Here Are Two Bottoms Being Fucked By Feet Wrapped In Condoms(?)

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91413_08We’ve already seen someone put their amputated leg up someone’s ass this year, and now it’s time to watch someone put their foot up someone’s ass. You would think the amputated leg scene might he harder to watch, but unless you have a foot fetish, this one could be even harder to stomach.

91413_10 91413_11Here are Hugh Hunter and Joey D. shoving their feet (which are covered in weird plastic baggies of some sort? or, are they foot condoms? idk) up the assholes of two bottoms in a scene from ClubInfernoDungeon’s “World Series Of Fisting.” (FYI: Feet are not the same things as fists, so wouldn’t this be called a “Footing” scene?)

91413_12 91413_13 91413_14 91413_15Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ClubInfernoDungeon: Foot Fucking]

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