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9269And I thought the Google Glass was a dumb idea. In the latest bizarre move from Dominic Ford, he’s hired an almost entire cast of gay porn veterans to appear in his “reality” series for gay porn newcomers, “So You Think You Can Fuck.” (Maybe this season should be retitled “WTF?”) The series used to be a way to discover brand new performers trying to prove that they knew how to fuck, but now I guess it’s just a way to produce the same content that everyone else is.

This season (premiering late next month) features tried-and-true talent whom everyone has been enjoying for years, including Trenton Ducati, Landon Conrad, Tommy Defendi, Vance Crawford, and Bryce Evans. Between the five of them, they’ve got at least a dozen exclusive contracts from various studios under their belts, and they’ve all been working in gay porn since at least 2010 (Tommy, Landon, and Bryce even earlier). The only relative newcomer is Armond Rizzo, so if he wins I guess that’d be fair.

On the bright side, I can’t ever complain about seeing Tommy, Trenton, Landon, Bryce, and Vance in action…but why try to pass half of them off as “rookies” when they’re anything but?

It’s veterans versus rookies this time around with sexperts like Trenton Ducati, Landon Conrad and Tommy Defendi up against newcomers Bryce Evans, Armand [sic] Rizzo and Vance Crawford.

LOL! Bryce Evans has been making gay porn for five years, as he first appeared on MightyMen (as Jay Diamond) in 2009. Vance Crawford has been making gay porn for four years, after he first appeared on CocksureMen in 2010. So, whatever.

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  • sxg

    lol. Perhaps this is a sign that Dominic Ford is not doing so well. Usually when studios book overused talent it’s b/c they think it’s a surefire way of gaining a profit instead of risking a film, or in this case series, to be a total flop because people are not accepting of the new models.

    • JoshChicago

      It’s a gimmick that was corny at first, but still somewhat amusing and mildly arousing once in a while. Now, and I agree with you, it’s just milking a tired and empty utter.

  • JoshChicago

    I heard that a newcomer named Matthew Rush was going to host this series. Is there any truth to that?

  • JoePorn

    Who cares…zzzzzzzzzz nothing innovative ever came from DominicFord, since when is a website with 200 members innovative?

  • Dewitt2it

    Ugh. Again?

  • robirob

    So, it’s like Celebrity Apprentice, but with porn stars?

    • JoshChicago

      lol, let’s hope it goes there! Angry bitches fucking each other to win! I wonder who will be the (white) Omarosa!?

  • Estelle

    How long before Dominic has another twitter meltdown about all the mean girls of gay porn.

  • Bull

    If these were guys who had no porn experience and wanted to get into it, this could be enjoyable……………otherwise it’s same ol’ same ol’ as other porn sites

  • Terry

    Ok, this is probably not a great idea but, frankly, I’ve lost any critical thinking skills after I saw Tommy Defendi in that promo pic !