Here’s An XTube Video That Does Not Feature Logo’s Robert Sepulveda, According To Robert Sepulveda

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logo2Yesterday, a lawyer representing Robert Sepulveda—the escort turned star of Logo’s new reality show Finding Prince Charmingsent a letter to Str8UpGayPorn asking that all posts mentioning Sepulveda be removed from this site. The letter claimed that several videos of Robert Sepulveda posted to XTube—which were subsequently being discussed on Str8UpGayPorn—were “false,” and that it was not actually Robert Sepulveda in any of the videos.

In addition to his lawyer’s letter, Sepulveda himself went on Access Hollywood yesterday and admitted that while he did film one jerk off video for his “ex boyfriend,” he’s “never done porn in [his] entire life”:

Sepulveda’s lawyer’s letter to Str8UpGayPorn went on to bizarrely threaten that a DMCA notice would be sent to Disqus, the commenting platform used by Str8UpGayPorn, but how a copyright infringement notice for videos on which Sepulveda has no copyright claim (remember, he says it’s not him in the videos) would be enforced on a commenting platform where the videos were never posted in the first place isn’t exactly clear. Nevertheless, let’s now go ahead and watch one of these XTube videos, which, according to Robert Sepulveda, does not feature Robert Sepulveda. [Update: The video has now been removed from XTube.]

rs1In the opening seconds of this video, the person narrating and performing on camera is seen handling an envelope that was sent to him using the name “Robert Sepulveda.” It’s followed by an apartment address in New York City, where Robert Sepulveda—who, again, claims to not be in this video—has lived on and off since 2008.

rs3Here is a transcript of everything the person in the XTube video says after opening the package addressed to “Robert Sepulveda”:

Yeah…I got a condom full of fuckin’ cum from one of my XTube friends. You know who you are, buddy. Thanks, man. Thanks.

Look at all that fuckin’ cum in there. All that sweet fuckin’ cum. Phew…fuck yeah.


Yeah, I’m gonna put my fuckin cum in there too. Ohhh, damn. Look at that fuckin’ cum in there. Gonna blow a big fuckin’ load in there. Shit.

All that cum. Fuck, it’s all over my hand! Yeah.

Oh…fuck. Damn, gettin’ close. Fuck it feels good. Oh…oh fuck yeah. Yeah I’m gonna fuckin’ shoot my fuckin’ load in there, too. Yeah.


Ohhh fuck…I’m gonna cum! [Groaning sounds.]

Fuck. Oh, fuck. Look at that. Full of fuckin’ cum.

[Update: The video has now been removed from XTube.]

While Robert Sepulveda is denying that any of the XTube videos—several of which are much more graphic than the one above—are of him, there is no denying that this YouTube video below does in fact feature Robert Sepulveda. If you listen to the voices in the video above and the video below, do you notice any similarities?

As noted yesterday, Sepulveda’s lawyer’s letter compares the “consequences” of discussing the sex worker turned reality star’s “false” XTube videos to the suicide of Rutgers college student Tyler Clementi. Clementi took his own life after a webcam video of Clementi kissing another man was recorded without his knowledge or permission and then distributed online.

  • La Serpenta Canta

    Can someone explain to me his gaping asshole situation?? Like is he continent? How does one even get the ass to be like that? I don’t get it.

    • Justin Trenton

      He’ll need a diaper when he’s older.

      • La Serpenta Canta

        will he though?

        • n24rc

          I mean if you can fit a shampoo bottle in your ass then you have some serious ass control…maybe he won’t have a problem.

          • La Serpenta Canta

            you have serious ass control? how? I’m a bottom and I don’t understand this analogy.

          • n24rc

            If you can not only fit but HOLD a shampoo bottle in your asshole, then you’ve have sphincter muscle control. If he’s able to hold onto something that hard and heavy means he can hold onto stool very easy.

            Just read the medical journals, they’ve done a lot of empirical studies of shampoo asshole gaping, with big musle bottoms that like to shove large furniture and objects in their ass and they can hold it for long periods of time. #assmasters


          • La Serpenta Canta

            It didn’t seem to me like he was holding it, if anything with his hand.

          • n24rc

            Well, his asshole was griping it. So I don’t think that makes him incontinent.

