Jaxton Wheeler’s Explanation For Why He Told August Ames To Take A Cyanide Pill: “It Was A Forceful Way To Say ‘Suck A Bag Of Dicks'”

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homo1As reported last week, straight porn star August Ames took her own life two days after publicly announcing that she had pulled out of a shoot due to her male co-star having previously performed in gay porn. Even though Ames’ male co-star on the straight porn shoot would undergo the same STD testing as her prior to filming, Ames said she didn’t know what men who perform in gay porn “do in their private lives.” This comment was rightly called out and questioned by many, including Str8UpGayPorn.

homo2While most of the ensuing arguments between porn industry performers and Ames—who launched this debate after taking to Twitter and implying that promiscuous gay men would give her STDs—were the kind of heated arguments reasonably expected after someone provokes a controversial discussion on social media, one performer crossed the line of “discussion” with a useless and inflammatory tweet telling Ames to “swallow a cyanide pill.” That performer, as most already know, was Jaxton Wheeler:


Following news of Ames’ actual suicide, the condemnation of Wheeler’s tweet was swift and relentless (there’s an entire article on Newsweek about him and his tweet), and he locked his Twitter account after receiving a barrage of angry tweets. But now, four days later, Wheeler has given an interview to The Sword to defend his remarks.

While Wheeler’s statement to The Sword begins with an acknowledgement of Ames’ passing, he then explains that he used “an unfortunate choice of words” when responding to her on Twitter:

I am saddened a fellow model is gone. My intention was to bring about a conversation about the stigmas and issues talent like myself deal with every day. I acknowledge that I responded with emotions and an unfortunate choice of words.

Wheeler goes on to explain that what he really meant by “take a cyanide pill” was for August Ames to “suck a bag of dicks”:

The Sword: Given that, what did you mean when you said, “take a cyanide pill?”
Jaxton Wheeler: To me, it was a forceful way to say, “suck a bag of dicks.” I regret expressing it that way. That will haunt me the rest of my life, but it was never, ever, in any way meant to be an actual course of action.

Wheeler also tells The Sword that he’s disappointed his cyanide tweet is “distracting from [his] original issues,” and that he would like the social media “abuse” and “threats” to end—”particularly” if that abuse and those threats are directed at him:

As a matter of public record, my comment was posted after August had chosen to take her life. I am disappointed my comments have been used to distract from my original issues and devastated they have inappropriately been attributed as the reason August chose to take her life. My heart goes out to her friends and loved ones, and to all affected by this. Hopefully, this allows us to reflect on the choices we make on social media. It may be anonymous, but real harm can be done. I am pleading with people on both sides to put to an end to the verbal abuse and threats made so freely every day, and in particular, those directed at me right now. This serves neither her memory or any of others we have lost this year.

Also, Wheeler, as prompted by The Sword, “absolutely” believes that the condemnation he’s received is attributable to the larger national conversation being had over sexual harassment, and Wheeler thinks he’s been labeled a villain who “everyone wants to hang in the public square.”

The Sword: The country is having a national conversation right now about sexual harassment. Do you think it made people feel more comfortable and virulent about calling you out?
Jaxton Wheeler: Absolutely. Before they knew she had hung herself and didn’t take a cyanide pill, both our tweets were posted, and I was blamed as the de facto cause. I do understand everyone wants a villain to hang in the public square for the tragic death of this sweet, beautiful girl. While she is indeed the victim here, I am not the villain.

Ames—who hanged herself in a public park—reportedly suffered from bipolar depression and other mental health issues, and her suicide note made no mention of the tweets she received. Regardless, I don’t see how this interview is going to help Jaxton Wheeler.


  • DrunkEnough

    Of course it helps him. It’s in this line: “As a matter of public record, my comment was posted after August had chosen to take her life.” So although his comment was callous and in poor taste, he didn’t prompt her death.

    • Zachary Sire

      Well, ok, but that won’t mean anything to the deranged anti-gay “fans” on Twitter sending death threats.

