Gay Porn Before And After: Jay Landford

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Big, versatile, uncut muscle hunk Jay Landford made his gay porn debut on Randy Blue in 2013.

jay landford 3

His last hardcore scene (with Jayden Tyler) was released in December, 2014. During his time at RB, he also flip-fucked with equally massive Patrick Dunne.


My favorite Jay Landford scene might be the one in which he slam-fucks squealing powerbottom Justin Owen.


[Randy Blue: Jay Landford Fucks Justin Owen]

It’s been almost a year since we’ve seen him on camera, but Jay Landford makes his return to gay porn today on (with none other than Colt Rivers).


When was Jay Landford hotter? 2013 vs. 2015:

jay landford 1 jay landford 2

Jay Landford fucks Colt Rivers today on

0017Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Jay Landford Fucks Colt Rivers]

[Randy Blue: Jay Landford]


  • Badbike

    Speaking of which wasn’t that suppose to be Jayden Tyler’s come back scene from his break? Haven’t seen him since.

    • sxg

      Perhaps he only intended to come back only for Randy Blue, and was one of the models disappointed that they went the bareback route and just decided against a comeback. There were a good number of pornstars that decided against a comeback or left porn altogether because of RB’s decision. I talked to a few of them and told them they could always work for other studios, but they were so loyal to RB they would never want to work with another studio ever.

      • pmaurice

        …or, perhaps he’s convinced that at he does not have to shoot his load thanks to the use of fake cum (as appears to be the case here with Colt Rivers)…

        • Badbike

          wait….I can’t believe it’s not butter!

  • Todd

    Neither …… I don’t like co …… PSYCH ……….. BOTH please ……..

  • sxg

    I have a slight preference to the more muscular one, but I’ll take either one!

    I’m a bit surprised he came back as I heard he wanted to leave porn altogether after his time at Randy Blue. I think he wanted to break into modeling and/or singing, but I guess that didn’t work out so well.

  • Mike Julius

    Not much change. He seemed leaner in 2013 though.

    • Nana Eristavi

      Somebody please tell me, – when will this horrible, totally idiotic fashion for beards go away, at last? Some of us still prefer men with the clean-shaven faces, you know. :((((((((((((

      • DPS

        I’ll take a beard over a man-bun any day. That one has to die off fast!

      • The beards that are in fashion just now are proper BEARDS. This guy’s got a bit of what I’d call ‘advanced stubble’, and I’m afraid that’s never out of fashion.

        And thank god, because he looks even better with it.

        • Nana Eristavi

          I like a five o’clock shadow, but this stubble is already a bit too advanced, for my personal taste (great expression, BTW). Of course, we all are different and have different preferations.

  • Alan Keddie

    Wait! – Whatever happened to Justin Owen?! Dude was wicked H-O-T

  • Scrapple

    Before, After and In-Between.

  • Entropyguy

    Either way he’s gorgeous, really.

  • DPS

    Being a nose guy, he has one fucking sexy hot nose. Great package all around and anytime he wants I got his back!

    • sxg

      It’s a shame he doesn’t appreciate his nose all that much. It’s one of the things that sets him apart from other models, and I like that.

      • DPS

        That is a shame indeed.

  • Louis Leonardo hires black guys now? Great!

  • Caleb Exhem

    MMM a nice slab of chocolate :) I don’t usually go for black men but damn this brother could abuse me and then some. #ThirstBucket

  • Looks the same to me.