Gino Mosca Struggles To Suck Joel Birkin’s 10-Inch Cock

Posted August 9, 2016 by with 23 comments

gin2In fairness, sucking a 10-inch cock can’t be easy, but couldn’t Gino Mosca have tried just a little bit harder?

In today’s BelAmi update, Mosca can barely fit half of Joel Birkin’s monster cock inside of his pretty mouth:


Compare Gino Mosca’s skills to those of Kevin Warhol with that same 10-inch cock last year:

kevinjoel8gin3Insanely gorgeous BelAmi models like Gino Mosca have always relied on their good looks and nice bodies, not their deep-throating skills, so his lack of effort here isn’t exactly a surprise. Still, Joel Birkin’s cock deserves better.

008 021 028Trailer (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Joel Birkin Fucks Gino Mosca Bareback]

  • stephen

    suffering for his art

  • DAK23

    Now those are some pretty guys

  • Gino is most known for his abilities with taking big shots, not for taking big cocks.
    (Even so, He’s still one of my favorites porn actors).

    • kkdd1

      His mouth may not have been able to accommodate 10 inches but his ass shore could

  • gamera87

    In gay porn most people suck only the top two inches anyway. Appalling.

  • Dale Bergman
  • Xzamilloh
  • sxg

    You forget that these models are Eastern European, where some of the worst cocksuckers in the world come from.

  • DPS

    In the preview Joel sucked even less of Gino’s dick. Is that turnabout is fair play?

    • Casey Scott

      Joel is a much, much worse cocksucker than Gino, who at least tries almost all the time.

  • R.A.M.J

    Gotta do jaw exercises. Learning to play a music instrument helps.

  • Casey Scott

    Considering Gino Mosca is one of the most consistently good performers in the Bel Ami stable, maaaaaybe cut him some slack here? He’ll never be the caliber of Kevin Warhol, sure, but he’s at least up there with Adam Archuleta and Marcel Gassion.

  • pangelboy

    Gino may not be the best cocksucker, but he looks so cute in all of his scenes. He has the face, the body and he takes it like a champ. I’ll allow it.

  • C3xxx

    Look closely at Warhol’s gif, you can see his jaw unhinging to accomodate further.
    Disclaimer: I just took 2 dilaudids thus you may not see same hallucination :)

  • IdidthatOnce

    I’m willing to forgive it because BA guys never look like skinny crackheads that should never see the light of day. They’re gorgeous. That’s enough for me :`).

  • That’s the kinda dick you go at until you get it right. Practice! Practice! Practice!

  • WhimsyCotton

    Judging by Gino’s hair and Joel’s body, this scene must be around four years old. Maybe that explains Gino’s less than impressive cock sucking ability.

  • Maxine Mesmer


  • LuvinthehugeD

    It’s very clear that he does not want to be doing it. But as all professionals do he powered through and did the best he could. It still looked nice and sexy. The is a picture perfect set of balls with such a nice shaft. I am still a fan.