Here We Go Again: Colby Keller Tries (And Fails) To Explain Trump Vote In Advocate Op-Ed

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For at least the third time since his initial public announcement last October, Colby Keller is yet again trying (and failing) to explain why he voted for a deranged and disgraceful white supremacist sympathizer to occupy the White House. If you recall his oft-repeated reasoning, Keller voted for Trump not because he supported his policies, but because he hoped it would “destabilize” the corrupt American government. (Keller identifies politically as a Communist.) Keller has an op-ed in the Advocate today, and he starts by saying that people are only mad at him because he’s exposed them to the fact that our democracy is a sham, or something:

Porn is fantasy. That’s no surprise. To say that our democracy is equally invested in the projection of certain fantasies, however — or, more to the point, is a fantasy — has the potential to anger many Americans. I’ve been the focus of that anger lately.


He goes on to give a history lesson for those of you who didn’t graduate high school, and then he explains that because the United States is a “farce,” he decided to go ahead and vote for someone who best represents that farce:

It began with the Constitution. Our “forefathers,” a cabal of elite owners of property (which included human beings), carefully crafted a document that has serviced their own interests — to preserve and protect their property.

This isn’t the story we receive as innocent children, about George Washington and his cherry tree, or Abraham Lincoln and his log cabin. The story of our great democracy is a fairy tale, a fantasy that continues now.

Today, the political class of both parties goes to great lengths to sow division where there should be unity.

We now know that the Democratic National Committee chose Donald Trump as its preferred candidate, thinking it could easily defeat him. He was the official DNC tool of division. It’s the same old divide-and-conquer strategy that dates back civilizations. I chose Trump because democracy in the United States is a farce.

No one better represents this farce than an orange-haired comic book villain groomed on television — decade after decade — to caricature the rich. It is the rich who benefit from the endless war and economic deprivation that punishes the rest of us.

Those who are angry after reading about the YouTube video I posted last month explaining that I don’t support Trump, even though I voted for him, should also know the context of that vote.

He then goes on to list all of the ways that America is bad (dropping nuclear bombs, economic corruption and inequality, fighting and killing in endless wars, jailing whistle blowers, destroying the climate, etc.), which is true! And yet, he’s still unable to logically explain how his vote for Trump is in any way a remedy for any of that. Instead, he seems to be arguing that his vote for Trump was a protest of the Democratic Party?

So when I cast my vote last November, I knew that tying our many political successes in the ongoing struggle for LGBTQ liberation to an institution in rapid decline, like our corrupt Democratic Party, is not a strategy to preserve those gains into the future. Maintaining our rights in a world destroyed by climate-related chaos will require tremendous perseverance and fortitude.

[…] One political party (of our miserly two-party state) rigged the political process to rob its constituents of a truly popular candidate, forcing their own choice on a beleaguered nation, a nation devastated by financial crimes the previous administration, from the same party, worked fervently to enable, failing to pursue a single criminal prosecution for the 2008 financial collapse. That these same criminals bankroll both parties and their candidate of choice shouldn’t surprise.

[…] Like it or not (and most of us dislike it, including me) Trump — the self-financed independent billionaire — represented a vote against a corrupt system.

With so many holes in Keller’s baseless and meaningless explanation, it’s hard to know where to begin. For one, if Trump is in fact a so-called “self-financed independent billionaire,” he became that way because of the very corrupt American economic and social system that allowed him to prosper. So, Colby Keller’s vote for Trump was effectively honoring and perpetuating American capitalism, not rejecting a “corrupt system.”

Trump’s entire campaign was fueled on racism from day one (and even before he launched his campaign, his political popularity was rooted in racist birtherism against Obama), and the bigots and racists who voted for Trump are in fact so emboldened by him today, they are literally taking to the streets and committing murder. So, Colby Keller’s vote for Trump was effectively emboldening racism, not rejecting a “corrupt system.”

Trump has already bombed Syria, threatened to invade Venezuela, and suggested we will inflict “fire and fury” on North Korea, so Colby Keller’s vote for Trump was effectively supporting more of the same U.S. warmongering, not rejecting a “corrupt system.”

Colby Keller obviously didn’t do anything to destabilize anything when he voted for Trump (and in turn, the Republican party, to which Trump is beholden), and the least he could do is admit that now? Unless, of course, he truly believes that Trump is still an “independent” force who will upend the system, in which case Colby Keller is no smarter than the average Trump voter who truly does support him.

If he actually understood any of his reasonable complaints with the U.S. government, Colby Keller could’ve not voted for anyone. Or, if he actually cared about what he was talking about, he could’ve just wasted his vote on Jill Stein. By voting for Trump, he’s proven that he actually doesn’t understand or care about the issues at all. And unless he enjoys the endless barrage of negative responses and bad press, Colby Keller might want to stop wasting his time doing mental gymnastics every few months failing to explain a discordant political position that only makes him look intellectually dishonest, if not completely clueless.

