Jack Hunter Joins Colby Chambers And Mickey Knox—And Everybody Gets Fucked

Posted May 30, 2017 by with 12 comments

20170530100556_IMG_5246jpgSizeWaterThis week’s ColbyKnox update features special guest Jack Hunter, and his fuckfest with Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox is the best of all worlds. As you can see, every single performer is getting fucked in this three-way.

20170530100601_IMG_5281jpgSizeWaterJack Hunter probably has the very best of all worlds, as he gets to tap Mickey Knox’s bubble butt while being fucked by Colby Chambers at the exact same time. Simultaneous heaven, tbh:


The biggest surprise in this scene is a rare bottoming performance from Colby Chambers. With Jack Hunter’s cock on set, you can’t not sit on it, obviously.

colbyjack1ColbyKnox has more Jack Hunter scenes coming, and this is the first one out now. Clip (watch full scene here):

[ColbyKnox: Mickey Knox, Colby Chambers, And Jack Hunter]


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  • stephen
    • sxg

      Is this from season 3? Believe it or not, I only started watching the show because of all the epic Titus Andromedon gifs lol

      • stephen

        I have binge-brain so honestly I don’t even remember for sure lmao, but I’m pretty sure it’s S3 yeah

  • FrenchBug

    Colby tops more often than he bottoms but Colby bottoming is far from rare. The hubbies flipflop all the time!

    • Zachary Sire

      I should’ve specified…I meant bottoming for someone other than his husband.

  • peter

    That new house of theirs is enough to make me re-assess my feelings about North Carolina. And it’s like they have a little menage with Oliver Saxon going on, too.

    I want nothing but the best for these guys

    • WhimsyCotton

      I noticed him floating around in his underwear helping them film lol. I think it’s cute if he’s their little houseboy/toy.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Colby and Mickey have been on a roll. They’re really fun to watch and seemingly always have chemistry with their performers – especially Oliver Saxon, who is to my 2017 what Tyler Sky was to my 2015/16. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b57e191e34a0858ccc6f88cc1dab9157b69b760714b920a63b83da617bfa2708.gif

  • T2TheB

    I have to admit that despite the rudimentary camera work in their productions, I like them and their videos. They’re “regular guy next door” alright looking (I think Mickey is rightly handsome and will age well…Colby, well, youth had its advantages), not waifish twinks (nevermind that I’m not keen on guys who look like they need to eat, porn has far too much of that look) or gymnast-grade jocks (no such thing as too much of that, but it’s not absolutely necessary) yet they are nicely fit, both amply endowed, and blessedly they are not covered with “body art” (something I had seen my fill of five years ago, TYVM), which these days is enough to deter me from watching a porn trailer, let alone the actual video.