Here Are The Nominees For The First-Ever Str8UpGayPorn Awards

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Str8UpGayPorn is proud to announce the nominees for the first ever Str8UpGayPorn Awards, honoring the very best in gay adult entertainment. The Str8UpGayPorn Awards will be hosted live by Sandra Bernhard on June 22nd, 2017 at concert and night life venue Stage 48 in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. VIP tables, reserved seating, and tickets to the Str8UpGayPorn Awards, presented by Pornhub, will be available next month.

Here are the nominees in all 19 categories, 17 of which will be determined solely by the Str8UpGayPorn Awards panel of judges, while two will be chosen by fan votes (fan voting on the two “Viewer’s Choice” categories will begin on April 24th).



“Cauke For Free” (Titan Men)
“Just Love” (Cocky Boys)
“Lifeguards: Summer Session” (Helix Studios)
“Scared Stiff” (Naked Sword)
“Tarzan” (Men)

Outstanding Achievement In Sexual Performances By A Gay Adult Entertainer

Austin Wilde
Blake Mitchell
Carter Dane
Colby Keller
Diego Sans
Justin Owen
Kevin Warhol
Levi Karter
Sean Cody’s Randy
Sean Zevran

Outstanding Achievement In Direction Of A Film Or Series

Marty Stevens—”Last Summer In Greece”
Alex Roman—”Lifeguards: Summer Session”
Chi Chi LaRue—”Scared Stiff”
Jake Jaxson—”The Stillest Hour”
Marc MacNamara—”Tarzan”

Outstanding Achievement By An Actor In A Lead Role

Matthew Bosch, “Cauke For Free”
Liam Riley, “One Erection”
Ryan Rose, “Scared Stiff”
Will Wikle, “The Stillest Hour”
Diego Sans, “Tarzan”

Outstanding Achievement By An Actor In A Supporting Role

Bruce Beckham, “Cauke For Free”
Diesel Washington, “Lies And Affairs”
Blake Mitchell, “Lifeguards: Summer Session”
Colton Grey, “Secrets & Lies”
Justin Owen, “Will Fuck 4 Home”

Outstanding Achievement By A Performer Who Rose To Prominence In 2016

Calvin Banks
Derek Bolt
Corbin Colby
Sean Ford
Collin Simpson


Kris Evans
Ryan Rose
Austin Wilde
Arad Winwin
Sean Zevran

bet cckBEST COCK

Sean Cody’s Randy
Boomer Banks
Corbin Colby
Joel Birkin
Blake Mitchell


Corbin Colby
Carter Dane
Levi Karter
Dante Martin
Sean Zevran

Outstanding Achievement In Gay Adult Entertainment By A Straight-Identifying Male

Vadim Black
Tom Faulk
Johnny Rapid
Sean Cody’s Sean
Collin Simpson


Gay Adult Entertainment’s Most Popular Star, Determined By Fan Votes

Boomer Banks
Bruce Beckham
Brent Corrigan
Sean Ford
JJ Knight
Liam Riley
Armond Rizzo
Ricky Roman
Ryan Rose
Kyle Ross


Gay Adult Entertainment’s Most Popular Couple, Determined By Fan Votes

Brent Corrigan And JJ Knight
Kyle Ross And Max Carter
Diego Sans And Marc MacNamara
Tyler Hill And Evan Parker
Colby Chambers And Mickey Knox


Outstanding Achievement By A Star Who Launched A Comeback Or Reinvention

Bruce Beckham
Dean Phoenix
Chi Chi LaRue
Taylor Reign
Jason Vario

Outstanding Achievement In Controversial, Shocking, Or Headline-Making News

Blake Mitchell’s Bottoming Debut For Sean Ford
Colby Keller’s Vote For Donald Trump
Jarec Wentworth’s Imprisonment For The Extortion Of Donald Burns
Killian James’ Fake Death
Will Wikle’s Gay Porn Debut


Outstanding Gay Porn Scene Featuring Four Or More Performers

“Last Summer In Greece” (Adam Archuleta, Marc Ruffalo, Marcel Gassion, Robin Michaux, Brian Jovovich, Roald Ekberg—Bel Ami)