          • Russell47

            LOL. I wondered why those guys were in those slings in the old Mine Shaft….Seminars on gaping asses.

    • Like everything in life, practice, practice, practice!

  • n24rc

    I don’t know why Robert or anyone for that matter gives a shit.

    Unless, he decides to leave reality show stardom for a life in porn – which I wholeheartedly would love to see, then I don’t care about him at all. Let’s petition to have this cum dumpster do a scene for Raw Fuck Club.

    I watched the show for the first fifteen minutes, it seems more about self promotion than love(who would have thought, right?)., So dude, you got what you wanted now, you have attention – use it to make your money and get the hell out! 😀

  • Xzamilloh
  • Maximus
    • n24rc

      Dick Cheese.

  • Todd
    • n24rc

      Omg, did you know this guy is a filthy bitch – Dick Cheese.

  • Scrapple

    Ewwwwww. Doesn’t he have any shame? Why would you degrade yourself like that? Access Hollywood? So gross.

    • n24rc

      Dick cheese.

  • Andrew S.

    not to be judgmental but the fact that not-Robert Sepulveda would regularly consume cum that was sent to him in the mail on camera is just……odd.

    • nick

      I feel sorry for the mail man, if that burst while trying to ram it into the mail box, would end my career in the postal service.

  • sanfv

    So nasty. She likes cum, huge dildos, cum injections, farmyard stuff… What else? Necrophilia? What else is there that hasn’t been published?

    • Maximus

      Gurl! Stop tempting the universe to unleash additional horrors upon us! Quick, everybody engage Rainbow Ninja Hiding Protocol #69 (Yes, they’re all #69)!

      • n24rc

        Ha ha ha ha….two words “Dick Cheese.”

    • WhimsyCotton

      Farmyard stuff..? What in God’s name? What does that even mean? Actually, don’t answer that. I’m afraid some truly disturbing shit might traumatize me.

    • AussieB

      Every Disney Prince Charming shoots pool ? balls put of their arse. Logo needs some extreme vetting

  • Hereweare

    Yes, history will tell………….Tyler Clementi, Harvey Milk, Matthew Shepard, and……………oh yeah, that Prince Charming hooker that sucked the cum out of the condoms she got in the mail. Where will they build the memorial?

    • Pertinax

      Roswell ?

    • NickDC

      I don’t want to get off topic here, but as a matter of fact: Tyler Clementi regularly did Cam4 shows in which he was fully nude, showing his face and set-up his Cam4 page to allow past performances to be archived. Tyler Clementi also wrote that prior to Freshman orientation at Rutgers when he came out to his mother she basically disowned him. He wrote about experiencing the rejection of his mother, who he considered to be his best friend, and the enormously negative impact it had on him.

      I do not condone the actions of his roommate, I find them reprehensible. However there is much more that the facts tell us about why Tyler Clementi took his own life and it would be ignorant to only blame the roommate.

      • n24rc

        You are selling a load of bullshit here.

        At the rate of your logic, Tyler’s life choices led him to inevitable suicide because he came out of the closet and was openly gay. The roommate didn’t have ANYTHING to do with it? Excuse me, but when did it seem okay to record someone without their permission? It’s illegal in almost the entire USA to do so without consent. And thats for just regular phone conversations and videos’…it’s invasion of privacy.

        Sure, Tyler may have done some Cam4 action, but it was with strangers outside of his immediate social circle…The roommate was a douchebag and criminal because of his depraved in difference to the welfare of another human being. Fuck him, and fuck you for even implying anything other than that simple truth.

        • NickDC

          FACT: I clearly stated “I do not condone the actions of his roommate, I find them reprehensible.”

          FACT: There was no sex tape, no digital recording was ever captured. On the evening of September 19, 2010, Ravi set the webcam on his computer to automatically accept video chats, then went across the hall to a friend’s room, where they saw a few seconds of Clementi and his visitor kissing, fully clothed, before shutting off the feed. The images were not recorded, and they were not transmitted anywhere except across the hall. The images Ravi viewed were never saved and were never available to the general public.

          Tyler’s mother is and was a cunt whose rejection “she basically disowned me” (Tyler’s own words) had more to do with his suicide than the webcam thing. Ravi’s actions certainly contributed to Tyler’s decision but it’s ignorant to believe that it was THE reason or a major factor in his decision.

