Battle Of The Condom Fuckfests: Jack Hunter And Ashton Summers Vs. Evan Parker And Jeremy Price

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cbhxFor those who prefer condom porn (not to mention great performers), CockyBoys and Helix Studios have each dropped scenes with several of the most popular models working today, and they’re all wearing condoms: Jack Hunter and Ashton Summers are flip-fucking, while Evan Parker is powertopping newcomer Jeremy Price.

Evan-Parker-and-Jeremy-Price-011We’ll start with fan favorite Evan and gorgeous blond Jeremy (and FYI, Helix has confirmed that this is Jeremy’s natural hair color, so please don’t attempt to spread fake news in the comments that his hair is bleached!).

Evan-Parker-and-Jeremy-Price-017 Evan-Parker-and-Jeremy-Price-025 Evan-Parker-and-Jeremy-Price-030 Evan-Parker-and-Jeremy-Price-033 Evan-Parker-and-Jeremy-Price-032Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Evan Parker Fucks Jeremy Price]

0v8a1123If you want a condom flip-fuck, Jack Hunter and Ashton Summers take turns fucking each other for CockyBoys:

0v8a1235 0v8a1261 0v8a1287 0v8a1399Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Jack Hunter And Ashton Summers Flip-Fuck]


  • Marik Ishtar

    With all this talk about whether condoms do or do not belong in porn, I think there is one thing we may all agree should never bee seen:
    Cock Rings!

    They are the absolute worst and so distracting. Especially the ones that make the penis look red and bloated. The man’s dick didn’t want to show up to work today so he had to beat it, choke it, then lock it down so it couldn’t escape. It may have its place in the fetish scene but when I see it during vanilla sex I can’t commit.