Hot Or Not: Wearing An Old T-Shirt Stained With Cum

Posted April 10, 2017 by with 33 comments

cumshirtYou’ve seen guys cumming on t-shirts during their scenes, but what about a model showing up to the scene in a t-shirt he already jizzed on days (or weeks/months) prior?

1931_chaosmen_harrison_solo_camcaps_003ChaosMen newcomer Harrison thought it would be “hot” (and studio owner Bryan agreed with him) to wear the cum stained t-shirt, but this…feels unnecessary.

1931_chaosmen_harrison_solo_hires_048Also? In addition to the cum, the shirt just looks old, gross, and dirty, tbh.

1931-chaosmen_harrison_solo_gif_01New, fresh cum is always fun to see, but cum from a week ago (or…a year ago?) on a dirty t-shirt? I don’t need to see that. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ChaosMen: Harrison And His Cummy T-Shirt]