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  • mygoodstuff

    Clearly, this fool never heard the expression: “When you’re in a hole, stop digging.” Most of what he writes is nonsensical (especially the part about the LGBTQ struggle) and applies no critical thinking. Moreover, he used his very precious vote to further entrench what he calls a “corrupt system.”
    I’ll give him something simple to think about: If the US is such a fairy tale, fantasy and a farce, why are you still here?

    • Ulf Raynor

      I’d also add, if communism works so well, why are they all collapsing or adopting capitalist infrastructures to compete globally and provide even the most base human requirements for their citizens?

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  • buffy2004

    i just wonder, why he doesn’t shut up??? just shuting the fuck up is his best choice. i can’t even enjoy his porn now and it was great for me :(.

  • as3487

    I’m not a normal commenter, but this shit really pisses me off. I’m tired of Bernie Bros twisting and contorting themselves to explain why they preferred Trump to Hillary.

    Just admit it already! Your vote–if you even cast a ballot–wasn’t about policy, but personality. There was something about this proud, unapologetic, non-traditionally female candidate that just rubbed you the wrong way. Why else make excuses for a candidate that has admitted, in the past, to blatantly and intentionally lying to people to personally benefit himself, to bragging about murdering someone in public and still not lose support, and for preferring rich people to poor people because their “winners.” Tell me what in the past 7 months has lead you to believe this con artist will “upend the corrupt political system” instead of just using power to aggrandize himself and his family holdings.

    I wonder if Joe Biden had been the “preferred candidate of the DNC” (why is it that Bernie Bros always jump on the back of the DNC, which is just a fundraising apparatus for the Democratic Party) if they would have had such strong objections to voting Democrat last year. Despite his vote for the crime bill, or the Iraq War, or his support for TPP, my guess is a lot of those Bernie Bros woulda still come home, so long as someone like “Uncle Joe” was the nominee, and not “Ugh Hillary.”

    Okay. I’m done. ?

    • Zealot

      Well said. And I completely agree. Add to that how Colby and his ilk talk about the “corrupt” Democratic Party. Well, if they’re “corrupt” what does that make the Republicans? His rationale is insane and a pathetic over-simplification of the political landscape wrapped up in pseudo-intellectualism. And DON’T EVEN get me started on how the Advocate, a once proud bastion of gay rights has provided platforms for him and others who are undermining the LGBTQ community in very insidious ways. It’s not that I consider myself the “thought police” or anything, but it leaves me gob-smacked to hear persons who should understand the struggle and the sacrifices of those who are bullied, persecuted and outright killed by the actions and policies of the right….shit all over them by voting for Trump…and for what? They’ve sold out and sold their souls and I will never honor them not those who hire him by paying for their product.

      • as3487

        You’re right. It’s mind-boggling. I have tried to understand how those on the political left (particularly among my fellow gay men) could rationalize voting for Trump. But every time I wind up hearing or reading some guilty crap from men who are progressives, except for “the corrupt Democratic party” or how they just “didn’t like her.”

        Who the fuck cares who you like or wanna have a beer with? There’s more at stake for our nation–not to mention our values as as LGBTQ Americans–and I would rather an administration that sides with me on issues of identity and you know, my general way of life, rather than someone who I think MIGHT share my beliefs, if only he wasn’t just so beholden to all those alt-right and white nationalist folks.

        My rant is the same to every Trump voter: he misled you. He made you believe that he was on your side because he wanted to win. That’s all. At his core, he only cares about finding ways for corporations to profit and for white nationalists to prosper. Stop giving him cover to enact his hateful agenda.

        • Zealot

          If you probe this further, and if people were honest, the root of how the election went says more about race and gender among voters, which unfortunately bled over into some among the LGBTQ voting base. Once Bernie was out, these individuals started looking for any and all excuses to vote Independent (which was a wasted vote, certainly) or not planning to vote at all. For those who chose Option 3, Trump…well, that can only be explained by deep-seated internalized homophobia, and shame. I have yet to hear one single, viable, rational reason for anyone from our community to vote Republican. And the impact goes far beyond Trump. Actually, I could have waited out four years of that human joke were it not for Trump’s ability to make a Supreme Court appointment– which may ultimately create the most damaging, long-lasting and far-reaching aftermath of the 2016 election. Even if impeached (which was my prediction all along), Pence will be as bad if not worse for this community in terms of appointments and legislation which based on his past statements and voting record are going to decimate this community’s rights, and risk marginalizing us even further. That anyone from this community was complicit in electing Trump is not just shameful, it’s demoralizing.

          • as3487

            Sigh of relief. Thank you for this.

            “If you probe this further, and if people were honest, the root of how the election went says more about race and gender among voters, which unfortunately bled over into the LGBTQ voting base.”

          • Zealot

            Yes, sadly everything from online dating profiles and hook-up apps are rife with the evidence of our own internalized suspicions and hatred for things that aren’t beautiful and shiny, or different in any way. We’ve closed ourselves off to each other and put up these artificial walls of meaninglessness to the point that we’re starting to think and act like those who would put us in jail and silence us forever. Even to the point that we’ll support and vote against our own self interests. Those things may not seem to be related…but it all boils down to dislike of those who don’t look the same. So I hear hatred and suspicion described as “preferences”. And this community has equated hot to look at and fun in bed as things we should be striving for. So, for me, we’re like bargain shoppers who buy the shiniest thing on the shelf without any thought to whether or not it’s useful or has any real meaning. We need to start connecting in other ways than online or in bed and get back to what we as human beings need– love, compassion, understanding and supporting each other. That’s my gay dream…with whatever years I have left to help make that happen.