      • DrunkEnough
      • AsherStClaire

        it’s not just fans, a lot of straight male porn stars are jumping on the train as well. If anything I’m kinda worried for “crossovers” and gay performers at the moment

        • Isiah Singleton

          Is also other female porn stars too they the same ones say that they support LGBT Community

        • Ninja0980

          Same here.
          Ryan Driller, Lucas Knight etc.

      • Ninja0980

        Nor the right wing bigots who will support a straight porn star for the first and only time in their lives to push an anti-LGBT agend.

  • Isiah Singleton

    Suicide is a selfless and cowardly act instead of facing the backlash she going to kill herself and I don’t have no respect for people who kill themselves. Wheelers is not the only one who getting death threats Bruce beckmen is getting death threats as well he got a death threat from a fat female porn star she says she hopes that he Gets hiv Infection that’s why I don’t have no sympathy for August because her Fanbase. They are going to far going after jaxton wheeler’s mother and son. August’s Fanbase are evil

    • John Doe

      I think you mean “selfish” not selfless. People who kill themselves are mentally ill and suffering. It’s not cowardly. Have some compassion.

      • Isiah Singleton

        It is selfish and Cowardly instead of facing life she took her own she is a coward I don’t have no compassion for her she chickened out I know people with mental illness who didn’t commit suicide because they believe it’s a coward way out

        • G. Lo

          “I know people with mental illness…” Stop.

        • John Doe

          Rhetorical question, but would you call Tyler Clementi a coward?

          Focus on your horrific grammar and equally horrific ignorance and worry less about people who suffer pain so intensely the only solution they see is to end their life.

          • Isiah Singleton

            Yes I called him a coward to

  • Zealot

    See? That’s the funny, and amazing thing about the English language…one in which encapsulates more words than any other…if your intent is to say “go suck a bag of dicks”, you can express it with: “imbibe, draw, inhale, nurse, or intake” a bag of dicks. You could even substitute “tote, attache, carry-on, backpack, case, rucksack, purse, pouch or duffel” for bag and “cocks, wieners, fuck-bats, pussy-prodders, pokers, penises, or tally-whackers” for dicks. English 101, Jaxton.


    • Isiah Singleton

      Are you defending her homophobic comments?

      • Zealot

        How do you get my defending her comments by holding Jaxton accountable for his post? I was responding to his way of communicating to her, saying one thing and claiming it was something else. TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. For the record I didn’t like what she said, but I chalked it up just another idiotic thing most straights think/say about us– especially when discussing porn. We’re like lepers to them. It’s a miracle anyone who does gay porn ever gets work in straight porn. It’s fear-based ignorance and it played to her base (who are basically knuckle-dragging closet cases who secretly look at the men in straight porn, but would rather cut out their eyes than admit it).

    • AsherStClaire

      her was being hyperbolic. it doesn’t excuse what he did and he should’ve said sorry immediately but I doubt he actually wanted her to kill herself.

      • Zealot

        So why say “go take a cyanide pill”? My point was that exactly. He could have said what he claims he meant to say and NOT that hateful statement. What she said was stupid and ridiculous (INDEFENSIBLE, really)…but I’d bet in hindsight, he wishes he’d really said “go suck a bag of dicks” rather that what he did.

        • AsherStClaire

          Oh I completely agree with you, he was stupid and should’ve thought better I’m just saying having a reasonable conversation when you’re pissed isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind.

          • Zealot

            That’s one of the main pitfalls of social media! For sure.

        • GN

          I have never told anyone specifically to go take cyanide or directed someone to suicide during an argument, and my personal filter would consider that to be on the list of things not to say in the heat or argument, along with remarks like criticizing people’s family/ parenting. But I am certain I told a few to go jump in traffic. The remark about a pill may seem more personal and malicious, but it’s really not all that different, it’s the same sentiment being expressed. It’s unfortunate he chose to word it that way.

