Jake Bass Exclusive: Shooting With Men.com, Saying Goodbye To CockyBoys, And What He Really Thinks About Max Ryder

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Model, porn star, actor, entertainer, firebrand, icon, provocateur…the list of adjectives to describe Jake Bass could go on forever. Since 2011, his name has been synonymous with CockyBoys (where he was recently voted the most popular CockyBoy of all time), but now that he’s left the studio and is on his own, what does he have planned, and with whom? Jake Bass reveals that and more in his first Str8UpGayPorn interview.


Str8UpGayPorn: Hi Jake! I guess we should start with something basic: Where are you right now, and what are you doing?
Jake Bass: I’m in Madrid, currently. I’m shooting for Men.com in Spain.

MEN does pretty good stuff in Spain. Did you sign an exclusive contract?
No contract, yet. I don’t know if they like my guts or not yet, ha. But, so far so good. Josep is a sweetheart, and he’s got a really great team.

Sounds like you’re sort of testing the waters, to see what else is out there.
I’m not sure how long or what my plans are regarding porn. I’m planning on taking a vacation after this shoot. Go away for a little bit. I’ll keep working from my computer and will stay connected to my fans, but I’ll work on other things.

Like the magazines, modeling, and other projects we’ve seen. You are currently on the cover of GT magazine, the biggest mainstream gay magazine in the UK.
Yeah, and I shot in Paris last fall, too. I’m really proud of it. A lot hasn’t been posted much yet as I’m trying to keep it somewhat secret, but it’s crazy sometimes how fans can beat you to it.


So you’re keeping busy. And you’ll keep shooting porn?
I’m not close-minded to shooting [porn], but it’s not a must or an obligation.

People were wondering if there was any drama behind your departure from CockyBoys. Was there?
Absolutely not. I mean, I can’t stand [CockyBoys photographer] RJ, at this point…

I know you’re kidding about RJ!
In all seriousness, it’s all good. Jake Jaxson is and will remain my mentor, whatever I take on in the future.

Are you still friends with other models at CockyBoys?
Yeah, it’s good. I speak to most of them. Maybe not Tayte Hanson though, ha.

Oh boy…
No, but things are good. I’m very disappointed I couldn’t make it to the screening of Answered Prayers in Berlin. But, they know if I could have I would have been in that seat, watching it with them.


What was the most rewarding part about your time with CockyBoys?
The knowledge I gained—I’m happy I got to be taught by such wonderful people. And the friendships I made, which I cherish.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently during your time with CockyBoys?
Work out more. I’m lazy, like crazy. But other than that, no. Oh, maybe a few times I should’ve thought twice before tweeting.

Were any of the “Twitter wars” you had with Tayte Hanson or Helix Studios that serious, or were you just joking around?
Tayte? No. I just love picking on someone who takes the bait. But as for Helix, they’re idiots. And their porn? Tired. LOL.


What about Max Ryder? Do you still keep in touch with him, or is that friendship in the past?
No. I don’t. I wish I could tell the story how it is, and show him for who he truly is; it sickens me to have to watch all these fans taking pity on him when truthfully, they know nothing. But, I do miss him. Parts of him. It is what it is.

Would you say you still care about Max?
Yes. Undeniably.


I remember talking to you after GoGo Boy and during the shooting of Road Strip, and we talked about “blurring the lines” between porn and entertainment. How do you think you’ve been able to do that so successfully?
Some of that is the way I projected myself. I showed myself for who I was and not what was dictated by my studio. I made sure I was appreciated for who I was, what I did, and how I did it. I always said, “Jake and Max are not just porn stars, they’re stars who happen to do porn,” and most of my fans understood that.

Not that there’s anything wrong with being “just” a porn star and having fans who love you for your porn, right?
It depends on the type of porn and the type of fan I guess. For example, would you be content knowing that most of your fans enjoyed seeing you getting raped and shit?

Probably not! What do you think it is about you that attracts so much attention? Looks? Personality? Both?
I thing it’s a healthy mix of all of it. I doubt anyone would fall for just my personality or just my looks.

The last time I saw you at Folsom, people were swarming you asking for photos and autographs, and you were very down-to-earth and friendly. How do you stay grounded and humble?
You always have to step back for a little bit. When it happened to me in the beginning, I didn’t know better. “Fame” was new to me. Now, I don’t take it for granted. And you need perspective. I usually center myself and remind myself of what’s important: My family and friends. And Romeo.

Romeo is your boyfriend?
No, he’s my dog!


He’s beautiful. Are you still in a relationship—with a boyfriend?
Yes I am. We’re good, but it’s not always easy. We started dating really quick, so we have to do all the minor adjustments that a relationship would normally go through as you’re getting to know each other. A lot has happened all at once, but we’re good, and I like where this is going.

When you first started shooting scenes over three years ago, did you have any idea what it would turn into? What was your plan, at the time?
Oh no, no plan. How could I, after my few first scenes? The last thing I figured would happen was that I’d be the face of a company for almost four years, or that I would accomplish so many goals. Whether I like it or not, porn gave me a jump start. There are a few disadvantages, but nothing I can’t work with.


Speaking of goals, what do you want to accomplish for the rest of this year, and in 2015?
Well there’s only, what, two months left of 2014? I plan on staying in one place for the holiday. For once, just one place! For 2015, there’s so much to accomplish. You’ll have to keep on following me to find out.

What would you say to someone just starting out in the business today?
The ratio of people who actually make it big in porn versus those who get into it and never amount to anything is huge. So, stop before it’s too late? LOL. Look, if you like sucking cock and getting railed, go ahead and do it. But most importantly, watch over yourself. Not everyone can be as lucky as I was having Jake Jaxson’s support.

Thanks, Jake! We’ll be watching to see what you do next.

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