“Tarzan” (Diego Sans, Luke Adams, Colton Grey, Tobias—Men)

“One Erection” (Colby Keller, Allen King, Levi Karter, Liam Riley, Tayte Hanson, Kody Stewart—Cocky Boys)

“Lifeguards: Summer Session” (Kyle Ross, Blake Mitchell, Max Carter, Joey Mills, Tyler Hill, Evan Parker—Helix Studios)

“Grab Him By The Mussy” (Models Unidentified—Fraternity X)


Outstanding Gay Porn Scene Featuring Two Performers

Brent Corrigan And Calvin Banks Flip-Fuck (“Extra Sausage,” Ultra Fan—NakedSword)
Jess Fucks Sean (Sean Cody)
Austin Wilde Fucks Jack Hunter (Guys In Sweatpants)
Blake Mitchell Fucks Justin Owen (“Fair Game”—Helix Studios)
Jake Davis Fucks Dante Martin (“Dirty Poolboy”—Next Door Studios)


Outstanding Gay Porn Scene Featuring Three Performers

Levi Karter, Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox (Cocky Boys)
Jack Harrer, Peter Annaud, Brian Jovovich (“Offensively Large”—Bel Ami)
Randy, Dean, Cory (Sean Cody)
Ellis, Hugh, Sebastian (“Ellis Gets Double-Dicked”—Corbin Fisher)
Johnny Rapid, Adam Bryant, Will Braun (“Fuckemon Go”—Men)


Outstanding Achievement By An All-Sex Studio

Chaos Men
Guys In Sweatpants
Fraternity X
Gay Hoopla
Corbin Fisher


Outstanding Achievement In Gay Adult Movies, Productions, And Membership Sites

Bel Ami
Cocky Boys
Falcon Studios
Helix Studios
Naked Sword
Next Door Studios
Titan Men

  • Xzamilloh

    This looks good… I like this list, namely because it’s demonstrative of what has been currently good and doesn’t look like some outdated list that hasn’t been looked at since gay porn was invented.

  • C3xxx

    Lol. ok, please have Diesel MC the event. The editorial is classic.

  • goosegui
  • Todd

    None for Lucas Entertainment or Nica Noelle ??


    • Ben

      I was hoping there would be Razzie type of nominations… “Best on screen couple” Nica and her pepperoni tits. Billy Santoro and His monkey face etc

      Disappointed with these noms.

    • Dazzer

      One of the reasons I’m genuinely regretting that I can’t be there is because I’ll miss picket Lucas will be leading against the Str8UpGayPorn awards.

      Obviously, behind the scenes there will be the usual flurry of emails as Lucas forbids anyone with any connection to Lucas having anything to do with these awards. And it goes without saying that the estimable Mr Sire will be condemned as being anti-Israeli for organising the awards.

      And personally, I’m expecting a full-on cyber attack on Hello Kitty because it’s even tangentially connected (for reasons totally out of its control – eg, me) to something Lucas doesn’t like.

      But what I’m really holding out for is Lucas and Nica to join up with Westboro to set up a new organisation: God-Fearing Porn Producers Against This Sort of Thing, which will do their damndest to shut down the awards ceremony.

      If there isn’t going to be at least one minor international incident caused by this awards ceremony, I’m going to be sorely disappointed.

  • WyattTF

    Sean Cody isn’t nominated for best studio…yikes. How the mighty have fallen. Can’t say I think they should be given the whole “new camera” fiasco that has seemingly gone on for months.

  • Mokojojo

    ActiveDuty, BSB, and Princeton Price were snubbed!

  • sxg

    Bruce Beckham wins for Best Nominees Announcement!!!

  • Dazzer

    Just to remind people.

    As I’m the designated “No 1 Fan” for the Str8UpGayPorn Awards Judging Panel, I’m not going to be commenting on who should or should not win on these pages (or anyone else).

    However, I have my own designated notebook and I’ll be taking regular tallies of who fans want to win.

    If I’m torn between two or more performers/performances in a category, I will most likely opt for the fan favourite as designated on these pages.

