Surprise! Joey Mills And Devy Return For’s “Buttering His Popcorn Part 2”

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What does every beloved blockbuster movie always have? A sequel, of course! Viewers couldn’t get enough of the first “Buttering His Popcorn” starring Joey Mills and Felix Fox, and now (with help from Str8Up providing the concept and story once again) is set to release a second installment in the series, “Buttering His Popcorn Part 2“!


Joey Mills reprises his role as the slutty popcorn lover in this sequel—only this time, he’s gotten himself a job at the movie theater where he once had gay sex in front of his girlfriend.


He may be on the clock, but Joey’s just as horny as last time.


Joining Joey in “Buttering His Popcorn Part 2” is popular movie theater usher Devy. As you’ll recall, he had a cameo in Part 1, jerking off as he watched Felix cum on Joey’s face:


Because Devy is so f*cking hot, I made sure to ask to please cast him in a main role for Part 2, which they thankfully did.

In between servicing customers (including Joey’s now ex-girlfriend from Part 1) at the concession stand, Joey and Devy are of course servicing each other.


There’s less histrionics from humiliated girlfriends and more raw fucking in the popcorn machine in Part 2, so hopefully viewers will love this sequel even more than the original.


Oh, and don’t worry, you don’t need to have seen Part 1 to understand what’s going on in Part 2.


“Buttering His Popcorn Part 2” will be released next week, but here’s a sneak peek at the trailer (watch full scene here):

[’s Buttering His Popcorn Part 2: Devy Fucks Joey Mills Bareback]


The Buttering His Popcorn universe is expanding even further with a spin-off series, Buttering Her Popcorn! You’re welcome! Via TransAngels:

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