Which Would You Rather: Fuck Justin’s Ass Or Get Fucked By Jarec’s Cock?

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jarec wentworth justin owen gay porn 2Last week I polled you about what kind of porn you like to watch, and this week I wanna know how many of you are tops and how many of you are bottoms. The poll (below) is anonymous, so don’t bother lying. Be proud of what you are. And if you aren’t proud, don’t worry, no one ever has to know (except for you).

I’m using today’s Randy Blue update with Jarec Wentworth and Justin Owen to frame the question, because if you have to choose between topping or bottoming, these would obviously be your two most ideal options.

RANDYBLUE-11Would you rather sit on Jarec Wentworth’s perfect dick?

RANDYBLUE-22Or plow Justin Owen’s perfect ass?

RANDYBLUE-37RANDYBLUE-40jarec wentworth justin owen gay pornjarek justin owen randy blueRANDYBLUE-61Sorry, but there’s no third option for “do both” or “versatile.” You can only choose one.

Trailer (watch in full here):

[Randy Blue: Jarec Wentworth Fucks Justin Owen]

  • James Withers

    I would cut every ho, in every city, to spend three days with Justin

  • robirob

    Call me greedy, but I would love to do both.

  • McM.
  • Mitsaso Bellucci

    I’d fuck Jarec’s ass 😛

  • sxg

    Jarec’s dick in my ass. Although Jarec seems to have lost his appeal to me after he left Sean Cody, I want nothing to do with Justin, except push him into traffic 😉

    • Mimi Bahl

      Violence is NOT allowed assh*le!

  • GN

    Post-SeanCody’s Jarec is blah–I’ll take Justin’s hole for $500, Alex.

  • Bull

    What? No option to fuck Jarec?…….

  • n24rc

    Who cares, neither would have sex with a man, unless you paid them. Apparently, Jarec isn’t doing so well over at Randy Blue, he seems to be under the impression he should get residuals from his porn scenes. LMAO.

    • sxg

      lol where did you hear that? And you are not wrong! I have a feeling that might be the reason why he was let go from Sean Cody. That whole thing about him already doing too many scenes was a BS excuse.

      • Estelle

        I’m don’t think porn was justin Owens first time at the rodeo with a man nor his last.

  • Roary

    DAT ASS!

  • AmanYoudontknow

    I Finally watched it!!! This scene just perfect! Jarec looks so great in this , looks really enjoy being with my bae Jus. Justin’s ass body smile are perfect! I really enjoy watching these two goofing around on sofa too. Perfect one RB , because Jus and Jarec are so hot together. Look at the 1st pic…wow..they are like a king and queen. lol

  • tink.™

    that was the funniest comment ive ever seen!~

    • JoshChicago

      Well for me….mine was “we all have those people that when we get that text, ur heart sinks & text back within .4 seconds because they’re just that important

      esp when ur married.

      But I digress.

  • NG212

    Zach, I know it’s not related to this post, but I did want a venue to comment on the World Star Hip Hop link.

    As a black gay man, I find that comment section so appalling. It’s sad. It’s atrocious. It’s unacceptable. And it’s so diametrically opposed to the values of respect and equality that we enshrine as black Americans.

    I’m struck by the immaturity. People shocked to see two men kiss. People expressing hatred for gay people because they find gay sex repulsive.

    There are dozens of comments dedicated to dehumanizing our community. I’m not surprised that these attitudes exist. I’m not surprised that people are ignorant and obnoxious and mean-spirited on the Internet.

    But I am disappointed. Disappointed that a major constituency within the black community still finds it acceptable to disregard the humanity and rights of another group. I’m breaking a rule right now by speaking ill of black people when white people are around, but these ignorant bastards are making me look bad and making me feel bad. It is a beautiful, historic day. And no amount of trolling know-nothings can spoil that for Michael and his loved ones.