    What’s more, the voting regulations mean that if the judges tie on three performers/performances in a category, the “No 1 Fan” casts the defining vote as to the two performers who win that award jointly.

    I guarantee that I’ll always cast that tie-breaker according to the way people on these pages have indicated their preferences.

    Basically, unlike many other porn awards, readers of Str8UpGayPorn emphatically have a voice in the judging and you have the potential to sway awards the way you want.

    If you think someone or some people should win an award, say so loudly and clearly here and any other pages dealing with the Str8UpGayPorn Awards. I promise you that’ll I’ll be paying serious attention.

    • goosegui
    • Ben

      Anyone but Ryan Rose. K. Thx

      • edginghours

        Add Colby Keller to that list pls.

        • Ben

          Totally, this wannabe “artist”. I guess my brain automatically blocks his name out.

        • No “out”, traitor Trumpledites, please.

    • Pertinax

      It’s very kind, very generous of you ! I’m glad to see you taking this attitude.

    • Maximus

      All right, Dazz, prepare to be lobbied.

      Best Picture: “Cauke for Free,” because it’s the only title that contains a pun.

      Best Performer: Carter Dane, because I have a bit of a crush on him, and also because he would genuinely appreciate the award.

      Best Director: I want to say Chi Chi, but wasn’t there some problematic T about her that came to light? Not the rehab thing—it might have had something to do with accommodating white performers who don’t want to work with black scene partners. Or was that just mr. Pam?

      Best Actor: Liam Riley, because he serves you unapologetic full-force faggotry.

      Best Supporting Actor: Diesel Washington, just because of that video of him reading the G4P nominees.

      Best Newcomer: NOT Collin Simpson! ANYBODY BUT Collin Simpson!

      Best Body: This award should go to whomever has gotten the least help from steroids. That definitely rules out Kris Evans and Sean Zevran.

      Best Cock: Not really a fan of any of them. Corbin Colby, I guess?

      Best Ass: Carter Dane!!! His ass is perfection!!!

      Best Gay-For-Pay Star: Vadim Black, because I want to see Lady Pimp Miss Katelin push Vadim to the floor so that she can go up on stage to accept the award.

      Favorite Gay Porn Star: Liam Riley (see above).

      Favorite Gay Porn Power Couple: Brent and JJ, because they make a cute couple and seem like decent people.

      Best Gay Porn Comeback: Bruce Beckham, because he seems like a sweet guy.

      Best Gay Porn Newsmaker: Jarec Wentworth, because duh.

      Best Group Scene: “Grab Him by the Mussy,” for its political commentary.

      Best Duo Scene: Austin Wilde and Jack Hunter, because they’re openly gay men, and the scene was done for a gay-owned studio.

      Best Three-Way Scene: Ellis, Hugh, and Sebastian, because DPs are not easy to pull off, especially for the bottom.

      Best All-Sex Studio: Guys in Sweatpants, because they test their models and don’t glorify heterosexuality.

      Best Gay Porn Studio: Cocky Boys, because they don’t glorify heterosexuality, and because their videos have the highest production value.

      • Zealot

        Maximus, I’m pretty much with you on everything but the power couple. I just can’t stand idly by and watch Brent abscond with my future ex-husband, JJ. Brent always struck me as whiny and bratty and the fit he threw with Falcon over a cover a couple years ago was childish. But his toe-point has improved immeasurably over that time for sure!

      • Dazzer

        I’m paying attention.

        Not agreeing or disagreeing.

        When I stated my judging objectives as “No 1 Fan” I thought this would be easy.

        I was just going to be the person who would use mathematics to establish who was most popular. But the second the nominations have been announced, my whole policy has gone to shit.

        I had a system in place to set out who St8UpGayPorn readers wanted to be the best.

        Now I have to consider who Str8UpGayPorn readers really don’t want to win.

        It’s difficult.

        Seriously, folks.

        I’m paying attention here, but what I thought would be easy is fuckwitted in terms of my understanding of the situation.

        That said, please keep on saying stuff.

        When you say stuff here, I’m making ticks on my notebook in the UK.

        Even if your comments here are utterly fuckwitted, you’re a Str8UpGayPorn commentator, and I’m listening and paying attention.