          • AsherStClaire

            Yeah I’ve told my fair share of people to go play in traffic/drink bleach/go die in a fire and looking back on it now, it’s fucked up. I said them after being frustrated with trying to get a point across and the person just straight up refusing to listen. And rather than me just removing myself from the situation as I should’ve, I devolved into saying fucked up things.

  • AsherStClaire

    To be honest, it was just so so so so stupid of him to post a comment like that, hyperbolic as it was. That being said, plenty of us have been guilty of stepping over the line in the heat of an argument. I don’t believe that him or the twitter dragging contributed to her committing suicide, at least not in any significant capacity. Because to be honest, the backlash was relatively tame (with exception to Mr. Wheeler who should’ve just logged off) in comparison to other flame wars I’ve witnessed. And from what I’ve read she had been getting a lot of support from her peers on and offline in regards to the tweet.

    What I have noticed is that this entire situation has stoked the pretty terrifying fire of homophobia in that side of the industry and it’s pretty disturbing.

  • James

    Wow. Let’s all move on with this BS story. If “random gay porn performer A” thinks August Ames shouldn’t have the right to be in control of her own body that says something pretty profound about how “F’d up” “random gay porn performer A” is… Get therapy and take and oxy.


    • a b

      Nobody said she should be forced to film with a bisexual dude. She was spreading lies about HIV being rampant in gay porn and got her ass whipped

  • a b

    Would anyone here consider any of those tweets extreme if she hadn’t killed herself? She haven’t got doxxed, nobody spread lies about her, any message she was getting was limited to the internet… Honestly, I don’t think Jaxton should be blamed for her death at all.

    • Isiah Singleton

      I agree he should not be blamed for her death

  • Tim

    just add this stupid hotheadedness to the list of reasons why I’m not into this particular performer.

    • GN

      He was stupid for saying it. The jury is unanimous. It was an incorrect way of expressing the indignation (which we all felt). As this girl’s remarks perpetuate the myth of the pristine heterosexual and the filthy gays which she shall not mix with. As if one human immune system is more sanctified than the next. She did not need to deprecate the community over her stance, as several people pointed out she could have informed her employer that she preferred not to work with certain stars and leave it there. She need not social media soapbox to pontificate heterosexual purity and the perils of soiling it with homosexual associations. The hate-train on LGBTQ has yet to grind to a halt, because of the proliferation of opinions like hers. Her followers are out of line, and need to back down. Since when have they skimped on cruelty against suicidal gay teens, to be getting this righteous about a Tweet that this girl may not have even seen before she passed? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a33ece6b6861ea010f9ec4e5504065593a62211f448289df285a0a67fd0d0f2f.gif

  • GN

    Who’s gonna take the blame for LGBTQ that have taken their own lives due to homophobic bullying? How many unkind words here and there online toward gays have culminated in a gay bashing or death? Who is going to experience the guilt for that? Not a single one of the fucktards that are now inciting it as a reply to this incident. Nor am I asking them to. She initiated this, she was wrong, the power of free open speech was used on her the same manner in which she used it. The unfortunate manifestation of ill-wishes toward her can only be linked with specious reasoning. Unless under MK Ultra mind control, someone prompting her to take a cyanide pill did not cause her to finalize a suicidial ideation. So I will repeat my lack of contriteness. Her untimely demise or my sympathy for the loss of her life in no way minimizes my disapproval of her ignorant opinion or how she handled it. We die. Our words remain. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/82782d703d1cbd2d234b2d00c900b5ac09e8d84452738fa0159bcf7fdc66a003.gif

    • WhimsyCotton
    • Isiah Singleton

      Preach on my brother

    • alex

      My thoughts exactly her fans are a bunch of hypocrites. Where is the outrage and call for blood every time a gay little boy or girl is bullied and takes their life? Not trying to minimize what happened to her, not trying to maximize it either!

    • GuruMike


    • Phresh

      MY POINT EXACTLY!!! So that means the next a gay youth, or gay adult commits suicide, I can blame it on every straight person ?

