Exclusive: Jake Jaxson Reveals CockyBoys Secrets, Including HUGE Casting Coup

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jakejaxsonAfter catching up with Max Ryder and Duncan Black in Palm Springs last month, I got to spend a few minutes with CockyBoys studio owner and director Jake Jaxson. In part one of my two-part exclusive sit-down, the award-winning director reveals a surprise addition to the Answered Prayers cast, how and why his studio became so successful, what he really thinks of Max Ryder and Jake Bass, and who his biggest competitor in the gay porn industry is.

Coming next week: The premiere of the next installment of Answered Prayers and part two of my interview, where Jaxson dishes on an upcoming CockyBoys reality show?!

  • buffy2004

    Awesome interview really i never get tired of reading or hearing Jake Jaxson.He is really changing how people see gay porn for the best and i’m pretty sure there isn’t any other studio with so much fangirls.I’m a curious person and i read and watch other studios but there isn’t one that i like most that cockyboys.can’t wait for the second part of the interview :).

  • Alan

    I’ll watch the interview (or as much as I can stomach) later, but I disagree with the previous comment on almost every point. Mr. Jaxson is trying to make movies that are artistic and erotic and generally not succeeding at engaging me at either level. I very much doubt cockyboys has anything like the subscriber base that SC or CF have. I’ll give cockyboys credit for being a cut above the hetero-owned mass-production porn factories like Men or ND Studios but that’s faint praise to damn them with. I’ve tried to like them, but I just can’t do it.

    • ArtPop93


      • DC

        lol. your username is ArtPop93.

  • slotpocket

    I just wanted to echo what Alan says here. There’s something admirable about Cockyboys as a concept when compared to MEN, but there’s nothing admirable about the movies themselves. The porn itself is much less interesting than the drama/comedy, and the drama/comedy isn’t very much interesting at all. Jaxson strikes me as just what he is, an extremely lucky but failed reality tv producer.

  • ArtPop93

    I’m digging cockyboys even more after watching this interview, he seems like a real person.

  • A very creative and talented man. The direction of story telling in gay porn is taking a turn for the better.

  • JoshChicago

    I’m personally over/under-whelmed by the hype of this disappointing Exclusive Coup. :-(

  • Zealot

    Porn like so many things in life are a matter of taste. I tend to like porn that showcases men who are into men…I mean really into men, even if they’re bi or somewhere else on the Kinsey scale. I have gotten pretty good at seeing things that give a performer away when they really don’t want to be having sex with another guy or their scene partner, and nothing is a worse turn-off for me as a consumer.

    MEN, for me, has succeeded at booking hot men, but the sex is tepid at best. I can’t remember the last time a MEN scene really got me excited. Oh, in the past I might have thought, “oh look who they talked into bottoming, this should be good!”, only to have it painfully (that word was chosen purposely) obvious that the sex is uncomfortable, and they’re really not enjoying it. So there goes the wood (mine). Same for NDB. They book someone like Christian Cayden (who for me is smokin’ hot), and other than for his solo scene (which again, is unexpected in its content and Christian’s enthusiasm for butt-play, even when alone)– only to waste him in the few scenes for which they’ve used him.

    I don’t usually care about a performer’s sexual orientation, or motivation for getting into the industry unless I can tell that it’s to put diapers on their kids, or make a motorcycle payment…and that’s all. It shows and it’s boring. I think Cockyboys achieves sexual heat more often than almost any other studio especially when they simply put their guys in front of a camera and let them have at it. I’m less impressed with the themed pieces other than the “A Thing of Beauty”, which was very hot, and erotic. I think this is why so many guys are turning toward homemade and amateur porn, because there is more of the unexpected, and real honest heat between the guys. Speaking for myself only, I’d forego some looks, muscle, or cock size for some real men having real sex, who are really into each other. I’m just really surprised that more of the big mainstream studios spend so much time and effort on scripts and scenery when the bad acting, corny dialog and sets are just things that get in the way of great sex between interesting-looking guys.

    But this is just my opinion.

  • Great interview. I have never really been into porn that tried to weave a storyline or plot into it because I feel it takes away from the sex, but I might have to check Answered Prayers out now. The beginning sounds very Basic Instinct.

  • Jack

    What I like about Cocky Boys is that its a different option. We all don’t like the same tv shows or genres we dont have to like the same kind of porn. It pretty porn and its done well. I don’t love every concept of Jaxsons or every film or every performer but its still the only porn site I’ve ever subscribed to because I liek most of the content. And I do appreciate the way he talks about his performers and I appreciate the efforts and creativity even if it doesn’t land I appreciate that a person cares about what they are doing rather than just sticking 2 guys in a dim room and calling it a day. So do I think he’s changing how all porn will be..no. I think he’s got this bright creative little corner and maybe he’ll inspire others but if he doesn’t he still has created this corner for people like me to go and enjoy and possible a healthier haven for some of the performers…

  • Hannah Melia

    The more I get insight into JJ’s creative process, his mind, and ideas, the more impressed I am with him and the creative energy that comes from Cockyboys. So proud to be a member and fan :)

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  • Dakota

    What I like in some of his scenes (and some others lateky) are scenes that are hot, erótic, sexual y charged and feel romantic. Thing of beauty had lot of that as has many with Dale Cooper. Lucas has managed that with some of the men in love type stuff, and others filming real couples who Focus on making love vs just fucking. I may be minority but sleazy toikets dont do it for me. I’ve lately seem some amateur porn which has been the hottest turn in even if the models didn’t look 100 percent like Greek statues. You saw real passion, chemistry, sexual heat & couples who were really turned on.. Both men kissing, touching and actually hard.. Not floppy in choreography.. Damn, I just got hard even describing it

  • ~ Princess Jen ~

    Amazing article, I love listening to JJ talk about his work. He is changing the way that people see gay porn and I am glad to be part of that.