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seby1If you’ve been following former(?) gay porn star Sebastian Young’s ongoing legal battles/incarcerations and have been desperately awaiting an update since we left off in August, today’s your lucky day.

We last saw Sebastian in a Florida Department of Corrections facility, where he was serving time on felony drug and aggravated battery (against his wife) convictions. He didn’t look so good!


His release date at the time was December 14th and I, naturally, remembered to check in on him this morning (I never forget a hot gay-for-pay felon’s prison release date). To my (and no doubt your!) delight, Sebastian Young was released from prison early, back on November 20th:


Will Sebastian Young make it through the holidays without being arrested? Will we ever see him again? Records indicate that he’s still free and living in Ormond Beach, Florida, and if history tells us anything, he’ll be making his gay porn comeback in 3…2…

While you’re waiting for that, Men.com has (coincidentally?) released a new Sebastian Young scene today, although given his incarceration, it had to have been filmed at least 14 months ago. This must have been a real acting challenge for Sebastian, seeing as how he’s playing the victim of a crime.

[Men.com’s Drill My Hole: Sebastian Young Fucks Slade]




  • sxg

    Would not shock me if he comes back to gay porn. Even after all that’s been released about his personal issues, he still has a large following. He looks a little more worn out but I think his biggest fans will love that look.

  • GN

    Great! Just in time to give his wife her Christmas slap!

  • J2
  • Bull

    Of course he’ll be back, what else can he do? I’m sure he has no skills that would fit in a mainstream profession. Maybe he’s a hungry power bottom now?

  • Woohooboy

    Sebastian Young is clearly one of those people who can’t get his shit together in his personal life hence why his ass is constantly being hauled off to jail.

    I often about people who seem to spend their lives having one run in after another with the law. Most of us are able to keep on the right side of things but there are others who always gravitate towards trouble and even as they get older, they never seem to wise up and learn their lesson.

    • Bull

      I have a good friend in law enforcement. He tells me that for some people it’s simply a way of life. Often entire families will be continually in and out of jail. They give it no thought, that’s just life. In other words it’s normal behavior to them.

  • Cosmic

    I hear Lucas is hiring guys who just don’t give a shit.