“I’m Straight”?

Posted January 16, 2014 by with 13 comments

34627_29MenOnEdge’s latest, a corn-fed fuck stud named Jesse Carl. Surprise: He says he’s straight.

Believe him?

34627_16 34627_20 34627_24 34627_26 34627_27Yeah, didn’t think so.

Judge for yourself in his new clip.

[MenOnEdge: Jesse Carl]

  • sxg

    Could be. He is blindfolded, and more than likely on viagra or cialis. Report back when he’s untied and making out with another man, eating another man’s dick, sucking another man’s dick, fuck/getting fucked by another man, and/or swallowing another man’s jizz.

  • Bull

    Don’t know, but probably is. Don’t care either as long as he stays at kink, cause that’s not my thing.

  • Dean

    Most guys at kink are str8/G4P or bi, so probably he is. KinkMen porn is really boring anyways. Their straight stuff is way hotter.

    • sxg

      The only site that I loved from Kink was Butt Machine Boys. Really loved seeing the likes of Tyler Saint, Race Cooper, Dominic Pacifico, and many others being dominated by machines!

      • Dean

        The machine scenes are really not my thing even when I look at gay kink stuff, which is rare in itself anyways.

      • Aramis

        I’m really afraid of those machines. They are too ‘ invasive’ ( the botton doesn’t control them ) , cold and all their appeal is to promote humiliation, The old and friendly dildos are much more sympathetic if they’ll come in a human scale ( because there are those like arms or even bigger ).

  • Jordi Lim33

    What else is new?..these gay4pay models got humongous support from many gay bastards or straight slaves that’s why theyre now plagued are own industry. Blame yourself idiots.

    • Face Palm

      This comment isn’t insane at all. Nope.

  • Mitsaso Bellucci

    Straight? Please. That hot little fuckpig has sucked dick, has been fucked bareback and fisted over at TS Seduction and Divine Bitches.

    • JoshChicago

      So, that make him STR8UPGAY! A new form of portmanteau sexual-orientation. It’s a wonderful world we live in!

      • Aramis

        He’s ‘ lesbian – dike ‘…

  • Ale Lisboa

    maybe if it is, gay porn there are many straight, I’m tired of it. in short, I do not like this site

  • Sure, he’s straight. If by straight he’s using a completely different definition than actual straight guys.
    Yup, he’s straight.