          • Ed Woody

            I’m not American and I’m not familiar with the intricacies of the system. But if Trump is impeached on the basis that the election was illegitimate because it was influenced by external forces (aka Russia), then Pence was also the beneficiary of that same interference, so why would he inherit the presidency from Trump? They would both go, surely, and a whole new election should be conducted.

          • FrenchBug

            But unfortunately, elections are held at fixed dates in the United States. Were both Trump and Pence to be impeached (which will never happen), House Speaker Paul Ryan would become President. Which brings up a whole different boatload of questions about fairness (since the DNC hack also hit Democratic House candidates) and representativity (helloooo, gerrymandering). Not to mention that it would also be a disaster for progressive policies.
            Obviously, because he is sane, I’d take it but progressives are fucked for the foreseeable future.

          • Maximus

            The legislature can only remove a sitting president through impeachment if the president has personally committed a felony or misdemeanor. The 25th Amendment to the Constitution allows the vice president and the president’s cabinet to force a vote in the legislature as to the president’s ability/fitness to fulfill his duties (similar to a vote of no confidence in a parliamentary system, but it doesn’t trigger an election). There’s no explicit procedure for invalidating a presidential election after the electoral college has already voted, thereby validating the election. Courts have ordered do-overs in elections for other offices, but never for president.

            I don’t know why our founders didn’t anticipate this issue……

          • FrenchBug

            Well, I guess they didn’t imagine the system to become so rotten that an entire election would be tainted.
            Remember too that the VP was at first not elected on a ticket with the President so they didn’t figure the notion that both could be illegitimate at the same time. Finally, they figured that putting the House Speaker and the Senate President Pro Tempore, aka members of the governments with a legitimacy provided by different elections, would ensure that there would be plenty of options with some kind of popular legitimacy – gerrymandering, the role of money of politics, the weird demographic spread of the states and therefore the Senate etc… have combined with time to make even them of dubious representativity but can we blame the Founders for not seeing that far ahead?
            Americans take a lot of pride in the fact they haven’t touched their Constitution much but you’d think the fact two hundred years of practice hasn’t prompted them to correct the flaws that surfaced with time isn’t such a good thing.

          • paradigm98

            Because we were suppose to update our political systems to fit the times…. Thomas Jefferson would not agree with a document meant for his time being used for our time.

            I may not like some aspects of the guy but he had a point.

            Secondly, howe does one vote for a guy who perpetuates the social-economic mess he suggests we are a part of?

          • Zealot

            I think at this point there would be any number of reasons why impeachment could be undertaken (hell, the Republicans went after Clinton for having it off with Monica Lewinsky, and considering that on the off chance he whispered state secrets to her during or after sex!). I think any such action would need some support from the Republican Party and that, I’m afraid would be where the deal would be brokered to keep Pence in tact as the next President. I completely agree with your assessment, but they could ignore those charges and go after him for general ineptness and divulging classified information in his daily twitter-fits. But that’s just me playing arm-chair attorney.

      • zit_remedy

        you’re not anything like thought police; you’re absolutely right! these are strange times. anyone with intelligence can see the disparate forces pushing/pulling/tugging and attempting to control the narrative — and to think in my long history on the internet, the most compassionate, empathetic, and intelligent people i’ve ever encountered are commenters on a (great, zach, *so* great!) porn blog – and especially you, zealot!

        er, anyway, hail fellow well met, &c.?

        • Zealot

          Well, first I have to say how wonderful your words of support are and how touched I am by them.

          I understand how a community of people raised on hiding, and trying to be something they’re not, and being treated cruelly and unfairly as a common practice (and that’s not even half way acknowledging how women, people of color and trans folk have had it on top of their sexual orientation)– would want to be careful not to be those things in return. I get that. I do. But we need to swing back toward “gay is good” mode of operating as a community– meaning we in this entire LGBTQQ and non-cis people, and people of color spectrum need to stop being victims and apologizing for who and what we are. IT HAS TO STOP! Otherwise we’ve learned NOTHING from history and how the powerless and marginalized people of all societies have been treated when we trust those who are not US, too much.

          I didn’t mean to step back up on my soapbox ZR! You’ve gotten me all twirled up again! LOL.

          Much love to you and thanks so much again for the completely overwhelming and sweet things you said. I send them all back to you, doubled in meaning and with all the brotherly love in the world.

    • elephantman

      Please don’t lump Bernie voters and supporters with the losers who didn’t vote for Hillary. After Bernie didn’t get the nomination, obviously there were only two real choices. Anyone with a brain voted for Hillary. I know I did. There was a clear choice between the Trump and Hillary. And I must say that Bernie was very vocal in his support that his followers must vote for Hillary. So please don’t blame Bernie for idiots not voting for Hillary. They are simply idiots, like Colby here.

