Max Ryder Shoots To The Lead In Round 1 Of “Cockiest Boy” Contest

Posted May 6, 2014 by with 3 comments

tumblr_ma1zzbOxhj1qdot54o1_500Round 1 of the Battle Of The CockyBoys is officially over, and while it was neck and neck between Duncan Black and Max Ryder throughout the week, Max Ryder pulled ahead yesterday to secure a narrow victory over Duncan “Naked Selfie King” Black. With over 1400 votes, Max Ryder is the winner of this first round. Congratulations, Max!

cocky1The fact that Max pulled off a win despite having retired from being an on-camera performer is proof of his staying power and shows just how loyal his fans are.

tumblr_m8lrbuVqeM1qildk3o1_500Will Max’s fans stick with him later this month when he faces his final challenger, the winner of Round 2?

tumblr_m7s4j9vQll1qhhzvyo1_500Coming tomorrow, meet the five competitors who’ll be vying for votes in Round 2 of the Battle Of The CockyBoys.

tumblr_mkx0ntG75H1qhhzvyo3_500 tumblr_mkx0ntG75H1qhhzvyo2_500 tumblr_mkx0ntG75H1qhhzvyo4_500The winner of Round 2 will then face off against Max Ryder for the ultimate battle, in which the Cockiest Boy of all time will be determined.

tumblr_mm3urwoE9R1spq0zco1_500tumblr_mbq9nlsORI1r4yeito1_250[CockyBoys: Max Ryder]


  • Terry

    Yessss ! I knew it ! Well deserved !

  • T Bird

    Um why.

  • Jason Zazzle

    Max is really cute but not really my cup of tea physically. (Duncan Black all the way) but he pulls off what he does with a really distinctive personality which is still pretty rare in porn. Love all the cocky boys but Max has a particular flare that I respect.