Here’s Raging Stallion’s The Thirst Is Real, With Corrected Audio

Posted July 8, 2016 by with 13 comments

83366_014The original audio in this trailer for Raging Stallion’s The Thirst Is Real didn’t sound right, so I took the liberty of fixing it.

[Raging Stallion: The Thirst Is Real]

  • Zealot

    Who’s our next contestant, Johnny!?

  • Todd

    The password is …. (whispers) …….. Stupid

  • Pertinax

    Hay…Hay…Hay…Much better ! Sex as happiness ( not a ta$k ) : The Joy to fuck someone. The action gained life : Sex in Bloom… Wow !

  • Mike Julius
  • Dale Bergman

    Johnny V,

  • Island Muscle

    Possible Topics?

  • Tellingthetruth


  • snoopyfo


  • DPS

    Zach, I salute you!

  • Sed

    Sebastian Cross is so good looking but he’s not very good at sex. He’s so standoffish. It’s almost as if he wishes he had a detachable penis he could give to the other model while he watched.

    • sexnando

      i haven’t seen his scenes, but your comment cracked me up.

      • Sed


  • McM.

    Holy mf crap!

    Zach just made me realize the non-trumpet part of the theme song is actual porn music. Just listen from 40s to 58s in the “corrected” trailer.