          I think that it’s adorable you hurl slurs and insults at me and assume that you do so out of ignorance and fear of the facts.

          To be clear: Tyler Clementi’s cunt mother’s complete rejection of him when he came out to her is equally if not more responsible for his death than that other piece of human garbage Darun Ravi.

          • n24rc

            Dude, get a clue and shut the fuck up.

            No one here cares for your opinion, if you want to debate the case why don’t you go to some blog dedicated to legal cases and not gay porn.

            Leave his mother out of your mouth.

          • NickDC

            You’re absolutely WRONG you worthless cunt.

          • n24rc

            FACT: Your evaluation doesn’t mean shit.


          • NickDC

            I hope you accidentally drink leukemia at a picnic. And while all of your friends are grieving at your wake, I hope the sprinkler system turns on and sprays them with hepatitis C and liquefied genital warts

  • Zealot

    Hearing even more news about this fake faker faking his fake fakeness all over the faking place just makes me wanna….

  • V1

    That envelope is clearly addressed to Pobert Sepulvedu. So what about Pob?

  • Pertinax

    ” Prince Charming ” my ass. This prostitute is really perverted.

  • Binary Busting Boo Boo Kitty

    why is that cum yellow? gurl, I think she’s got chlamydia.

  • Dale Bergman
    • n24rc

      full of dick cheese.

  • nick

    Even despite all this free publicity, aimed at the target audience of the show (us), you know the show will be a bag of shit and will limp along to an undignified death.

  • Marcus Collack

    I just don’t care either way. I’m going to watch the 1st episode, if I find something I like I’m going to keep watching, if not, I won’t. From the trailer it seemed like 2 contestants are going to be getting together, that seems like an interesting twist, but beyond that I just can’t care. I’m going to go plant a tree now.

  • DudeBornIn67

    This reminds me to stay off Sepulveda Blvd. next time I’m in L.A.

  • moondoggy

    There are some things my mind has just walked off. 9/11 and Tyler Clementi are on the other side of that wall, which prevents me from crying from sunrise to sunset. As soon as anyone mentions the name Clementi, the rest of this nonsense is revealed as the bullshit it really is.

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    So…he’s an activist for getting rainbow sidewalks?

    • edginghours

      A well-paid charity head, I’m sure. $$$

      • n24rc

        Paid in full, full of dick cheese.

    • n24rc

      And Dick Cheese.

  • NickDC

    Clearly this video is not “former” escort and fake non-profit proprietor Robert Sepulveda… I think it is obvious that poor Mr. Sepulveda was the victim of a “Single White Female” copycat crime perpetrated by his former roommate Hedy Carlson (Jennifer Jason Leigh) who made those Xtube videos posing as Sepulveda on the off-chance that Sepulveda might be cast in a reality show with Lance Bass.

    I think I speak for everyone when I write that our thoughts and prayers are with ye olde hooker who is clearly the victim of an outrageous conspiracy (that exists only in his mind) against him. For Christ Sakes people, a man who lies about running a fake non-profit would not lie about a man posing as him in an Xtube video…

  • oh my god… i am speechless. omg… he is fucking disgusting. Jacking off with another guys’ used condom?!!??! He has every STD known to man, and probably has made a new one from being so nasty. Even worse, lol it’s kind of fucked up that he is playing the victim with getting lawyers to help him with his ‘false videos’. When in all actuality he is LIVING FOR THIS. More controversy = More RATINGS. His history as being an escort/prostitute, making amateur p0rn videos, is the only reason the show he is featured on might not be cancelled after the first episode, maybe now it will be cancelled after the 3rd… 4th if he’s lucky.

  • n24rc

    I say it again, screaming the horror out loud: DICK CHEESE!

  • AussieB

    Maybe Logo will have him walk around naked so then you can do a penis analysis /comparison.
    Between this & watching the first episode of the stupid show, I’m so turned off by him, its not even funny

  • The Porn Emperor

    Why the fuck does he want to deny all this? He should just go with it. He’s a lot hotter to me after seeing that nasty video than before. I think this is about the producers of the show wanting some fake little approximation of the ideal heterosexual relationship. They need to get over that. This show ought to be full of hookups between the various bachelors.

  • goosegui