After Trying To Smoke A Joint, BelAmi’s Helmut Huxley Gets Gangbanged Bareback And Creampied

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001For this week’s “Summer Break” scene, all Helmut Huxley wants to do is get high, but instead he gets gangbanged bareback by three BelAmi models. Sounds like a fair trade, tbh. Clip:

Note that this is a two-part scene, and both parts are out now.

004 008 010 015 Via BelAmi:

On day one, Helmut gets to fuck everyone, and on day 2, very democratically, everyone then gets their turn to fuck Helmut.

016 020 023 030Also note: There is a lot of cum being flung around in this gangbang, including cum facials and creampies for Helmut.


After Helmut is creampied, he shoots his load on all three of his gangbangers’ faces:

034 037Trailer (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Helmut Huxley Fucked Bareback By Marcel Gassion, Jeff Mirren, And Roald Ekbert]

  • Zealot

    Is that the way it works? Smoking pot causes hot dicks to fly at your hole? I’m gonna need Tom Faulk’s input on this.

    I guess he’ll answer when he’s finished.

    • emercycrite

      Damn, that scene brings back memories. He was so hot back then.

      • Evan Karls

        name of the scene pls?

        • emercycrite

          CollegeDudes with Angel Rock.

  • Evan Karls
  • peter

    The guys are drop-dead gorgeous as usual, but I find BelAmi way too choreographed.

  • Drakken

    Marcel not bottoming? What a waste of a perfect ass

  • GayhawkAZ

    That pic of Helmut smirking with his cum filled hole in the foreground is so fucking hot…

  • Jonny Marzetti

    It’s a porn sin that Helmut didn’t get that pool of cream on his hole shoved back while we’re looking down at his cutie-boy face at the same time. He was creampied earlier in the scene, why not in this OMG see-ALL-the-good-stuff-at-once setting? The biggest missed opportunity of the year…or three. Sometimes I think Duroy & his people have a sadistic streak, make a point of NOT doing what they know viewers are screaming at the screen.