    • gaysiantwink

      Carter Dane for any tie breakers. idgaf about the rest.

      Upvote me guys.

      • Zealot

        I adore a shameless plea for up-votes!

    • Zealot

      My picks for your consideration my man!
      1. Best Picture – Cauke for Free (because my browser keeps wanting to change “cauke” to “cause” or “cake” and Cake for Free sounds amazing)!
      2. Best Performer – Diego Sans (yesterday, today and forever)
      3. Best Director – Jake Jaxon. His work looks cinematic and sensual and always incredibly “watchable” no matter who is in front of his lens.
      4. Best Actor – Liam Riley because of what Maximus said.
      5. Best Supporting Actor – Diesel Washington for his body of work…and his body…and just because of his wonderful “Diesel-ness”.
      6. Best Newcomer – (why no Matthew Bosh in this category?)….Corbin Colby by process of elimination.
      7. Best Body – Arad Winwin. My kinda guy, and because his story about coming to this country should inspire us all.
      8. Best Cock – Joel Birkin. That thing looks like the Hindenburg standing on end.
      9. Best Gay4Pay – Vadim Black. Environmentalist. Caring person. Friend to animals.
      10. Best Power Couple: Diego Sans and Marc McNamara. I mean. Imagine Marc directing Diego everywhere….especially in bed.
      11. Best Newsmaker – If anyone by Jarec Wentworth for the Donald Burns debacle wins this category, I’m going to write him in prison and demand that he sue STR8UPGAYPORN for an obvious conspiracy against him.
      12. Best Duo Scene – (I balk a bit at selecting a bareback scene, and I do so with the assumption that rigorous testing and use of PrEp took place as prescribed by doctors), Austin Wilde and Jack Hunter. Two sex hounds acting as if they’ve been chained naked and kept from fapping for a month.
      13. Best Comeback – Bruce Beckham. I want him to show up as a UPS guy and make me sign for packages that aren’t mine, all day long.
      14. Best Three-Way – Levi Carter, Colby Chambers & Mickey Knox. Beautiful guys, beautiful direction, etc.
      15. Best Studio – Titan (which I’m recommending they use the tag line from here on out, “The men You Want to Fuck”.
      16. Best All-Sex Studio – (again with the testing and the yadda, yadda, yadda; and it’s gay owned and gay guys doing very gay things) Guys in Sweatpants.

    • Dan Scott

      My personal choices –

      Best Picture: “Scared Stiff” (Naked Sword)

      Best Performer: Diego Sans

      Best Director: Jake Jaxson – ”The Stillest Hour”

      Best Actor: Diego Sans

      Best Supporting Actor: Diesel Washington

      Best Newcomer: Calvin Banks

      Best Body: Arad Winwin

      Best Cock: Boomer Banks

      Best Ass: Corbin Colby

      Best Gay-4-Pay Star: Sean Cody’s Sean

      Favourite Gay Porn Star: JJ Knight

      Favourite Gay Porn Power Couple: Brent Corrigan & JJ Knight

      Best Gay Porn Comeback: Bruce Beckham

      Best Gay Porn Newsmaker: Jarec Wentworth

      Best Group Scene: “Tarzan”

      Best Duo Scene: Brent Corrigan And Calvin Banks Flip-Fuck “Extra Sausage”

      Best Threeway Scene: Levi Karter, Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox (Cocky Boys)

      Best All-Sex Studio: Guys In Sweatpants

      Best Gay Porn Studio: Next Door Studios

    • Alismith

      Can I give my votes please? Numbered in order 1 to 19

      1 Just Love
      2. Austin Wilde or Carter Dane
      3 Jake Jaxson
      4 Diego Sans
      5. Just for fun Diesel Washington and cos I don’t like Blake Mitchell
      6 Calvin Banks or Corbin Colby
      7 Austin Wilde
      8 Corbin Colby
      9 Carter Dane
      10 none of them
      11 voted but if you have to anyone except Sean
      12 voted but if you have to any couple except the
      helix twink couples
      13. Bruce Beckham
      14. Killian James
      15 One Erection
      16 Austin Wilde and Jack Hunter
      17 Levi Colby and Mickey
      18 GISP
      19 Bel Ami

      Good luck!

