Here’s The New Raging Stallion Movie That Was “Critically Acclaimed” Before Anyone Had Even Seen It

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Similar to Naked Raging Hot Falcon’s “Ride Or Die,” the greatest and first gay porn series in the history of adult entertainment, the studio has yet another series that is sure to be the new greatest gay porn series of all time. In fact, this one was already “critically acclaimed” two weeks ago, before it was released and no one had even seen it!

The most delusional marketing people in the history of adult entertainment issued the below press release for their new movie, “Overdrive,” on September 20th, before anyone had seen or written anything about it:

Not sure how something that no one has seen can be “critically acclaimed,” but maybe they were so distracted by their self-inflated hype over their “must-have Halloween merch,” they got confused about the definition of “critically acclaimed.” Bless their hearts.

The first scene from the “slasher” movie stars Paul Wagner and Derek Kage, and while looking at the preview full of jump scares, creepy music, and implied violence, I couldn’t help but wonder, is this what people are jerking off to? I guess so. After all, has chemically enhanced testicles, people fucking Pringles cans, and women having nervous breakdowns in their gay porn “comedy” scenes, so why can’t Raging Naked Falcon have Uber drivers murdering people in gay porn “horror” scenes? It’s not like gay porn viewers want to watch gay porn scenes with boring old gay sex and nothing else.

Here’s more on Falcon Naked Hot Raging’s “acclaimed” thriller that no one has seen or written any critical reviews of, in yet another press release today:

And here’s the preview for the gay porn scene that will terrify you as you are simultaneously jerking off to it:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Raging Stallion: Paul Wagner And Derek Kage Fuck Bareback]

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