Lukas Grande Made $2K On GoFundMe AND He Got To Fuck Jake Bass?

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Gay porn star Lukas Grande launched his “Save Lukas Grande” GoFundMe to pay his phone bill (and rent) just 25 days ago, and the blue-eyed/blond-haired hottie has already raked in $2,090 (fuck, can he pay my phone bill, too?), making his one of the most successful gay porn star GoFundMe campaigns of all time. Hey, it pays to be hot—literally.

lukas grande jake bass

And the good news for the big-dicked twunk doesn’t end there, as Lucky Lukas received another gift this month when CockyBoys paired him with none other than Jake Bass, who’s making his return to the studio after a brief hiatus with


Long story short, January has been fantastic for Lukas Grande: First the free $2K, and then he got to fuck Jake Bass’ bubble butt. Must be nice!!!

lukas grande jake bass 2

This ends up being an intense flip-fuck, which gives Jake a chance to tap Lukas Grande’s sweet ass. (And all Lukas Grande’s GoFundMe donators got was an @ reply on Twitter! 🙁 )


The sun-drenched fuckfest ends with two of the largest cum shots of 2015 so far (Jake practically hoses Lukas down from head to toe), and the chemistry is off the charts. It’s so good to have Jake Bass back where he shines and, GoFundMe jokes aside, Lukas Grande is one of CockyBoys’ best additions in a long time.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Lukas Grande And Jake Bass Flip-Fuck]


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