Then, Helmut helps finish Eluan off by letting the blond hunk cum all over his face for a creamy finale:


More photos, and the trailer down below:

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Note that this is a two-part scene, with Helmut topping Eluan in part one and Eluan topping Helmut in part two. Both parts are featured in this trailer (watch full scene here):

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