  • sxg

    Bruce Beckham wins for Best Nominees Announcement!

    Sean Cody not nominated for Best All-Sex Studio???
    Granted they haven’t had the best yeae, especially the last few months, but the sex has been as good if not better than half those nominated.

    • snoopyfo

      i thought the same thing

    • bobby durst

      At least Sean Cody didn’t inexplicably stop updating for like half a year. And yet GISP was nominated. Somebody kissing up to Austin Wilde, or what?

      • Zachary Sire

        Or, despite the 4-month absence, their content was still among the best 5 studios for that category.

      • Mike Julius

        Quality over quantity. GISP took a hiatus, but their stuff is just better overall.

      • Xzamilloh

        Sheeeyit, give me the chance I’ll be kissing up/in/around Austin Wilde. Hell, if the police ever needed my saliva for DNA, they’d have to swab his butthole. Is that thirsty enough for you? Because I can get Sahara desert up in this bitch!!!

    • goosegui
      • sxg

        Yum, Tom Ford! Now he’s a rarity, a fashion queen who is hot!

    • Dave

      And GH is nominated? HOLY CRAP!! I guess not knowing how to edit or film is enough to warrant a nomination.

  • #FearlessFanatic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜ

    Looking at the “Best cock” category. Bigger does not mean better! Joel Birkin (and 99% of other Bel ami models) literally stick the head in and call that fucking. Sad!

    • Paul J

      Yes. It would be more accurate to describe the award as biggest cock.

    • edginghours

      Right? Like Boomer’s super hot but most of the time he’s at half-mast.

    • Mike Julius

      It’s best cock, not best performer. There’s a difference.

  • snoopyfo

    If kris evans doesn’t win best body…. corbin colby with all those noms, hes soo sexy, i hope he wins something but hes got some good competition too

  • Blaqueer

    But um didn’t Vadim say on Twitter he is bi or pansexual and thus no longer identifies as str8? And is Collin Simpson str8? Like didn’t he start bg claiming to be curious and he hasn’t done a single str8 scene on their sister site so can’t he be a case of “I don’t have to say it but you know the tea?”

    • realitytvIV

      Am I crazy or doesn’t Tom also identify as bi??

      • Stacy

        As a Faulkologist, you are correct

        • Pertinax


        • Hereweare

          That’s Faulkin’ funny!!

      • Blaqueer

        Yep. So really this should be “gay for pay” side-eye. Like why hasn’t g4p just died out. Hell labeless would be better.

  • Paul J

    It looks like a decent list; definitely independent unless I’m being naïve. But what are the criteria though? Because I don’t think my idea of a good fuck scene is well represented here and my idea of a good body/cock certainly isn’t.

  • Tim

    I’d have added or changed a couple of your best cock nominees (Jack Hunter and JJ Knight deserve better) and the lack of any nomination involving Wesley Woods is saddening, but mostly this is spot on.

  • Scrapple

    I did clutch my pearls slightly when Austin messed up Sandra’s name. And when Bruce (who was looking movie star fab in that ambient lighting) announced “One Erection” as the tweens were descending the staircase. But all the announcements were cute and fun. As soon as I saw the G4P noms and Diesel’s face, I knew shit was about to get real. Still, I was not prepared for that mugshot. I was done for after that. I can’t tell what I’m more excited about, seeing who wins what or reading about who gets dragged harder than luggage at a Samsonsite quality control center.

    And the use of “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” deserves three snaps in ‘S’ formation.

    • Mike Julius

      “…who gets dragged harder than luggage at a Samsonsite quality control center” LOL!

    • Hereweare

      LOL……Pearls clutched here as well at BOTH of your mentions!

  • Frank Bernal

    Lol… Are these pity nominations for Sean Ford.

    First of all you nominate him for Best New comer but not the guy who beat him twice in the same category this year????

  • Tellingthetruth

    Overall.. a pretty good and fair list. Bravo! I’m ready to buy my tickets!

