A Very Interesting Fellow!

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In a new interview to promote NakedSword’s upcoming A Wicked Game, gay porn star Jarec Wentworth makes some interesting observations about the cast and crew:

:23—Jarec Wentworth on mr. Pam: “She’s an interesting woman.”

:33—Jarec Wentworth on his character in NakedSword’s new movie, A Wicked Game: “It’s pretty interesting.”

2:32—Jarec Wentworth on Ryan Rose: “He’s an interesting fellow.”

3:00—Jarec Wentworth on Ryan Rose (again): “He’s one of the most interesting porn stars I know.”

3:13—Jarec Wentworth on Duncan Black: “He’s very interesting.”

3:32—Jarec Wentworth on James Hamilton: “He’s a little interesting fellow himself.”

4:04—Jarec Wentworth on the entire cast and crew of A Wicked Game: “Everyone has a very upbeat, interesting personality.”

[via QueerMeNow]


In case you don’t have time to watch the whole interview, here’s an interesting condensed version: