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philippe_delvaux_gay_0011It’s hard enough verifying a gay porn star’s death here in the U.S. (stage names and family/privacy concerns are always an obstacle), so when one happens overseas it’s even trickier. For example, European twink performer Philippe Delvaux was reportedly found dead in Croatia last week, but now maybe he’s alive?

According to an email sent to GayPornGossip from someone claiming to be his aunt, Philippe Delvaux died of alcohol poisoning last month. But over the weekend, a website called Pink In Our Lives received what they say is a text from one of Delvaux’s girlfriends, and in it comes proof that his entire death was staged in order to effectively “kill” his gay porn persona.

Philippe (his real name is David Van Buggenhout) is actually not dead, but his porn life persona is!!! He spread the so-called rumor by his family (himself), who gave this information out to the press. But a girlfriend got a text message of him last night at 04.00 AM in the morning that he was on vacation with a girlfriend in Croatia and having fun?!

David wants to be looked at as a normal guy and not be an object by horny-driven men anymore.

That grammar (horny-driven?) and that website is a mess, but I can’t find any reason as to why they’d fabricate a story about someone else fabricating their own death. Here’s the text message they say they were forwarded, between two(?) of Delvaux’s girlfriends:

10660995_766908583366566_736668149_n0Translated from Dutch to English, it reads: “He says he wants Philippe Delvaux to be dead, and he didn’t expect it would get out of hand like this.” The other person replies: “Well, he has succeeded. What an unbelievable guy. When is the memorial service?”

For their part, GayPornGossip is standing by their original report and trusting that the email from Delvaux’s aunt is authentic, because why wouldn’t an aunt email a gay porn blog to tell them that her nephew died?


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