  • Cauke For Free
    Austin Wilde
    Jake Jaxon
    Matthew Bosch
    Colton Grey
    Corbin Colby
    Sean Zevran
    Joel Birkin
    Carter Dane
    Collin Simpson
    Colby & Mickey
    Jason Vario
    Killian James’ crazy ass
    Grab Him By The Mussy
    Jess Fucks Sean
    Ellis’ DP
    TIE Chaos & Sweatpants
    Bel Ami

  • PaulieP

    Kris Evans body yes… but not his cock…..???

  • realitytvIV

    Blake was nominated too many times. I’ll never understand his appeal. Ever. Fugly, annoying, douchey.

  • Maximus

    Oh my goddess. The cuntiness. The shade.

    Let’s break it down point by point, shall we?
    •Austin mispronouncing Sandra Bernhard’s last name like he didn’t know who she was.
    •Sean Cody not being nominated for Best All-Sex Studio.
    •Liam’s snarky starlet demeanor.
    •The Johnny Rapid mugshot.
    •Diesel Str8Up reading the G4P nominees, plus the special mention of the Lady Pimp.

    I am gagged, geeked, and shook, all at the same time.

    • AustinWilde

      Does my gay card get revoked for not knowing who she is? Because I don’t.

      • SteadyNUnremitting

        You should, since you’re a man of a particular age.Besides your pronunciation was the issue.

      • Maximus

        You get a pass, but only because you’re so pretty.


    Porra!!! cadê o : Paddy O’ Brian!? Ele é o número um!!!!!

  • Al

    I love the fact that Sean Cody’s Randy is nominated. One of the best on that site.

    • sxg

      Odd that he’s not nominated for Best G4P model. That’s like Life Is Beautiful being nominated for Best Picture and not Best Foreign Language Film.

      • sexnando

        i remember taylor won best female vid, kanye happened and then beyoncé won video of the year. what the fuck was that?

        • sxg

          Yup that makes no fucking sense.

  • D.P. Welles

    Wow what an honor to see my favorite scene from UltraFan get recognized! Thanks to Brent and Calvin and the amazing Mr.Pam who’s lens captured all that hot sex!

  • John

    I see more people I would vote for than on other award shows. Corbin Colby many times.

  • I know that sexuality is diverse, and deeply personal and understanding our sexuality is about the sexual feelings and attractions we feel towards other people, not about who we have sex with.

    Even tho… I have some struggles with “BEST GAY-FOR-PAY STAR” nominees

    As long as I remember, Vadim Black does not identify himself as Straight anymore, last year he announce that he was openly pan-sexual.

    Tom Faulk has said before:
    “I’m so sick of people calling me gay-for-pay when I have been gay-for-free. I feel like this strict purism in any form is not right for me”.
    He also said, that he likes to “play” with other men once or twice a year.
    He only thinks that he can not fall in love with another guy and that he really appreciates the female body.

    Collin Simpson… I don’t want to judge anyone, and i know that anal stimulation it’s not just for gay men, but I have to say that I don’t trust to much in metro-sexual “straight” boys who openly accept that they prefer to get fucked doggy style because “it feels really good.”

    (And no one can take Johnny Rapid serious anymore…)

    Maybe Sean Cody’s Sean is the only one who gives me a real “straight vibe”.
    But, who knows?

    As a conclusion i think that a single label cannot explain a complex situation, sexuality is really a fluid thing, we can’t know what this guys really feel, but even if they were fully straight… WTF It’s GAY porn, these guys don’t do it for prizes or recognition, they do it for the money.

    • Pertinax

      In the past there were only two sexes and genres, All ‘ the others ‘ are called sick people ( pervs ). Now people are beginnig to accept the ” sexuality is fluid ” thing. I may be wrong , but I think this will be the norm , at least in enlighted circles …

      • Dazzer

        Why is someone pulling down Bruno Tonioli’s pants in that pic?

        • Zealot

          Swimsuits have no carbs.

    • Mike Julius

      The only thing I do not agree with is your point about Collin. A physiological reaction does not a gay or bisexual make.

  • GrownFury
  • nick

    The studio selection is a bit vanilla, and where is Tim Tales ?