  • Isiah Singleton

    Jaxton Wheeler’s mother and son are getting death threats from August’s fans he has to call the FBI on them if his son get killed their it’ll be blood on their hands

  • Parker Lewis

    A lot of guys have been called worst and get beat up on a daily basis just for being gay but they don’t go home and kill themselves. This girl had serious issues but thankfully she didn’t go out and make a statement by killing others along with herself. She made a stupid statement on twitter that basically put down the entire gay male community. This girl was swallowing cum in all three holes by multiple men at a time yet working with a gay man was endangering her body. May she RIP but she was a cunt for making that statement.

    • Michael

      She made comments about gay porn performers, not the gay community.
      People who were triggered by what she said are dealing with their own internalized issues with sex and sexuality.
      I wasn’t offended by anything she said, but the reactions to her were quite fascinating and very telling.

      • Zachary Sire

        Her millions of followers and “fans”—and all the other deranged MAGA trolls, bots, and right wing bigots who aren’t even her fans, but who saw her tweets anyway—aren’t interpreting what she said as only applying to gay porn performers, obviously. These homophobic idiots—as evidenced by all the insane threats and hate speech on Twitter this week—took what she said as applying to ALL gays. So, while she may not have done so intentionally, her tweets helped to inspire bigotry and spread false information.

        • Ninja0980

          Yup and those folks are more then happy to use her death as proof the “LGBT community” are the real bigots.

        • Matthias M.

          The fact that “Left”, “SJW”, and “LGTB” were the main code words uses (besides gay slurs) that was the exact appeal to her “fans.” Most of which had less than 10 followers before they jumped in.

          The straight porn industry has always rallied around anti-gay sentiments. They now have a martyr.

          Even worse, one of the names floated as the guy she rejected, never did a gay sex scene; only solos. if it was him, it’s an even dumber reason for this whole mess.

      • nick

        I thought she was talking about straight guys who do gay sex, why would a gay guy be fucking her anyway ?

        • McM.

          The logic is gays are filthy and thereby contaminate crossover performers.

        • AsherStClaire

          Absolutely none. The topic went straight from “crossover performers” to “gay guys” with no understanding of nuance. The speed at which the details literally dissolved away in the minds of her supporters and fellow bigots is astounding.

  • AsherStClaire

    And Jaxton is actually correct in that Ames had already passed when he sent out that really thoughtless tweet. She posted. Her last tweet took place on Monday morning, her body was found early Tuesday morning and Jaxton’s tweet was posted on Wednesday morning.

    • Isiah Singleton

      You are absolutely right you should tell that to the homophobic people who try to blame Jackson for her death

      • elyp

        50 cents they won’t care or even listed to this..

        • AsherStClaire

          I’m positive that they won’t.

  • FrenchBug

    Things that are not mutually exclusive:

    1A) Jaxton Wheeler’s tweet is not why August Ames killed herself
    1B) Jaxton Wheeler’s tweet was a gross and unacceptable way to talk to someone, no matter how offended you are about the beliefs of that person,

    2A) It is unacceptable to wish death to another human being, like Jaxton Wheeler did to August Ames.
    2B) It is unacceptable to wish death to another human being, like August Ames “fans” are apparently threatening Jaxton’s family with.

    3A) Jaxton Wheeler is a moron and an asshole
    3B) August Ames’ tweet was, even in the very kindest possible reading of it, steeped in homophobic and potentially harmful stereotypes.

    It is not that hard, folks. There doesn’t have to be a right and wrong, a hero and a villain in every story. Frankly, everybody behaved poorly in this whole mess.

    So Jaxton Wheeler would have been better off without that self-indulgent idiotic interview. It will blow over and the best advice I can give him is to SHUT THE F*** UP. Fair or not, it is not about you.
    In the end, there is one family grieving. My thoughts go off to them, no matter what I think of her tweet. Wheeler will be fine.

    • WhimsyCotton

      What about the Trumps, Putins, and Roy Moores of the world? Is it unacceptable to wish them an unfortunate fate?

