By Whom Would You Rather Be Topped: Hoyt Kogan Or Adam Archuleta?

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adam archuleta hoyt koganThis is arguably one of the hardest questions I could ask of a BelAmi fan, but sometimes it’s fun to torture people, so here we go: By whom would you rather be topped—Hoyt Kogan or Adam Archuleta?

Hoyt and Adam are the tops in this week’s two Freshmen scenes, and if you could switch places with one of their bottoms and get yourself fucked by either of them, who would you choose?


0df9788344c062204592e96831352a00Adam has a really long cock, and he looks like he might fuck you pretty aggressively. So, this could be a fun challenge if you’re an experienced and/or adventurous bottom.

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Or Hoyt?


Hoyt isn’t quite as big as Adam, and he appears to be a slower, more sensual top.

f1bd8ba14ee807386550f16b8050c285 c8ae0b3fd084c29a970e4014d4c9fa80So, if you’re looking to be made love to, you might choose Hoyt.

If you just want to be fucked hard, you could choose Adam.

f3e73bb7061b332910e8906e966e205e 935551469b01629878aa04108e680148Preference?

Trailer for Hoyt, who’s topping Bart Cuban bareback (watch full scene here):

[Freshmen: Hoyt Kogan Fucks Bart Cuban Bareback]

Trailer for Adam, who’s topping Derek Caravaggio bareback (watch full scene here):

[Freshmen: Adam Archuleta Fucks Derek Caravaggio Bareback]