      • as3487

        No, I hear you. The bulk of real Bernie supporters did come home in November. I’m not talking about those folks. They’re real progressives. They understand what’s going on and what’s at stake.

        I’m talking about the Bernie Bros that wouldn’t even consider voting for Hillary because BEFORE any real policy issue, “they just didn’t like her.” I want to them to ask themselves, some 9 months after the election, do you really think things are better off? Do you really believe the country is closer to dismantling the corrupt system you swear is in place?

      • WhimsyCotton

        Bernie Sanders waited THREE months after he had already lost to finally throw his support behind Hillary. For those three months he continue to attack her and cause division in the Democratic party. Bernie shares a large part of the blame for Trump’s win. Let’s not get it twisted and give him a pass for his role.

        • zit_remedy

          this hurts, because i’m such a leftist, but you’re absolutely right! the left should absolutely have rallied en masse around hillary, if only because she was the only adult left in the room!

        • Maximus

          But Hillary tried to undermine the party and Obama when she lost to him in 2008!… Oh wait, no she didn’t. She swallowed her pride and was a team player for the sake of the greater good, and Obama went on to win the general election and to be a fantastic president.

      • in • vizi • bro

        …in the same way that Keller refuses to accept the fallacy of supporting Trump, some of my fellow liberals refuse to accept the fallacy of continuing to trash those of us who supported Bernie, even when the majority of us voted for HRC. Jon Lovett discussed this at length on a recent episode of Pod Save America. He noted that there is a helpful discussion to be had about how to move forward as a progressive base, however that conversation oft becomes derailed, because liberals are too busy relitigating the Bernie/Hillary divide. And therein lies the distraction. No longer are we focused on how to push ahead, because middle fingers are being thrust at progressives, as White Supremacy thrives. I am as against Keller’s illogical rationalization, as I am those more concerned with vilifying progressives than helping liberals to shift left.

  • pennessee
  • FrenchBug

    “A vote for Trump was a vote against the corrupt system”.
    Well, now that Trump has been elected, we can all look around us and say: thank you because you sure showed the corrupt system.

    Even though I loathe you. Colby, let me give you an advice: I know it is hard to comprehend for someone with an ego the size of yours but you’re not going to win that argument, even were you to get the last word.
    You have two choices here: either you want to entertain the self-delusion that you were right and then you shut the fuck up so that no one can poke at any of the thousands of hole at whatever passes for your reasoning. Or your ego does mind the bad PR (almost as much as it would acknowledging a mistake) and then you fake contrition.
    But, either way, this isn’t it. Really not.
    So fuck you. Now and forever.

  • Xzamilloh

    It must be so nice to be so removed from reality that you think voting for Agent Orange was going to anything but put a red target on your forehead… but, hey, we know “Red” is your favorite color, right, Commie?

    I have said time and time again now, that I would have more respect for his vote for Trump if there was some actual principle behind it, but this word salad of a mealy mouth explanation is just the icing on the urinal cake of why porn stars and celebrities should just shut the fuck up about politics and stick to what they know: cocks and coke.

    “[…] Like it or not (and most of us dislike it, including me) Trump — the self-financed independent billionaire — represented a vote against a corrupt system.”

    A corrupt system that he and his cronies not only benefited from before, but are benefiting even more now. Trump’s panel is a who’s who of capitalism at its finest… of course, you know all about capitalism. It’s why you’re putting on this Ringling Brothers performance of backpedaling so that your bottom (no pun intended) line doesn’t diminish after this fiasco. But don’t worry too much. After all, in an industry where white supremacist Cameron Diggs was still getting steady work, your brain dead ass should have no problem finding even more brain dead performers (here’s looking at you, Tegan) and studios to fund your passion of pretentious graffiti or whatever the fuck you call art that Andrew Stark does a million times better than you.

    Give it up, Colby Keller. You’re dishonest, quasi-literate pseudo-intellectual who apparently assumed the majority of gay men thought with their penises and would give you a pass. Oh, I’ll give you a pass alright…. A HARD PASS!!!

    Is your name Colby Keller, or Helen Keller? Because only a deaf and blind mute could be so oblivious to their own basic bitch-assness. Anyways, take care, Colbs.

  • GN

    It’s not funny anymore, it’s tragic. As thanks to the vote of Mr Keller and others, a very concrete consequence has materialized. A girl is dead. To all Trump supporters, intentional or ironic alike:

    • Xzamilloh

      Who is the guy in the gif? He looks like he’s straight, but he’ll let you suck his dick every other Thursday after lacrosse practice.

    • Zealot

      You’re right. And I’ve been waiting for this community to stop trying to play fair, when we’re not receiving the benefit of that from the other side. The right has never fought fair. They’ve pulled every dirty trick in the book to screw over this community….and rather than get angry, we’re debating and trying to not be too politically correct. Well FUCK THAT. I’m all for political correctness. What’s the alternative? I’d say it’s basically what we’re living with every day under the Trump regime. It’s time to say that some things we call each other and allow ourselves to be called are wrong. There are some things in life that are just black and white and right and wrong, and rather than call it out, we’re being sheep. I miss ACT-UP, because they didn’t consider anything that harmed this community as acceptable. We’re under attack and now we have members of our own community siding with the enemy. That’s what Colby has done, and I’m mad as hell about it. I’m mad at CB and MEN for continuing to hire him. FUCK ‘EM. Like I said in another comment on this thread…I’m not patronizing them any longer. It’s wrong what’s happening and I think it’s time we all got mad again. Good and Goddamn mad.