    • A.C.

      I am not sure that I will ever quite understand the impulse to be so moved to anger or resentment that I wish evil or death on another person; I tend to believe that is a foreign impulse to most reasonable people. We approach indignation today as a gladiatorial sport, where we demand blood, and not a teachable moment. She made an ignorant comment and that should have first moved us to compassion and then second toward instruction. To be offended and then go to the lengths of attacking a person is counterproductive and asinine. I would have thought that Mr. Wheeler would have been much more considerate of this considering how Ryan Rose treated his friend up to his unfortunate suicide some time ago. I appreciate your thoughtful explanation of why there are no heroes in this tragedy, sadly, you think with more nuance than most.

      • AsherStClaire

        With all due respect, a solid majority of those who responded did in fact educate her, she refused to listen and dug her heels in deeper.

        A lot of the people who responded to her were actually offering legitimate and easily digestible information and now those very same performers who went out of their way to educate her are now being held responsible for her suicide. People may have been a bit cheeky, but the people that are being held “responsible” are now being put in danger. And the sheer amount of violent homophobia that’s come out of this is absolutely reprehensible.

        Jessica Drake said this:
        “performers, by all means, fuck who you want to fuck…
        but if you’re eliminating folks based on the fact they they may have done gay or crossover work, your logic is seriously flawed.
        reality is, WE DON’T KNOW who does what with whom when there are no cameras.

        and this is the “worst” of her comments

        “ps- i have worked with crossover performers, gay performers, and trans performers. if this puts me on your “no” list, i didn’t want to do scenes with you to begin with. end the stigma. ♥️”

        She’s getting death threats and being called a murderer.

        She’s getting calls to be blacklisted by other performers on the straight side of the industry.

        • A.C.

          I am not concerned with those who chose to respond in a productive manner, I am concerned with those who did not, like Mr. Wheeler. Kudos to those who did, but when one has said their peace, in peace, then they should leave in the same manner. I expect that whether one receives my instruction in the moment they always leave knowing that I offered it civilly and with a respect for their humanity. We cannot know now how she might have responded if everyone took this course of action. The majority of responses to her were vicious and disproportionate to any reasonable sense of offense at what she stated. This was mob behavior at its near worse and I cannot emphasize that enough. Unfortunately, what happened to Ms. Drake is a by product of this very phenomena. Mrs. Ames’ obstinance notwithstanding, I am not convinced that there was much more than a vengeance motive for most of the people who responded to her; a desire for a pound of flesh that frankly was unwarranted.

        • Jason

          How anyone can say Jessica is a “murderer” “responsible” for August’s death is ridiculous. Why is her point of view any less valid? We got to see a nasty side of the straight porn world if this is the case. Sounds like Jessica is respectful, intelligent , and totally correct.

    • Matthias M.

      You saved me a lot of typing. So spot on!

  • KingBeaArthur
  • Maximus

    Can we please just put an end to Twitter? It only brings out and magnifies the worst in humanity, and it has become a tool of despotic interference in democratic elections. What societal benefit does Twitter have? I would venture to say very little and certainly not enough to outweigh its negative effects.

    • badgamer1967

      have you seen Youtube comments section it makes Twitter look reserved, full of the most homophobic, misogynistic and racist garbage you will ever have the misfortune to read.

      • nick

        and the owners of Twitter and Youtube will do fuck all about it, as even homophobic, misogynistic and racist garbage can be advertised too, and that’s all that counts, facebook is the same also.

      • Maximus

        That’s true, but at least YouTube can be educational. For example, most of my knowledge about gay/queer/LGBTQ history/herstory comes from YouTube videos.

        • badgamer1967

          true then after possibly feeling good with an uplifting video on say an LGBTQ couple or issue you are meet with a toxic cesspool of hate and homophobia not saying that twitter is great but holy hell youtube is bad

    • A.C.

      I was waiting for your comment and you certainly did not disappoint.

