Jacob Ladder Compares Himself To Afghan Hound, Fucks Billy Santoro

Posted May 5, 2015 by with 7 comments

I thought Jacob Ladder cut his hair, but maybe the above pic on the left is old? Either way, Jacob Ladder thinks he looks like an Afghan Hound, and he’s sort of right?! I love dogs and I love Jacob Ladder, so I don’t really see a problem with this.

In other Jacob Ladder news, today he’s getting fucked by Billy Santoro on Icon Male, and the photography is kind of insane? This Photoshopping/filtering/retouching makes Raging Hot Falcon’s photo editing look subtle!

57863_12 57863_0557863_13Luckily, they haven’t figured out how to Photoshop a video yet, and the actual scene is perfectly fine, especially since it shows what Jacob and Billy actually look like. Also, while they’ve got great chemistry together (maybe because they’re friends IRL?), you might wanna watch this trailer on mute. The chanting is an epic boner shrinker.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[IconMale: Billy Santoro Fucks Jacob Ladder]


  • sxg

    That first IM pic looks like they photoshopped his eyes out!

    Other than that, the pics don’t look photoshopped, but they are horribly done. All the natural shade lighting is really distracting and ruins what would have been a decent photoshoot.

  • n24rc

    These plots are fucking stupid, Nica! Get some new material!

  • Todd

    blue steel ……..

  • Zealot

    Jacob looks like they propped him up while sleeping. I just keep thinking “what a tired little puppy he must be” looking at these shots.

  • BoomPow

    Not exactly the type of doggie style people expect from him.

  • Alan Keddie

    I’d said hallelujah! Goddamn that’s hot! The only thing hotter than Billy fucking is Billy getting fucked. Win-win. There IS a god?

  • Casey Scott

    I finally realize who Jacob Ladder reminds me of: “21 Jump Street”-era Johnny Depp.