And The Cockiest CockyBoy Of All Time Is: JAKE BASS

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tumblr_n4qpgaqlkD1s6y25fo1_500After three rounds of voting, beating out five competitors (Max Carter, Ricky Roman, Levi Michaels, Bravo Delta, and Max Ryder), and earning a total of over 12,000(!) votes, he’s finally won the title: Jake Bass is the Cockiest CockyBoy Of All Time.

Results from his last head-to-head battle:

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 6.28.21 AMJake Bass will be presented with a special award from Str8UpGayPorn this weekend during the Grabbys festivities, and as a thank you to all of his fans who voted, I now present to you the Top 12,000 Jake Bass Gifs Of All Time (1 gif for each vote he received)!

Just kidding, here is a quick preview of Jake Bass’ scene with Dillon Rossi, whom Jake recently revealed was his favorite scene partner of all time:

tumblr_mf7fbpNtKt1rqcmtjo1_1280 tumblr_mfnp33sh5y1qdot54o1_500 tumblr_mg4xofkyvx1qhhzvyo1_500 tumblr_mg5be1LmTF1qbq764o6_r1_500 tumblr_n48q3ulp1B1r5l8pto1_500

[CockyBoys: Jake Bass & Dillon Rossi]


  • i’m not really fond of those earrings or whatever you call them that he has to me that is body modification gone to far. if he did not have those he would be much hotter in my eyes. But to each his own.

    • ThatsEnoughGravy

      Yeah, I wonder too what those ear-lobe-stretcher things are called (maybe just that?) The porn star called Bud (sometimes Bud Lighter? did a lot of fisting) had those and one of his ear lobes finally just tore in two; some guy on that reality show Dr. 90210 had the same thing happen for the same reason, and the doc put it back together (and told him to stop wearing those).

      Nope, not a fan of those—or neck tattoos or creative eyebrow shaving, but I suppose that is what makes one “cocky.” Jake is a cute boy otherwise. A threesome with Gabriel Clark and Kennedy Carter was good; I always like when everybody gets fucked.

      • Akuma

        umm…i kinda think all of those thing actually make me like him, Lol…I like stylish…but well, I respect ppl’s opinion… :)

    • Bob

      they’re called gauges. it’s actually quite popular.

      • Seaguy

        Quite popular for the body modification crowd but not main stream people.

  • sxg

    I don’t think this is a win to be proud of. The contest should pretty much be named douchiest model at Cockyboys studio of all time!

  • NG212

    Not usually Jake’s biggest fan, but fuck he looks hot here.

  • James Withers

    I would do anything for Jake. Join the ex-gay movement. Rail against marriage equality. Stop drinking coffee. Go to church and wear a stylish hat each time.

    • Alan

      Take a vow of silence, perhaps? 😉 (sorry, I just couldn’t resist!)

      • James Withers

        Nothing to be sorry for. That was good :-) And yes I would!

        • Alan

          I congratulate you on your fortitude – I don’t think any man could inspire me to take a vow of silence. :-)

          • James Withers

            Not even Bass ass? Look at that dude’s cheeks!! :-) Sir-Mix-Alot should do another version of his Baby got Back tune with Bass shaking it!

  • robirob

    Aaaaaand cue to him announcing his retirement (like Connor Kline, another StraightUpGayPorn poll winner) in 3, 2, …

    • sxg

      That’s a retirement I’d welcome with open arms! Or a trade, his retirement for Connor Kline’s return!

  • Frode Winther Nylehn


  • this_nick

    Who doesn’t think of Jake Bass when CockyBoys is mentioned? A deserving winner for sure.

  • GN

    Dunno what it is about Jake Bass–He’s douchy, but I’d pound the fuck outta him.