  • OverKill
  • Prof T

    As a self confessed capitalist, my advice would be to hit this dirtbag where it hurts the most – his coin purse. Stop watching his scenes, quit subscribing to the companies that hire him and stop giving him any exposure on all types of media. Even a communist would suffocate if you slowly take away the air he breathes.

    • zit_remedy

      but let those who profit know *why*, right…?

  • sunnyday3000
  • Philip Broad

    When you’re in a hole …

  • Scrapple
  • Zealot
  • DoinItWell

    I see Colby is still trying to convince people that the pig with lipstick, is a woman.

  • yeah yeah

    He really needs to shut the FUCK up! What he thinks doesn’t matter at this point. Millions of people are dealing with daily fear and anxiety of 45’s presidency.

  • TrueWords

    Intellectuals love to rationalize their actions, and in this case, they certainly are blind to the fact that Donald Trump really has only one supreme belief–a belief in himself, of his own superiority to others, of his “right” to be in charge.

    All of the political opinions that emanate from his mouth are merely calls, hooks, and dog whistles to attract enough of a following to elect him.

    Trump has never made a single statement that demonstrates a mission based on any external goal. Trump said in his most recent memoir that he doesn’t respect people because “most people aren’t worthy of respect”, he claims to know more about the tax code than the IRS, more about ISIS than the US military’s leadership, and states that only he can solve our fictional problems.

    Donald Trump’s presidency is a nothing but continuous TV show that is a mash-up of 1984 and a Hugo Chavez multi-hour tirade, but it would not be a government.

    Given Trump’s overwhelming need to strike back at any perceived slight, we may not even have a country four years from now. This man is constitutionally psychotic and, at very least, a complete narcissist. And he will not change.

  • Josh in OR

    This hobo-looking mo-fo needs to just shut his mouth and go back to just taking dick. Its all he’s really ‘good’ for…and even then…

  • dqh257

    Colby should’ve responded specifically to his critics, explained his stance logically, instead of doubling down on the drivel.

    • Hari Kalyan

      Right, its like he’s begging us to listen to him yet again, but he’s not listening to (or willing to address) why people are outraged by his stance. Coward.

  • pangelboy

    Confused as to why he was allowed to write an op-ed for the Advocate in the first place? Are they really that desperate? …oh, I think I answered my own question.

    • FrenchBug

      I think that ship sailed when they started repeatedly publishing Michael Lucas’ proto-racist columns.

  • brock

    There are so many issues with his rationale, but here’s something else that really pisses me off: it’s a total fucking cop-out. Colby Keller can complain about all of these things, but what he doesn’t offer is any thoughtful alternative. Anyone with half a brain who spends even a moment consider this knows that Trump is the embodiment of everything that Keller supposedly stands against and complains about in his op-ed. I will give Colby the benefit of the doubt that he doesn’t actually wish for these horrific things to be happening under the Trump administration (although he was clearly warned of them), but I find so much of this to be intellectual cowardice. Hillary Clinton had flaws as a candidate, and the Democratic Party has flaws as a political machine. Supporting them requires internal compromise and efforts to make positive reforms by offering up specific solutions. Governing means making compromises on your values to achieve what you believe to be the greater good. It’s hard, it’s messy, and it’s frustrating. But it’s honest. What isn’t honest is standing on the sidelines to complain about everything, then offering up Donald fucking Trump as the solution to your corporatist, racist, exploitative vision of America. It’s what pseudo-intellectuals do. They have to pretend like they’re so much smarter and more principled than those willing to get their hands dirty with the actual grunt work of politics, but offer nothing of substance to actually improve anyones lives. It’s like Jill Stein coming out of the woodwork every four years to run a meaningless campaign complaining about the status quo, then slinking back into whatever hole she lives in for the next four years instead of actually working to achieve her vision. These people secretly don’t want their candidates to win, because then it would mean actually having to reconcile the shortcomings and flaws of your arguments and proposals. Instead, they can exist in a hypothetical world where they’re always right because they never actually put any skin in the game.

  • robertdude

    A boyhood friend of mine used to say “regardless of how you feel about the Pope, the guy’s got great hats.’ Regardless of how i feel about Colby when he opens his mouth, the guy’s got great cumshots.

  • Hey Colby. Hey girl. Can you do me a favour real quick and just fuck off with your shit already? Kthanxbye.

  • NotAnLMD

    I really wish I could un-masturbate to him.

    • tarddy

      I stopped years ago when i found YouTube videos of him talking about communism like he was 20 years old and reading A Peoples History of the United States for the first time.

