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Let’s hope Dominic Ford’s gimmicky new “Google Glass” porn is a one-time effort we never have to see again, because…no. Just like his 3D porn, the Google Glass porn is a pointless waste of money and technology that could have been spent on a better set, or a better director.


DominicFord_Movie_Google-Glass-Porn-Jacob-Durham-and-Scott-Harbor-in-4K_18It’s not easy making two relatively attractive nude men with hard cocks and big muscles look ridiculous and unsexy, but Dominic Ford has managed to pull it off by having them wear 2013’s biggest accessory for douche bags, the Google Glass.


If I wanted gimmick-porn that was shaky, unwatchable, and blurry, I’d go to Sketchy Sex. At least they’re bareback.

And don’t even get me started on the soundtrack.

[Dominic Ford: Google Glass Porn]



  • Cosmic

    Since finding out Google is pretty much the bitch of the NSA Google glass has lost any appeal it might have had.

    • lit per

      how else do you think they got those amazing maps?

  • GN

    Judging by the hype in that promo, they act like they introduced technicolor into film–Goggle glass won’t improve the mediocre fucking over at Dominic Ford.

  • Tom

    Maybe if Jacob was doing bareback ,I’d be more interested

  • CMarks

    Looks like a retainer for your eyes. Distracting and goofy looking.

  • robirob

    Do viewers really want to be that close to the action? And all that shaky camera motion …

  • JustJim

    For saying what EVERY other gay porn blog SHOULD be saying!!

  • Aaron Hutson

    The only ones who will like it are the people who have been testing them out and they all seem like a bunch of braggers who think that they are something special because they have a Google glass. Who the F*ck cares!

  • Trey LEone

    I cracked up at the title LOOOOOOOOOOOL