Would You Let Jack Harrer Cum In Your Eye And Up Your Nose?

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BelAmi’s Jack Harrer and Peter Annaud take turns fucking Manuel Rios bareback in the latest “Offensively Large” scene (the best and longest-running BelAmi series) today, and the fuckfest results in four massive cum shots. One from Manuel, one from Peter, and TWO from Jack.

021Jack’s first load comes early in the scene, and it’s a gusher that goes directly into Manuel’s eye (and mouth):


After fucking at the end of the scene, Peter blasts into Manuel’s mouth, and then Jack fires off another load, and this one looks like some of it almost went directly up Manuel’s nostril. Who needs Flonase when you have Jack Harrer?!


Manuel is a trained professional who’s (hopefully) prepared for this sort of thing, but what about you? If given the opportunity to have sex with Jack Harrer and you knew this was going to happen, would you let Jack Harrer cum inside your eye and your nose?

Trailer for today’s three-way (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Jack Harrer And Peter Annaud Fuck Manuel Rios Bareback]

  • Jack can cum wherever he wants on me, as long as I get to eat that ass.

  • stephen
  • McM.


    I don’t care how hot a guy is, that ish stings.

  • Xzamilloh

    Hell no!!! It’s not Visine, it’s SEMEN. That shit burns

    I’ll gladly take a whiff of it, though

  • JCub
    • Pinko of the Grange

      this is exactly what I thought of.

  • B.C.

    I like to think I would gladly make that sacrifice. After all, it’s extra beautiful Jack Harrer.

  • Baradude
  • fabuloso

    I wouldn’t let it happen, but if it did I wouldn’t complain about it. Swallow that jizz, y’all!

  • Cosmic

    No, That’s a great way to get punched in the dick.

  • bo69

    Welcum back Manuel Rios, one of the great porn stars of the past decade, a true cum eating slut who takes Jack’s load here in the middle and then both at the end. My day is made.

  • Who wouldn’t?!

  • John

    I only do oral in real life, but never watch it in porn as 98% of porn stars are incabable of getting someone off purely by doing oral. The top always has to jack off like he was alone to cum. I suck usuing my hand combined with my mouth and everyone explodes in my mouth without ever touching their own dick. The way they do it in porn is so unsexy and throws a light on the ineptitude of most stars to suck cock. Corbin Colby is one of the few who know how to do it as does Dillon Anderson. Most everyone else is inept. Jack Harrier’s cum I would keep in my mouth as long as possible.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      Remember that there a few other people around when shooting porn, and that adds tension that makes it difficult to release for some, but I do hate it when they are shown jerking themselves for so long, they probably didn’t need any help to get their in the first place.

      • John

        What I am sarcastically referring to is the completely unnatural REQUIREMENT for almost all porn scenes for the top to break intimacy and solo masturbate so we can see the cum scene. I would rather imagine it and imagine my cock inside that tight waiting ass…. not jerking off, which I am doing alone.

  • Satyros

    Yeah as much of a cum lover as I am it’s a hard pass for me, I’ve got two specific holes where cum goes. Not only does cum in the eye sting reeeeally bad, it gives you lingering red-eye from the irritation.

  • Hell nah. Just do it in my mouth.


    I am not into cumming on someone’s face and certainly NOT going 2 let someone CUM ON MINE SO HELL NO !!!