Is This Straight Guy Bottoming For Austin Wilde Truly Straight?

Posted November 27, 2013 by with 1 comment

Newcomer Eli Hunter’s assertion that he’s 100% straight is about as believable as a Cody Cummings bottoming scene, but I give him points for trying, at least for the interview portion of his GuysInSweatpants duo with Austin Wilde. But once the talking is over and the fucking starts, sorry bro, pretty sure you’re gay.

Would a real straight guy arch his back this perfectly (so as to get fucked deeper) while being plowed by Austin Wilde? Homo please.


Judge for yourself via the trailer below. The full scene is out today.

[GuysInSweatpants: Austin Wilde Fucks Eli Hunter]


  • Zealot

    For a straight guy, he gets around. He’s been barebacked by Vander at Chaos Men; beaten up and fucked (among several other things) at; and is one of the prominent in-house cum dumps at Sketchy Sex‚Ķ.so I’m not feelin’ the straight thing Eli. Sorry. I think if the percentage of peen to poon you’re taking in is like 100:0 the jury is in, the verdict has been rendered and they’ve pretty much gone home to have dinner and watch Matlock re-runs. That’s how not-straight I’d wager he is. Either that or he’s the best actor ever and McConnahey needs to turn over his Oscar. But his “woman” should be aware he’s taking a lot of raw dick while she’s out shopping and having her mani-pedi.