Are Jake Bass And Johnny Rapid Gonna Fuck?

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The sneak peeks keep coming for’s “Men Of Anarchy,” and today I have a few more images of Jake Bass looking perfect in his debut. Plus, it looks like Jake might end up fucking Johnny Rapid in an upcoming scene, if can pull it together. [Update: Johnny and Jake did actually fuck! Watch the hardcore trailer for their scene here.] Also, watch the trailer for Jake’s episode of “Men Of Anarchy” (co-starring Gabriel Cross) down below.

1967 54 74Unfortunately, there’s no Paddy O’Brian/Jake Bass scene in this series, which is a missed opportunity. How could let two of the most popular performers working today be in the same series together and not pair them for an A-list, all star duo? WTF?

If it’s any consolation, Jake Bass and Johnny Rapid have been flirting/fighting on Twitter, which would be an even bigger and more explosive pairing. Don’t fuck this up,

johnny jake johnny jake 2Who knew Johnny Rapid was such a little poet?

Trailer for Jake Bass and Gabriel Cross in “Men Of Anarchy” (watch full scene here on 12/26):

[ Jake Bass Fucks Gabriel Cross]


  • Alan Keddie

    Ooh maybe the reason why Paddy and Jake weren’t partnered up because they HATE/HATED each other… Or coz Paddy don’t suck no cock and Jake demands that??

  • I love how you always pick the worst photos of Johnny Rapid. Too funny.

    • Mihcael Davies

      There are good photos of him??? o_O I wasn’t aware of that

  • Johnny Rapid is my favorite rapper of 2014. “My hole is pristine, I just pray yours is clean” is better than anything that’s ever emerged from Cazwell’s mouth.

    • Hudsonman

      Pristine: in perfect condition : completely clean, fresh, neat, etc. also: not changed by people.

      Seriously… there’s been enough traffic through there it could be called the Lincoln Tunnel. One can go through and only touch one side.

  • James Withers

    Must be a flip flop….and Jake forces Johnny to kiss. With tongue.

  • Alan. P. (Hansen)

    Any porn actor like Bass with paragraphs tattooed on himself has already lost my interest. Once I freeze frame, discover it reads something either biblical, douchey (or both) I’m out.