      • Maximus

        I’m happy to take a break from studying for final exams in order to rail against social media!

        I stopped using Facebook about five years ago, which was a wonderful decision, but I can see why other people value it: It’s useful for staying in touch with geographically distant friends and family. There’s a lot of vapid nonsense on Instagram, but it’s also a great platform for talented artists whose work would otherwise go unrecognized. Twitter, on the other hand, is completely worthless. Then there’s Snapchat, which baffles me; I don’t understand it, and I don’t want to understand it.

  • YandyDandy

    Does anyone else feel the huge sense of irony here? Jaxson Wheeler takes to twitter to slap down a porn performer who uses twitter to slap down porn performers.
    Jaxson wants people to stop abusing him on twitter now he has finished abusing someone on twitter. He wants the death threats to stop now he has finished issuing death threats.

    Someone died through having, what looks like serious mental health issues. Instead of using the interview to raise awareness of mental health issues particularly in the sex industry, Jaxson uses the interview to make it about him and how he is a victim.

    What Ames said was fucked up and out of order, but if Jaxson had kept his hand on his cock and off the keyboard HE wouldnt have put HIMSELF in the firing line. NOTE TO JAXSON – STAY OFF TWITTER get someone to run your online media and use it to post pix of your cock and arse only. Keep your opinions in your head!

  • badgamer1967

    The girl had long standing mental health issues and obviously not much intelligence if she thinks she couldn’t get HIV from straight performers who dont do G4P. Long story short she need some serious mental health care and no pointing fingers is going to change the fact that she did not and now is dead.

  • Michael Regan

    He made a screw up, we’ve all said shit we regret online and anyone here saying they never have are liars. But she was already dead at the time he sent it so it had no impact on what lead to her death

  • Scrapple

    Your friend killed himself a year ago. Why are you telling someone to do the same? You’re an idiot.

    I know in situations like this it’s so easy and quite frankly freeing to go tit-for-tat when bigots try to come for you or whatever community you belong to or support. But the unsatisfying truth of the matter is you have to be better than them. Not just better, you need to be smarter, you need to be more educated and you needed to be better at communicating your stance on the issue at hand. Because all it takes is one misstep for an outside observer to say “See, everything they’re saying about you is true.” It’s a double-standard and it sucks, but it’s the reality of the world we live in. It doesn’t matter if that attack is against your gender, your ethnicity, sexuality or religion. When you speak out in situations like this you’re representing everyone else who is like you. That’s why you can’t wallow in the gutter with your opponents to get your point across. If people think you’re beneath them and you act in a manner which reinforces that belief, what point have you made?

    • David Teigeler

      I like what you have written but what if you are still mad at your friend who has taken his own life. It’s hard to be smart and so easy to be harsh and cruel

    • A.C.

      The voice of sanity in this post rings so clear and true!

  • MXD

    It frustrates me how much straight people and news websites are twisting the issue to say that LGBTQ people are upset she didn’t want to work with a crossover, when in reality people took issue with the homophobic manner in which she choose to express herself.

  • Kiwini

    It should be noted that right wing media sites like The Federalist, Fox News & others jumped on this story (in the wake of the gay wedding cake case) to jump on the anti LGBT bandwagon & the intolerant radical homosexual agenda. It’s a tragic situation but as is the case these days, the way people weaponize information has been pretty disgusting

  • Knightgee

    He’s always been incredibly abrasive. I had to unfollow him on social media because of his attitude. Even when he was saying something I agreed with or was supporting a cause I thought was genuine, he’d always do so in the most offputting, aggressive way possible.

    With that said, using him as a scapegoat over Ames death is ridiculous. No one engaging with her about her tweets could have anticipated what was going on with her or what she would do and quite frankly it looks like a way for the industry at large to give itself a pass since I gaurantee you the industry and being in it for years probably did more to fuck her up than Jaxton Wheeler’s tweet did. In fact, the tweet was posted after she had died, so let’s really assess whose responsible: a tweet she didn’t see, or everyone in the industry who ignored obvious signs so long as she made them money?