  • Tim

    we had the 4 worst choices ever in this last election. but it was transparent that Trump was the kind of hyperdrive caricature of the worst parts of the system. Johnson was stupid, Stein a leftist of the worst extraction with an even worse running mate. Trump was, and is, Trump. But hell, as corruptingly establishmentarian and spineless as she was, at least Hillary Clinton both had a program for progress of a sort and seemed to care at least a little bit about the average voter. I voted against her in 2008, I voted against her in the primaries. (Bernie wasn’t much better on the issues and had a naievete that made me wish Biden had run or people had given Gov. O’Malley a chance in the earlier stages), but I had to hold my nose and vote for her in the general.

    If you believed in November Trump would be so bad it would have blown the system up, fine. but if you believe that now, if you can’t admit you’re wrong, just shut up.

    • a b

      “Establishment” is possibly the most meaningless word in american politics, even more than snowflakes

  • Pertinax

    Actually a delusional con artist posing as an ” intellectual” that is only good to be a whore due to his figure and sex skills.

    • scorpio

      When people here want to humiliate him they post pictures of him bottoming, sucking or getting facials even though he mostly tops. Apparently for those who cry discrimination, bottom shaming is okay

  • Todd

    Leave the country you hate so much, asshole. Russia is calling you.

  • cris levin

    Privileged people who doesn’t care about the consequences of his or her action. Sticking to “pure ideology” and refuse to see the night and day difference between HRC and DJT.

    Colby Keller, Susan Sarandon, bernie broes, fuck you all.

    • CBW

      These stupid fucks love bleating about the need for a “revolution” but they have this ridiculous fantasy that it was be a short painless removal of corrupt elites and leave them with their oblivious privilege intact and will cost them nothing.
      They are complicit in everything the maggot Trump does, and they ought to be shamed and scorned for it constantly.
      Disgusting trash.

      [Edit] maybe they’re right. It probably *would* cost THEM nothing, being insulated from consequences and actual hardship by their privilege. They honestly make me fucking sick.

    • THANK YOU.

    • Adam

      Exactly. This is a criticism for both conservatives and liberals. Their faux intellectualism and clumsy attempts to make their abdication of responsibility make sense is just tiring – if they truly cared about an alternative option to HRC or DJT, they should be directing their energy and money to calling both parties and demanding alternatives but at the time of the election, we only had two legitimate choices…and in this time of stress, they went with the candidate who was certainly a con man, unprepared, and a thinly veiled racist and misogynist. They can say whatever they want, but you know someone’s true character in difficult times and I just have not seen anyone who was wringing their hands about the lack of choice doing anything but throwing their vote to spite various liberal groups. They are all special snowflakes who want to show how different they are.

  • CamCam

    Colby Keller ain’t shit. Simple as that

  • Anthony

    The 2016 democratic primary was rigged in favor of the oligarchy darling.

    No that does not mean it’s good to vote for Trump (and btw who the fuck cares whom Colby spent his 1 vote on).

    It does mean that furthering a 3rd party so they at least have a better chance in the next election is worth considering.

    • Smithian

      A Third Party composed of… whom? Socialists, environmentalists and Libertarians? If that party also doesn’t welcome racists and millionaires with 3+ offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands, all this will do is keep the Democrats from being able to cross the finish line.

      Bernie’s agenda pushed Hillary even further to the left – she is a politician who isn’t nearly as inflexible as he is – something that’s actually useful in Washington but of course gets called “spineless” when it’s campaign time. That this wasn’t enough for 100,000 or so idiots in three states will never stop making me angry.

  • TK

    Colby, you know where you can stick you vote and your opinion? Same place your head is…

  • scorpio

    Both parties have enslaved my country equally so I agree with his points, but he’s naive if he thinks that people are gonna say “they’ve both proven not to work so let’s try something new.” People are conformist and go: “This doesn’t work, let’s change. Change is even worse, let’s change back”

  • Smithian

    Setting to one side the fact that he’s ignoring how Hillary Clinton won her nomination by millions of votes (DNC shenanigans aren’t irrelevant, but they don’t create 4 million votes, sorry), it infuriates me that he’s another person bemoaning the lack of viable 3rd/4th/5th etc parties in our political system. Say what you will about Republicans, but at the end of the day, every cadre across the Right is smart enough to vote together. A groundswell of support for the Green Party or a Socialist Party is only helpful if it is commensurate with a proportional splintering off on the Right. Call me when the cowards in the alt-right decide to form a Racist Power party or the Tea Party splits off to become its own thing. We’ve had two Democratic candidates lose because of bickering on the Left, and Clinton ran on the most progressive platform in history.
    Supporting Keller’s insane chaos theory isn’t going to do anything except rally more Democrats to actually vote in 3 years, and I highly doubt the eventual candidate is going to be that different than Hillary – probably just less experienced (but with fewer skeletons in the closet) and more comfortable-looking at a lectern. So congratulations, we’ve reminded people who somehow don’t remember the 2000 election what happens when you vote irresponsibly or just stay home.