  • Pertinax

    His body is beautiful.

  • FooFight
    • Mike Julius

      Well deserved.

  • peter

    Best Gay4Pay? God knows Kellan’s paid his dues! He’s always given 110%! He actually got a pulse out of Grant!

    Best body? God knows Joey spends enough on his! Dean should be on that list, too

    There should also be a best personality, but that would automatically go to Justin and his famous Dick Vitale impersonation — oh Baby!

  • Green4clover

    Why is there a Gay-for-pay category? Aren’t we rewading straight guys enough with money? Is taking cock as a striaght man that much of an achievement it requires special recognision? I’d rather give awards torwards queer acepting performers.

  • Zachary Sire

    Good thing you don’t have to attend the show. Or visit this site. Or leave comments here.

  • Mike Julius

    If Jarec Wentworth doesn’t win best gay porn newsmaker, we’re in the Upside Down tbh.

  • Parker Lewis
  • Jason Lord

    Outstanding Achievement In Gay Adult Entertainment By A Straight-Identifying Male

    This would be the Audrey Hepburn Oscar for ‘ My Fair Lady’

  • funster

    Austin Wilde should be on that best cock list ?

    • Zachary Sire

      That category had 14 people in it and was changed/adjusted/whittled down over and over again before it was finally narrowed down to 5, and it honestly was the most difficult one to limit to 5.

  • WhimsyCotton

    The nominees for a majority of these categories…

    Something I’d like to know that hasn’t been explained (unless I’ve forgotten) is what the nomination criteria is. The Str8UpGayporn Awards are being modeled after traditional film awards shows, so how do these films and performers get nominated? Even the fan-voted categories already have nominees that were chosen by someone else (unless, again, I missed a poll).

  • Dan Scott

    Hi I am new to this site. Which stars was Diesel referring to in his “gay for pay” video? And by that I mean, which shade was meant for which star?

    Because the only one I like on that list is Sean from Sean Cody and my opinion will change if he’s done some really gross stuff :)

    • Dan Scott


  • PaulieP

    again i say….. Kris Evans body YES… but not his cock or his ass….the nomination committee needs to be replaced…..seriously.

  • J.D.

    As long as Colby Keller and Ryan Rose don’t win anything I’m good.

  • Zealot

    I would agree, but look at it this way- trying to suck cock and get fucked up the ass and act like it’s not second nature to you after the umpteenth time it happens takes some big acting skills!

    • OverKill

      I don’t believe in G4P at all. I believe that they’re sexually attracted to a man in some way and there is nothing wrong with that. If your not gay or bi get out of gay porn and go to straight porn and stop wasting time and give those gay/bi performers more scenes. The let me seduce/turn a straight man schtick in porn is old and tired.

  • Zealot
  • Name

    They really need to get rid of the Gay for Pay category. Please!

  • peter

    What about a category for “Best Orange Racist, Fascist Oompa Loompa Model” — a cat-fight between Brad Chase and Porter! Pink Andrew Christian pantie-jocks in tatters!

  • peter

    No Kyle Dean in the Newsmaker category?

  • peter

    Blake Mitchell and Troy Ryan tagging the Fascist Oompa Loompa deserves honorable mention in the three-way category. Troy needs to get back in front of the camera ASAP!

  • Zealot

    Oh you shady sow.


    There was no one else in the male category of the gay porn industry that you liked better than Will Wikle?

  • Zealot
  • Zealot

    Oh sweetums. You know I’d rather walk on my lips than cause you one second of dismay. But sometimes, shade must be met with shade. It’s the gay way.

  • Stephen

    How can we vote

  • Stephen

    Colby chambers and mickey knox.are my favorite.

  • Marcus Collack

    “Johnny Rapid” *Insert Mug shot* The shade of it all.

  • Marcus Collack

    Best New Comer needs to be a five-way tie where there needs to be a fuck-off to determine the winner, last one fucking and/or able to stand takes it all.

  • danny

    Sean from Sean Cody is gay4pay? He looks like he really enjoys cock in all his scenes. If he is straight, then he deserves and Academy Award for his acting!

  • cocainetollerance