Jarec Wentworth Fucks The Cum Out Of Colby Keller, Then Cums In His Mouth

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colby-keller-jarec-wentworth-gay-pornI knew last month when I teased this Randy Blue scene that it was going to be epic just by virtue of the fact that it starred Jarec Wentworth (a.k.a. Sean Cody’s Jarek) and Colby Keller, but now to actually see Jarec jackhammering and slam-fucking Colby Keller in multiple positions and then fucking the cum out of him and then blowing a huge load in his mouth…uhhh…holy shit? I mean, what else can be said?

Jarec Wentworth fucks the cum out of Colby Keller and then cums in his mouth in less than 72 hours when this scene is released on Friday. Here’s the trailer (watch in full here, starting Friday):

[Randy Blue: Jarec Wentworth Fucks The Cum Out Of Colby Keller]


  • Bull

    I think it’d be hotter if the roles were reversed