  • Maximus

    The DNC did not rig the primary. That assertion is nothing but fake news Russian propaganda; there is zero credible evidence to support the claim that Bernie enjoyed more popular support and was somehow cheated of the nomination. “Bernie or bust” voters simply can’t handle the fact that the majority of Democrats saw through Bernie’s complete lack of legislative accomplishments, ideological grandstanding, narcissism, inability to compromise, lack of leadership experience, and facile policy proposals. Hillary is more intelligent than Bernie, is better educated than Bernie, is more experienced than Bernie, is tougher than Bernie, and had better policies than Bernie; that’s why he lost.

    As for Miss Colby Killery, she’s a liar and a stunt queen. She claims to have voted for Trump—who knows if she even actually voted—for the sake of being provocative and drawing attention to herself. Betting that the disastrous Trump administration will be the impetus that finally makes Americans realize that sweeping political and cultural changes need to be made risked too much collateral damage. Public opinion can shift in the absence of a catastrophic disaster. None of this—Trump’s horrendous administration—was necessary.

    • Anthony

      Here are some phrases readers can google to evaluate the comment above: “debbie wasserman schultz resigns”; “donna brazile fed hillary debate question”; “james clapper no evidence”; “poll shows beat trump bernie hillary”; “DNC argues in court: We don’t owe anyone a fair primary process”; “DNC hack inside job”; “Nevada democratic convention”; “126,000 voters mysteriously purged”; “rho khanna admits”; “dnc class action lawsuit.”

  • Dot Beech

    A self-centered, ignorant, and short-sighted porn star. Who’d a’thought it possible?

    Your time is up, Colby. Adios, hon.

  • PaulieP
    • c_find

      I’ve always liked Mr Legend

  • WhimsyCotton

    Fascinating. When you believe you’re brilliant, but you’re a complete fool. Even though I talked shit about him, I’m genuinely surprised he’s this dumb.

    Can’t he just disappear already?

  • zit_remedy

    oh GOD! will he ever stop and admit he’s a tool? he’s that annoying “a little learning is a dangerous thing” undergrad everyone who ever went to university knows and loathes. i can’t!

  • Marko

    Looks like Commie Colby and the Donald share the same capacity for honest self-reflection.

  • tarddy

    Identifying as a communist at his age tells us all we need to know about him.

    I cant even handle him thinking that he is exposing such a repressed truth about the world. The reason people take issue with him is because hes shown people The Truth and they can’t handle hearing it.

    Literally how can you have a conversation with a person who thinks like that. He’s a lost cause.

    • FrenchBug

      I have a rule that if someone says “You might not know this” or a variation thereof in a debate, particularly political, I can safely tune them out.
      People who have as a starting point the belief that they have some kind of “secret” truth, that if only people “knew” the same things they do then everyone would agree and have as a premise the condescending notion that you couldn’t possibly disagree with them unless you are ignorant, are generally egotistical idiots who don’t have many good points to make.
      I am a firm believed that smart people know how little they know.

  • Chpchipp

    Colby’s chaos theory has left Heather Heyer dead in Charlottesville. This is inexcusable.

    • FrenchBug

      Which is the extreme embodiment of the problem with that keller-Sarandon chaos theory: they are willing to let real people be hurt (be it Heather Heyer RIP, or the people who will die/get ill from lack of health insurance or the families being destroyed by deportation, etc.) in the name of a political goal.
      It is what Revolution is and this is why Communism, be it well-intentioned on paper, will inevitable become what it became every time it was applied: because when you are willing to sacrifice human lives in the name of an ideology, then there is no boundaries you are not willing to cross. And by definition, the Revolution means sacrificing individuals for the good of society, just like War does.
      And funnily enough, the lives being sacrificed/hurt are very very rarely the ones of the people arguing in favor of the sacrifice.
      You might be willing and able to defend the “individual-vs-good-of-society” thing in the abstract but as soon as you apply that philosophy in the real world, the callousness and vileness of it all becomes all-too-obvious.

  • WorkBitch

    In case you’re interested in how one of the studios still working with im explains/justifies why they still hire him (taken from the comments section of CK’s most recent scene for CockyBoys):

    • FrenchBug

      I am not discussing it with the same fervor for a variety of reasons but I can tell you that I won’t forgive JJ for enabling him either.

      If you vote for Trump and his policies, it doesn’t matter that you say you don’t support them or that you actually don’t support them. What is so hard to understand? I am going to fuck millions of people over to make a point? How is that an acceptable excuse? I swear, every time any of them open their mouths they enrage me even more. I think I preferred when I thought JJ was just being a hypocrite passively ignoring this for craven business purposes.

      • scorpio

        Demanding someone isn’t hired for doing something as legal as voting for a candidate. How is that acceptable?

        • FrenchBug

          I am demanding someone not be hired but doing something legal but immoral such as voting for Donald Trump for President. I am not sure how using *my* weapons: my money and social embarassment to punish people who I find loathesome is unacceptable but feel free to disprove me. Colby Keller is welcome to find a job where neither my money nor my social pressure will have any leeway. There are plenty. Porn isn’t one of them.