  • Hereweare

    The girl chose to make a living taking dicks, and then thought she could disparage gay performers for doing the exact same thing. It mirrors society in general. If all it takes is a tweet to kill a hypocrite, then maybe Jaxton Wheeler could use his superpowers on the Christian Right, Radical Muslims, and Trump supporters. Please Messiah Wheeler, cleanse the planet of all hypocritical trash!

  • dqh257

    Can someone explain how “suck a bag of dicks” would be an insult to a porn actress in the first place? It sounds like a typical day at work to me…..

    • AsherStClaire

      Probably why he decided to up the ante a bit. However an unfortunate decision that was.

  • Deviancy Behavir

    https://str8upgayporn.com/gay-porn-star-alexander-gustavo-has-committed-suicide-in-las-vegas/ I’m kinda surprised you never mentioned in this article that Jaxton Wheeler’s roommate and fellow porn performer committed suicide. I only say that because he should know how it feels, the pain of losing someone he said he loved and never have written what he wrote, especially losing his friend the way he did. Like I posted about Wheeler before, he really is a rude, hot-headed guy who doesn’t give a fuck what he says or posts. He shares some of the most hateful things to people and about people that I’ve ever seen on his IG and Twitter accounts. I had to unfollow him, because he’s just too hateful and he doesn’t care about anybody’s feelings but his own. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was eventually arrested for trying to harm someone, he’s got some screws loose. Now I read on the NakedSword that he’s threatened other performers in the past, not at all surprised.

  • Jason

    To be blunt, unless she actually took a cyanide pill, there is nothing to suggest Jaxton’s remarks caused her suicide. I, too, was called a “murderer” for allegedly jumping on the tirade bandwagon. I simply challenged her statements, as a gay man, porn watcher and supporter of anyone wishing to do any kind of porn. The backlash at anyone who dared to engage in the debate is far bigger I feel. Clearly there was something in her life behind the original tweet and her decision to end her life. But I agree with other commenters, her original tweet was ignorant at best, and instead of the topic being discussed or debated decently, it will probably make matters worse.

    I actually feel for the make performer she was originally meant to work with, and the replacement female performer. I hope their identities are never revealed.

    • Ninja0980

      I agree.
      Calling for her to be killed was uncalled for but the notion that no one was allowed to challenge her statements about gay men was a crock.

  • KP

    Some twat at Daily Beast wrote a column that blamed Jaxton for 20+ paragraphs then in the final paragraph :
    Whatever forces compelled Ames to take her own life, the lesson from all of this seems to be that social media witch hunts are not the answer, and, when presented with a potentially problematic online point of view, the best approach is to not get too wrapped up in the heat of the moment, try to be kind/constructive, and apply some good old-fashioned common sense.

  • Hari Kalyan

    Really, Jaxton…being a total dick head? Right in front of my salad?

  • junk4sts

    I guess most people don’t get why Jaxton was so mad, maybe I don’t either, but no one has said it so.. Jaxton wasn’t necessarily offended because her statement was homophobic, he was mad because she was shining a negative light on performers who cross over (which is what he does) and that can have an effect on his ability to get work. personally I didn’t really feel anything for either of their posts, her’s was her opinion and she has a right to her opinions and she can voice those opinions on any platform that allows it. Jaxton’s response was harsh, but not really that harsh, he was essentially asking for an apology. So he isn’t the most eloquent guy on twitter, big deal. part of what makes “Jaxton Wheeler” appealing is his mix of muscle head, bad boy, dumb jock, evil villian qualities. The way Jaxton responded was completely in character. You do all realize that “Jaxton Wheeler” is a character, right?

  • Matthew

    So everyone that knows Jaxton Wheelers account has been suspended and banned from twitter FINALLY twitter saw all of the tweets Jaxton post that are abusive and offensive. Justice has been severed! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5fee089a9d33cec57a475ca100fb10a72ec40fc4c924ca41125edb873447807a.png