VOTE For The Cockiest CockyBoy Of All Time: Max Ryder Or Jake Bass?

Posted May 14, 2014 by with 4 comments

tumblr_mduuyx5L4j1qf01jno1_500Max Ryder won Round 1. Jake Bass won Round 2. Now, it’s time for the ultimate showdown between these former Project Go-Go Boy frienemies turned Road Strip companions turned real life BFFs in the Battle Of The CockyBoys: Who Is The Cockiest Boy Of All Time? competition.

tumblr_mm6jgu2ZbI1qbq764o3_500It’s almost impossible to choose between them…but I know you’ll find a way.


Are you beholden to blond bad boy Max?


Or are you devoted to edgy punk jock Jake?

jake bass How will you choose?

tumblr_m9nshgt81x1qfxq87o1_500What if I said that you could vote for both of them, and that I’d just make the competition a “tie”?

tumblr_mlqor61A5r1s61q9wo1_500I’m not going to do that, but what if?

tumblr_mkq62kVzN81s61q9wo1_500The time has come for you to vote. The winner will hold the title of Cockiest Boy Of All Time and will be awarded a special prize next week in Chicago during the Grabbys festivities. Voting will remain open until next Tuesday at 11:59pm PST. And don’t forget, you can vote AS MANY times as you want!

  • Alan

    My feelings are best expressed by what Kissinger said about the Iran-Iraq war in 1980s: ‘It’s a pity they both can’t lose.’

  • Terry

    I love both of them so I’ll vote (for Jake Bass) just once !

  • Dave

    I find neither attractive at all…Both washed up so young…Success & drugs will do that to you…Both seem like primadonna’s as well…Cocky yes but not in a good way…Hey!!! You do porn for a living & neither are even remotely good at it…Good luck being hooked on drugs & broke within 5 years, so was it worth it all??? How about making a contribution to society and giving back to it instead of take, take, take…Seems to be a pattern with these young twinks these days we’re supposed to worship them like they are idols or rockstars of something…It’s pretty pathetic surveys like this even exist

  • DrunkEnough

    Jesus, who the fuck cares?