  • Russell47

    Thank you Keller. Thanx to you & your ilk (Sarandon, etc) Charlottsville, VA became the 21st Century version of 30s Berlin & Nuremburg (with Tiki Torches instead of the real thing). The Communists sold themselves & Germany to Satan in the 30’s. Now you, who profess to being a Communist (in reality, you probably think Karl Marx was a 6th Marx Brother) have helped the US become a danger to the Free world, minorities, & the rule of law. You belong in the trash bin of history, along with other Trump supporters. After Charlottsville, the Advocate should print an apology for allowing a racist admirer to spout stupidity.

    • Dulcis Memoria

      Liked for “sixth Marx brother!”

  • Dulcis Memoria

    Well, no one ever accused a porn star of being unassuming and humble.

    But more to the point, the self-inflation being an attractive man in gay culture, let alone porn star, privileges is in full view here.

    We’ve all seen it: Some sap hanging on every word of a narcissist twat because he has a hot body and his bulge is tipping the bar over.

    Colby has been fed a false narrative about his cultural importance that he, as a result of his beauty and prominence, has naively swallowed whole. His ideas are exposed as hollow, empty posturing. Colby rides a cutting edge dulled by the banality and triteness of his own thought processes to nowhere.

    Colby sweetie, find a purpose in life where you are of some actual service to your fellow man (and even though I think porn is a service to mankind, you are a disservice to porn). Until the time that you do, you are nothing but talking meat to me.

  • paradigm98

    It doesn’t matter. He will get to keep working and spouting his billshit.

    Literally, he keeps getting work…this site and others keep talking about him…

    Please ignore this man…

  • Cosmic

    If Colby were really as intelligent as he thinks he is, he would know when to shut up and leave bad enough alone.

    • CBW

      It’s funny because poseurs like him really do think they are speaking deep truths when in fact they are just spewing out the kind of simplistic, undigested political cod-philosophy that most people grow outn exposure to the adult world of work and responsibility.

  • Dave

    What pisses me if as well is the owner of CockyBoys trying to defend this idiot in the comments section of his latest video. Members complained and Jake basically said we didn’t “understand” what Colby was really saying. Truth is, Colby doesn’t understand what he’s saying….

  • Anthony

    I don’t have the time to write an essay in the Str8upgayporn comments in response to a such a caustic little Hillbot who can’t distinguish between “who” and “whom”. Glad you acknowledge that DNC higher-ups were unethical liars. Keep meditating on how narrowly “rigging” can be defined – it’ll get you far.

    Were you going to continue shrieking about my mentioning the 120,000 mysteriously purged from the voting rolls or the DNC’s not even purporting to have made the primary fair in court proceedings?

    The Nation article is disputed, not debunked, and currently under review. Critical thinking! Along with James Clapper’s comments, it just one example from a wealth of skepticism (and bemusement) about the Russia hysteria.

  • Marcus Collack

    By voting for Trump, he’s proven that he actually doesn’t understand or care about the issues at all. And unless he enjoys the endless barrage of negative responses and bad press, Colby Keller might want to stop wasting his time doing mental gymnastics every few months failing to explain a discordant political position that only makes him look intellectually dishonest, if not completely clueless – That Part

  • Zealot

    So strang that you reference one of my favorite sci-fi movies in your comment! I’m a huge sci-fi nerd so cheers ? for the clip and weaving it into a comment about politics!

    • Josh in OR

      It’s one of my favorites too! Oh, how I wish I coulda seen the cut that supposedly was so extreme it made test audiences throw up and corporate execs piss themselves…

  • Star69Me

    White male privilege at its finest, y’all

  • Star69Me

    In the black community, we call people like this douche “Hotep” (which is sort of a misnomer). At any rate, he is hotep-ing himself into irrelevancy. To paraphrase the famous words of Wild Cherry: play that fucked up music, white boy.

  • CBW

    “I’m a pretentious imbecile who would rather align myself with traitors and terrorists and watch the world burn than compromise principles that don’t actually cost me anything, because THE SYSTEM, MAN!”

    There aren’t enough Lucille Bluth eye rolls in the world for this simple minded cretin and his ilk.

  • SteadyNUnremitting

    You can’t expect much from overrated trash.

  • n24rc

    I’m very cynical. I think everything done is a stunt for attention with Colby including this.

    Who is to say he even voted in this past election at all?

    You are most likely right, Zach, it is intellectually dishonest if he did vote…it was for pure selfish reasons, and is reluctant to admit so. Colby calls porn art, acts like he has integrity for a “greater cause”, when it’s purely out of ego and greed.

  • jerio

    Oh yes, Abrahamic religious theme meets spacefaring futuristic science fiction. The concept is unfortunately reserved only to this film, Doom (especially 3), and a handful of other literature. Well… never thought I’d run into THIS scene again…HERE of all places! lol

  • Sean

    This is the problem with this morn. He believes in bulldozing a house with a leaky roof instead of fixing the fucking roof. Yes, there are issues in the DMC and the party itself. SO WHAT. There are issues in EVERYTHING in life. He particiaptes in an industry which is FAR from perfect. IF he was a communist as he claims, he would not want to profit for his sexcual enjoyment. IT shoudl be shared with the communityu free of charge. I would ask if Cockyboys is paying him or if he does it for the good of society.
    He is one of those people who thinks he is brighter than he is.