Grabbys Pre-Party Part 2: Topher & Ricky, Levi & Diesel, And Boomer Banks Kidnapped Jake Bass

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UntitledBefore I was physically assaulted last night at the Grabbys pre-party, there were a few lighthearted moments of fun. Somehow, I was able to take these pics without people realizing who was behind the camera.

Which is the new gay porn power couple: Boomer Banks and Ricky Roman, Ricky Roman and Topher DiMaggio, or Ricky Roman and Diesel Washington?


IMG_7181Ricky and Boomer sharing an intimate moment (with Chi Chi yelling for Trenton Ducati at the end):

Maybe the real new gay porn power couple is Diesel Washington and Levi Karter?

IMG_7178Alessandro Del Toro shaking his outrageously big bubble butt:

Jake, Duncan Black, and Levi:


At first, it looked like Jake and Boomer were just horsing around…


But, things quickly took on a much more sinister tone. Sadly, the night ended in tragedy when Boomer Banks decided to abduct Jake Bass.

IMG_7210IMG_7212I tried to stop Boomer Banks from kidnapping Jake Bass, but I was still recovering from my own assault and was only capable of taking these pictures as the two of them disappeared into the night. Both of their whereabouts remain unknown.


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