Jeremy Allen White Strips Nearly Naked In Calvin Klein Ad

Posted January 4, 2024 by with 11 comments

jwhite Jeremy Allen White is goofy, disheveled, and cute in a grungy 1990’s kind of way, but I would never consider him traditionally handsome or “sexy.” And yet, he’s so extremely fuckable in the new Calvin Klein underwear ad, I’m losing my mind? Maybe it’s the video filter, the editing, and his ripped body…but whatever it is, I’m on board:

I think I’ve asked this before, but is his show The Bear any good? I’ll try to watch the first episode, but it’s on Hulu and I need to find a free trial—I’m not paying for another stupid streaming app that only has one show I want to watch.

White seems cool and down-to-earth in the behind-the-scenes clip below, and you get a good look at how huge his nose is, which is so hot and always a major plus for me. (And given the large nose, scientific research has proven that he undoubtedly has a huge you-know-what). The BTS: