Introducing Van, A Fat-Cocked Artist Who Draws Pictures Of Cum Facials

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vanThe only thing I love more than hot guys with gigantic cocks are hot drawings of gigantic cocks! (Just kidding, I love hot guys with gigantic cocks more than drawings of them.)

003Meet Van, the new Corbin Fisher model who shows off his artistic talents before showing off his cock stroking talents:

004 007 008The best news? Van is gay, and in his intro interview, he describes a three-way he once had with two married men. The husbands sucked his cock and ate his ass at the same time, and then Van got to fuck one of them.

011Corbin Fisher is having an exceptional year introducing new models, so hopefully they’ll bring Van back to fuck another model ASAP. His solo concludes with a massive load, and he spreads it all over his hot body:


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Van]


  • Zealot

    Van’s an artist
    Yes he is!
    He likes to sketch
    and draw up jizz.
    Will he
    Won’t he
    Draw your dick?
    Draw it jerk it
    do it quick!
    He’ll draw the veins,
    He’ll draw the shaft,
    He’s putting facials
    Right on the map!
    He’ll draw it,
    He’ll jerk it,
    He’ll work it,
    And twerk it!
    But Van won’t be blamed
    If your peter’s been drained!

  • Maximus

    It’s sad when people get married for reasons other than a singular, devoted, unwavering, “I only have eyes for you” type of romantic love.

    • Scrapple

      But…health insurance.

    • sxg
      • Maximus

        Jensen knows exactly what I’m talking about.

    • McM.


      Marriage was always an economic and social arrangement. The concept of “love” being a necessary part of it wasn’t introduced until the late-late 19th century; and that was largely driven by corporate interests.

      • Maximus

        Technically, the concept of “true love” did exist and was relevant to marriage during the Victorian era. At that time, it referred to an opposite-sex domestic partnership that was successful in bearing and raising children. It didn’t have anything to do with the strength or insensity of emotional attraction or commitment. As you said, romantic love as we understand it today originated around the turn of the 20th century when the pleasure and romance industries really took off. 100 years later, we have Valentine’s Day cards and romcoms.

        My comment was intended to lament the fact that socioeconomic pressures often factor into decisions regarding marriage. Ideally, all people could afford to be single, and marriage would be reserved for couples who are deeply in love and committed to one another. Less wasteful consummerism would also be a nice touch. It’s like, no, bitch, you do not need to rent swans for your wedding reception, and the napkin rings do not need to match your tiara. Also, why the fuck are you wearing a tiara?! It’s a wedding, not a coronation, you crazy white woman!)

        • McM.

          Oh, then nevermind. I thought you were referring to Van hooking up with the married couple.

          Fuckin couples is fun! (But only with both at the same time; gets awkward when one isn’t involved.)

          • Maximus

            I was referring to that. My definition of true love involves singular emotional and physical devotion. I’m also not crazy about open marriages because they rob the state of the only benefit that it is afforded in exchange for the legal rights of marriage: the reduced risk of STI incidence that results from monogamy. Why should married couples be granted the right to privileged communication—among other rights—and be allowed to force additional bureaucratic and adjudicatory duties upon the state in return for nothing? (Yes, these are the kinds of things that I think about. You try doing public service work, and see if it doesn’t leave you resentful and neurotic.)

  • McM.

    I like everything about him.

    Except… you guessed it… the tattoos.

    Van has two jobs: 1) Push through his ACS scene. 2) Remain in rotation b/c CF is in dire need of stable talent.

    • Scrapple

      It doesn’t sound like he’ll be saddling up to the Pussy Ponderosa.

      • Iain Gardener

        You sir win the internet with Pusey ponderosa!

      • McM.

        Quinn’s probably passing him notes like “keep your gold star!” I pulled up three of his ACS scenes and that boy didn’t fuck or directly lick pussy.

        Van and Quinn should do a flip. Can’t tell if Quinn is still at the studio with how they release old scenes, but he should come back for that.

        • Scrapple

          Quinn is still camming under his CF name, so I’d assume so.

  • Scrapple

    Now they need to introduce models named Williams and Johnson to pair with Van.

  • Xzamilloh

    Ohhhhh, that’s a sexy black man… I LOVE LOVE LOVE how dark and smooth his skin is… just want to lick him up and down and disrespect the front and back of him. Who’s the other black guy with Corbin Fisher? God, please pair those two together!!!

  • sxg
    • Hereweare

      Look again. I find him much cuter in the smiling shots.

      • sxg

        It’s actually his smiles that I’m not that fond of.

    • The Avatar

      His face makes me cringe?

    • cluelesswitness

      I don’t find him that cute either, but I don’t find a lot of the guys at CF cute recently…in the face

  • CamCam

    I just hope he’s not one of these dudes who doesn’t suck dick.

    • McM.

      He’s gay.

      • CamCam

        And that does that mean? I hope that this GAY MAN sucks dick on camera. That is all.

  • Iain Gardener

    Now that is one attractive man

  • WhimsyCotton

    Judging by that drawing, he’s a yaoi aficionado.

  • Hereweare

    He’s so beautiful, he glows!

  • Dave

    Van is a good addition to CF, so hopefully we see some more of him. I just hope CF doesn’t use their models’ ratings by members as a barometer. Any model of color gets seriously low ratings…!

  • Sed

    He looks a little bit like Akon but Akon’s body aint that good.

  • snoopyfo

    omg! wow!!!, hot!!