United States V. Jarec Wentworth: Read The Grand Jury’s Indictment Charging Jarec Wentworth With Felony Extortion

Posted March 26, 2015 by with 67 comments


You read the affidavit when Str8UpGayPorn first broke the story on Jarec Wentworth’s (a.k.a. Teofil Brank) dramatic arrest by undercover FBI agents, now read today’s Grand Jury indictment formally charging the Men.com and Sean Cody gay porn star with felony extortion.

According to the indictment below, Wentworth/Brank threatened to distribute sexually explicit photographs of his victim unless he was given money, a motorcycle, and that infamous Audi R8. The indictment also charges that if Wentworth/Brank is found guilty, he’ll have to forfeit all his property/money to the United States government in order to pay back the $500,000 he already allegedly extorted from his victim.


Next up for Wentworth/Brank is a hearing to determine whether or not he’ll remain in custody pending his pre-trial. That hearing is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Currently, Brank is being held at a federal detention center in Los Angeles. The weird thing is, I couldn’t find any record of his presence at that detention center when entering his name into the system. On a whim, I decided to try different spellings of Teofil Brank’s name to see if anything came up. Sure enough, the Federal Bureau Of Prisons has him in custody under the misspelled name Toefil Brank.



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